– Nope.
(door beeping) Wait, oh my gosh guys! We just found
– Oh, my word – the Skorys hotel room!
– How did that work? – [Audrey] That does not look good. Ew, somebody had an oopsie.
– Somebody had an oopsies! – [David] Oh, my goodness! – Frank, should I put Frank?
– Yeah. (laughs) – Like, Frank came to party.(laughs) – [Jordsn] I did this to their pillow. – Oh–
– I really hope it doesn’t stain, I hope it do– – Yeah!
– Ha! (laughs) (party blower whistling) – It’s a birthday! Whatcha gettin’ for lunch? – I’m gettin’ a grilled cheese. It’s gonna be delicious. – I’m thinking about the
Club Sandwich, to be honest, (woman speaking faintly)
with lemonade. – [David] Hey guys, there’s the Skorys.
Sounds pretty good. – [Katie] What’re they doin’? – Why are they running? (laughs) – They dropped something.
– Wait, they just dropped their key, go get it and give it to ’em. – Skorys, come back, Skorys. Wait, Dad, Dad. Guys, remember when they
pranked us last year? – Yeah, why’d you–
– We can prank them. we got the room key, we can prank them.
– Oh! Guys, this is good!
– But it doesn’t have the room number.
– You know what, though? This is perfect, they
dropped their key card, and we were gonna give
it back to them, but, I think we, yeah, we can prank ’em! And I know they got off
on floor four last night. – Yeah, ’cause that’s like–
– (speaking faintly) floor. – Let’s just try the
doors on fourth floor. We’ll just run up and down the hall and swipe it until one opens.
– Oh, my gosh! – Let’s do it, so we’re good? – Let’s hurry up, and
go buy some prank stuff and let’s go do it.
– Hopefully they’re not – Yeah.
– not going to their room. (upbeat playful music) – [Katie] Okay guys,
we’re on the fourth floor let’s start trying them all. – Not working, keep going,
keep going, keep going! (door beeping)
Not working, keep going! (door beeping)
Okay run. (laughs) – [Katie] Oh God, oh, go, go! We gotta find–
– Wait, there’s a turn here. Is it that one? – [Katie] Wait, that doesn’t even read anything.
– That doesn’t work. (door beeping) – [Katie] Nope, nope, it’s
not that, it’s not that. Let’s keep going. – [Audrey] Run, run, guys! – Nope.
(door beeping) (happy music)
– Wait, oh my gosh, guys! We just found the Skorys’ hotel room!
– Oh my word! What in the world! – Oh my God!
– This apartment is huge! It’s bigger than our room!
– What? It is huge!
– What? – [Audrey] What? – [Katie] What? We made it into the Skorys’ hotel room! – You guys.
(girl shrieking) – Didn’t take your laptop!
– What? Oh my gosh guys, this is amazing. – Dude, we gotta hurry on the pranks. – I don’t know where they went, ’cause they could be
headed back to this room. – Yeah, we have probably, I don’t know, I’m gonna guess we gotta finish this in five, 10 minutes,
– Yeah. – because, what if they come back? – They’re gonna figure out that they don’t have their key. – Oh, my gosh.
– We should stick this to the door, I’ll go do that
– I mean, we probably already wasted 15 minutes gettin’ to the store, gettin’ the stuff. If they–
– And we had to find their room. – I don’t know where they went. – I don’t know.
– Guys, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.
(man speaking faintly) – [Katie] Hurry, hurry, hurry. Ty, stop playin’! – My tactic is
– I don’t know. – I’m gonna take all the air fresheners and hang ’em up around the whole room, so their room–
– Oh, there’s an air vent too! – Their room is gonna reek! – [Katie] There’s lots of air vents, you could do three air vents right there too
– Perfect. – My prank
– Yes, probably gonna be good. – was to get this plunger, and I was gonna put like,
candy bar, like, brown, – Ew, smeared
– chocolates on there, – on the outside of it
– and put like, toilet paper and stuff on their bed.
– Did you bring a candy bar? – Uh.
– There’s a candy bar somewhere.
– I got dog food. – We have dog food we’re gonna use. Yep.
– Okay, okay. – So it will smell nasty too.
– Okay. – You know, there’s
– I’m gonna go (speaking faintly)
sometimes you get up late at night, you gotta
be careful in the bathroom, so I got a little toilet seat for them. – Oh!
