Welcome onboard this is QF35 we’re traveling
on a airbus a330 from Melbourne. We’ve just taken off it’s a little bit choppy
actually on climb out we’re gonna be heading up to about 32 33,000 feet. We’re heading into Asia we’re away for about ten days I’ve got lots of flying
coming up as well got some new airlines which we’d never flown before. Hopefully
some general aviation stuff in Asia as well and so stay tuned there were lots
of traveling and flying videos coming up on the channel. But what I wanted to do
was a really full and frank and honest review of business class on the a330. Now
before we jumped onboard you know that thing you can do when you claim your
tax back for items that you bought before you travel we went up to that
desk and have a look but the queue, it was massive. So we skipped that queue back went straight through
to duty-free which is really good now because in Melbourne has recently been
and done up a lot of these shops have opened now. And I thought to myself I’m
sure that’d be somewhere here that sells electronics. I thought they’d be
somewhere that sells electronics. Now one other advantage of flying
business class with Qantas is you get access to the business lounge the
Qantas Club business lounge which at Melbourne Airport it’s a really nice one. Back to the lounge? Back to the lounge. Lunchtime So I had the tasting plate to start, the pasta for a main course it’s pretty good I will say it’s one of the hottest
dishes I’ve had on a plane I think there’s a lot of chili. Now that a seat is as you’d expected so
for the reclining flatbed you can adjust the
back you can adjust the footrest you can set off the massage thing which is kind
of nice it’s not it’s not the best one it’s not very rumbling massage is more
of a kind of push in push out.I feel like we need to try it even though I’m not gonna
sleep It’s flat. Now another thing I should touch on it
is the seats where’s the best place to sit if you are flying in business class
on the a330? Well if you’re in a couple you’re
probably going to pick the middle two seats. So it goes it’s a one two one
configuration on this plane so for a couple probably doesn’t matter so much. If you’re on your own it’s a bit of a no-brainer really
you want to pick a row with an even number so you want to pick rows two four
or six out of the seven rows here. Reason why is because of this. Now this for me
makes all the difference so that even numbered seats this is row six I’m
in 6a, all have this on the right-hand side. So you have your armrests on the
right. The odd-numbered seats have the armrests on the left by the window which
means that you’re actually closer to the aisle. It’s like your own little nook,
it’s brilliant! So if you’re on your own book your seats early try getting the
even-numbered seat by the window and you’ve got all the privacy you want.