– This is gonna be awesome. – [Katie] Could we plop
a little bit of dog food in the toilet? – Yes.
– Oh, this is gonna be nasty! – Oh, this one reeks! – Stickers!
– Some little stickers for the bathroom? – Rubber bands!
– Yes. – And we got some fish supplies to build a fish aquarium in their sink! – Woo!
– And then Jake’s gonna set up some birthday stuff,
decorations somewhere. Where’s that happening at? – Uh, everywhere.
– Okay, Ty, we need you to start doing the fish aquarium, can you grab those rocks? Let’s go put ’em in the, in the sink.
– Should I just stuff all the air fresheners in the vent? – [Katie] Oh, yeah, ’cause
then it’ll spread the smells. It’s gonna be good. Mm, smell that air freshener! Yum! – I got a lot. And they’re fun ones, too.
– Oh, they’re so cute! – Yeah.
– Yeah, this is gonna be cool. They’re potent.
– Wait, what? Oh, those are air fresheners?
– I love it. – These are air fresheners. – That’s awesome.
– Wait, don’t let them stall on. – [Katie] Okay, what’s Jordan doing? – [Jordan] Trying to get
these stickers off my hand! – [Katie] Okay, what’s Ty and David doing? – We’re puttin’, uh,
(woman sighing) the bathroom stickers all over. Look at this.
– Nice. (David chuckles)
(Katie gasps) Oh, look at the little
toilet seat, it’s so cute! They have like a little toddler. Yeah, put ’em all over
the back of the seat, that’s hilarious, the bathroom, like, Like, the kid got
rewarded for going potty, and they got little stickers for doin’ it.
(David laughs) They’re like, good job, Tyler, good job, Gabriela! (laughs)
– [David] Yeah. – [Katie] Okay, Ty’s
filling the fish aquarium – [Ty] Wait, but we need more rocks.
– We need more rocks. Go, go, go!
– I need to get toilet paper for, um, the–
– More rocks. – Sometimes they’re just
not the cleanest kids, so they got it all over the place. – [Katie] Oh, they got
their stickers stuck like a kid bombed the
bathroom with stickers, like. They’re like, yeah, I’m so proud, I got my stickers!
– I’m gonna get these just kind of wet, that way it’s like–
– Ew, so it’s nasty? – Yeah.
– How do I work this? – [Katie] Do you just,
like, pull it and stream it, I think you just pull and stream it, like grab a piece, and then chuck it.
– Like this? – [Katie] I don’t know. Okay.
– Oh, I get it. – Ty’s building the aquarium.
– Wait I dropped some. – [Katie] He’s got the fishies and the plants!
– I dropped some. – Audrey’s gettin’, wow! – There’s a really bad one. This one looks like, it feels like it’s rotten, like seriously, that one reeks!
– It smells nasty, I wanna smell it.
– No, you don’t wanna– – Oh, it’s stinky, gross.
– No, smell those. – Oh!
(Audrey laughs) That smells like skunk! What, that is not an
air freshener, people. – [Audrey ] No, ’cause
I’ve got the same one, but it smells better.
– What? There you go.
– That one is rotten. – [Katie] Oh that one does smell good, the other is skunk.
– We’re gotta open it. We’re gonna open this bad boy up
– Yuck! That one is so bad. – Get to open up the dog food
– Dog food! – And put it on the plunger.
– Yeah. – [Katie] Shmear it on the plunger. – This is gonna smell. – So, are we gonna throw the confetti? – [Katie] You can go,
whoo-hoo, it’s a party! It’s a birthday party! – So,
– Yeah! – Ha!
(party blower whistles) – [Katie] It’s a birthday! – Oh, no
– It’s a party! – [Jordan] Can you open this? – Jake’s hangin’ up streamers, – [Audrey] Oh, it reeks over here! – Oh, it’s chunk-a-licious! A couple of those floating in the toilet will look delightful. – Okay, I’m just gonna use my fingers, and put it on here (laughs). – Oh, it’s on their pillow!
– Yeah. I’m gonna get, actually, a few more–
– What if it gets on their bed, dog food on their bed? Oh no, this is gonna be crazy. Okay, Ty’s adding this, so
what we were going to do Ty, is plug, are you can hang
those fishing poles from here, like they’re going fishing. You gotta unwind it,
and then you can have it fishing right there. But there’s another plant! – [Ty] I can’t make the plants stay up. (water gurgling) – [Katie] Hey, hang it from the. – [Ty] Trying to get the fishy. You want to get the fishy. (people applauding and cheering) I got one, okay – [Katie] I don’t think that
your fish have been fed. Should we get some fish food for ’em?
– Yeah! – [Katie] Let’s go find fish food. Oh, wow, we’re, we’re gonna have to crawl over
– Guys, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna leave, we’re gonna close all the blinds.
– Oh, it stinks in here! – We’re gonna have all the lights off, and I’ll have these little candles hidden throughout all the room. – Oh, awesome.
– Ooh, let’s dump it all. They’re really hungry. – [Katie] No, don’t dump
it all, but maybe some. – Watch this.
– Oh my gosh, it really does reek.
– Woo! – It’s everywhere.
– It’s raining stars! – I feel kinda bad about this. – Oh.
– This is horrible. – [Katie] I do feel bad about this too. – [Jordan] You guys how
does the meat on this. – Oh my goodness, Jordan!
– Don’t get it on their bed. – Ew.
– Ew. – Wide open.
– Yeah, there you go. Ew! Okay, Ty just fed his fish with fish food Looks like they’re got plenty to eat, I don’t know if they’re going to catch anything.
– Oh my goodness. (Katie laughs) – [Audrey] Look what I did. – Oh, my goodness!
– That’s so funny. I made and arrow, so when they walk in and all the lights are
off, they’ll be like oh. – Mum.
– Tyler, are you serious? (crowd laughing)
– You are stepping literally on the arrows. – Mom.
– Oh, a jellyfish, yeah.
– With the– – [Katie] Here, I’ll wind it up. – Okay, so, I am taking
their hats, right here, and I’m fillin’ ’em
all full with confetti, and then they had them
neatly folded up like this, so I’m just gonna take them, and fold them back up, (chuckles) like that. When they go to put on their
hats, mm, they might get a little surprise. (chuckles) (Audrey cackling) Okay, rubber band time. Here, gotta take these rubber bands, we’re just gonna rubber band
everything they got, together. So their clothes, I see that
they got a backpack over here, rubber band around it,
– We’re gonna use the whole thing.
– Yeah. (Audrey gasps)
Anything that says don’t– – Guys, what we could do is we can rubber band their
stuff, to the balcony. – (gasps) Oh!
– So it looks like it’s gonna fall off into the pool! – Okay.
– Look at the pool! – I like that idea, I’m
gonna put the camera down, and hurry up and do that, and then I’ll show you what we did. I found their air pods
and he’s got a tile on it. So, I am going to, ’cause
I have a tile as well, I’m gonna program his tile into my phone! – [Audrey] So, Dad is programming
the Skorys’ tile tracker, to his phone, so that way
he can always know where the Skorys’ air pods are at. (laughs) – [David] And then, what we’ll do is we’ll just play the music with it.
(Audrey gasps) – That is so, we should
do that (laughs) totally. – Yes, I’m done! (laughs) – [Audrey] Okay, Jordy,
show what you just did. – Oh (chuckles) I did
this to their pillow. – Oh!
– I really hope it doesn’t stain. I hope it doesn’t get
on their pillow at all, I tried my hardest to miss the actual pillow,
– Jordan! – Now it’s everywhere.
– That look nasty! – I was really careful–
– Is that the dog food? – [Jordan] Yeah, I was
really careful to try and not get it on their pillow, so I’m crossing my fingers hoping that I didn’t get it on their pillow. But, I think we should go
check up on the bathroom, I’m gonna put some of this in the toilet. – [Audrey] Oh my gosh. – Inside the Peppa Pig toilet.
– Oh! – [Jordan] Just gonna like,
dump some of this juices. – [Audrey] Oh! – That’s real nasty. We should get some chunks in there too. (dog food plopping) – [Audrey] Ew! – Really chunky.
– That, oh my gosh, that is not, – [Jordan] That does not look good. Ew, somebody had an oopsie.
– Somebody had oopsies! (dog food plopping) – That should be good.
– That is so gross. You need some more chunckles. Oh, that reeks in here. – Ew.
– I need an air freshener in this room.
– We’re gonna hide this. – [Audrey] Hold on, just
randomly like (laughs) – They won’t be expecting and then they’ll open up the shower, they’ll be like, oh. – [Audrey] Ooh, look at the fishy pond. It’s comin’ pretty good. – I need to wash my
hands in the fishy pond. Should I just, go ahead? – [Audrey] Shall I get your
hands, no, wash in the tub. – Good point!
(bell dinging) – Ty, you’re gonna knock over my. (crowd laughing) Somebody knocked over my lights again! – [Ty] Wasn’t me. – [Audrey] How’s it coming, guy? – It’s all good.
– What are you doing, Jacob? – Tryna get the streamers ready. – [Audrey] Jacob’s getting the streamers, Ty, what’re you working on? You’re play, Ty, stop playing! ‘Kay, what’re you guys doing? Oh, my goodness gracious. – I’m rubber banding, so,
one of them is a gamer, so this is a Surface Pro, I
think, or an iPad, I can’t tell. But this is the Nintendo game
system, so I’m putting them together and just, wrapping them all up. So, if they wanna get
it off, and I’m doing it all over the place
(Audrey chuckles) so they can’t just rip it all down. ’cause it’s everywhere.
– Ah, mean! – So this is awesome. (laughs) Guys, I think we should do
something with the mirror. Oh, that stuff reekeths.
– Oh, right? – [Audrey] Happy birthday, Skorys! (David laughs) We love you! (laughs) – And we weren’t here to celebrate their real birthdays, so we figured we’ll celebrate
their happy un-birthday. – Yeah.
– I don’t know, maybe it is their birthday today, I don’t know. Okay guys, we are here
just wrapping this up, we got air fresheners,
we got the streamers, we’ve got party poppers,
we’ve got rubber bands, we’ve got, Jordan.
– This mess. I feel bad, I really hope it doesn’t (David grunts)
stain their pillow, otherwise I’ll feel super bad. – [David] Oh, we got more
streamers and party poppers. We rubber banded all
their compartments here, we got the lights on the
ground, an arrow pointing in, final touch is in this room, (gasps) Katie. – Lipstick on the mirror.
– Let me see. Happy. – Birthday.
– Birthday. – Skorys! (laughs) – [David] (chuckles) Ooh, my goodness. – Frank, should I put Frank? – Yeah! (laughs)
– Like Frank came to party. – Happy birthday, Frank! Maybe that’s their middle
name, we don’t know, but this is awesome, so it’s
like somebody came in here, threw a big party, in the Skorys’ room. We rubber-banded all their
clothes together. (laughs) Came in here, we’ve got the fish aquarium, we got some other weird aquarium, we got little emoji stickers
everywhere. (laughs) And oh, somebody’s, oh,
that looks so real, oh. That’s not good, not good at all. All right, here we go. – Okay guys, this was crazy
– This is insane! – We kind of destroyed
their room really fast. Frank’s party was great! – It was lovely, so happy birthday, Frank. – Yeah, happy birthday, Frank, I don’t know who you are, but
it looks like you had a blast. This room is wrecked! (chuckles) Oh my goodness.
– Wow! – Guys, I think we need to
get out of here, pronto, before they come. Do we have their room key so
when we see ’em we can say, hey guys, we found your room key, we’ve been trying to chase you down! – We don’t wanna tell them.
– Wait what are we gonna do? Do we just leave it here? – [David] Yeah, let’s just leave it here. – We just leave it here, that way they won’t ever
know that we did it. – Right here, I’m just gonna leave it here on their hats.
– Oh, man. – Okay.
– Wait, are we leaving the safety cones like that, or are we gonna plant them?
– No. Oh, yeah we’re gonna,
– Oh we gotta put those outside the door.
– Okay, let’s place those out. (upbeat adventurous music) – Let’s move ’em. – Okay guys, look,
we’ve got it barricaded. Caution. – I would not go in there if I were you, it’s a mess.
– Caution, caution. Well, do you want two on the inside and two on the outside? ‘Cause I think if it’s in a line, then that shows that it’s like don’t go that way, right? – ‘Kay, should I close the door? – Yeah, close it.
– ‘Kay, so are we ready to get down there? – ‘Kay, closing the door.
– I think they’re coming. – Let’s go!
– I think the elevator made a noise. – [Katie] Oh, no! – Shh!
– Ty, you press up. – [Katie] Do we wanna go that way, or run a different way?
– I say it’s better if we run down the hallway.
– Run this way guys, What if it’s them?
– Guys, we gotta run. – [Audrey] Wait, I forgot my phone! – No!
– No. – I left my phone!
– You left your phone in there? – Audrey, it’s locked! – [Katie] They’re gonna find out it’s you!
(Audrey squeals) – We can’t get it, we
can’t get your phone. – [David] How are you
gonna get into the room. – Oh my gosh, we’re gonna so get busted! You’re gonna have to go
up to one of the Skorys and be like, hey, I wanna see
what your room looks like, or hey, let’s go chill in your room! Or do you have a bottle of water? You have to find a way to get back to the room now.
(Audrey crying) – [Jordan] Oh!
– [Katie] Okay, we’re going, I don’t care, we’re leaving, we’re running, guys, we’re tryin’ to– – [Audrey] We’re gonna
go hide in our room. – [Katie] We’re gonna totally hide, and hopefully– – Because, they can’t get us
– Yeah. – in our room–
– Well, and they will never know, because if they don’t see us around then,
– They’ll never know it’s us.
– then we’re all good. So, we’re just gonna hide. Oh! – What?
– Wait, what, You got a sign on your door. – Welcome to the Skory’s beach hideaway? Enjoy your stay?
(crowd shrieking) Wait, the Skorys were here?
– Wait, no this is our, how did they get our–
– How’d they get our key? – [Katie] How did they know our room? how to find our room?
– Jordan, do you have your key, I have my key. – ‘Cause they got off the elevator
– No, I don’t have mine. before me last time.
– You don’t have your key? – No, I don’t have my key. – Where’d your key go? – [Katie] You don’t have your key? – I probably
– Well, let’s go see – left it in that room.
– what this beach hideaway looks like. – [Katie] What, no.
(Ty coughing) – What?
(suspenseful music) – Oh!
– Please shower before using the pool, knock before entering. – [Katie] Someone’s in there! – Somebody’s in there!
– Do you hear them? (man whistling)
(suspenseful music) – They’re whistling, they’re whistling! – Wait, let’s go. (girls screaming) – Oh my God.
– What is goin’ on here? – Wait someone’s whistling in here. (phone whistling)
– What? – [Katie] The alarm’s doing it, – [Audrey] Wait, they left their phone! – [Jordan] Take it! – [Katie] Wait, what? – Wait there’s someone in the shower? – Oh!
– Is there? (girls screaming and laughing) – It’s Moto Moto!
– Moto Moto! (Jordan laughing and squealing) I like ’em big!
– Moto moto! – [Katie] I like ’em chunky! It’s Moto Moto!
– Okay, I’m leaving! – Oh my God.
– What? Oh my gosh, guys!
– This is so, wait what did they do?
– Funny! – [Jordan] Wait, what about in here? – Oh, man!
– There’s towels spread everywhere! – [Audrey] Oh, wow! – [Ty] You guys we’ve
got a challenge here. – Enjoy your snacks, Fishy versus real food. Oh my goodness, look
a challenge, (squeals) – Guys, there’s like, take a swim?
– Wait, wait, find the key. – Wait, what is this? – Luggage bag!
(group screaming) – [ Jordan] Wait, this
guy is underneath the bed! Wait, look, it says, take a swim! Find the key hidden in one of the balls, if you want
– If you want – your luggage back.
– your luggage back. (David laughs) They locked up your luggage, you have to find a key!
– Everyone has a ball? – [David] You got to
find the key in there! – [Katie] Oh my goodness.
– Wait, I’m goin in! – [Katie] Go in, Audrey, woo! She goin’ in!
– Where’s my key? – Oh my goodness!
– How are we gonna find the key? The key is probably teeny! – Oh I’m not jumpin’ in.
– What the? – [Jordan] What do you
mean, what in the world? – [Ty] I wanna do the challenge. – [Katie] You wanna do the challenge
– Wait, so they pranked our room too, but theirs is a nicer prank! – Oh my goodness they
made it so cute and fun! How’d the Skorys do this? This is crazy! Ty wants to try the game. He’s gonna try the challenge. What?
– This one. – [Jordan] I’m picking this one. – [Ty] Wait no I pick this one. – [Jordan] All right, okay wait, okay wait, we’re doing round one. Round one on one. (Jordan and Ty speaking faintly) Oh, that’s so sweet.
– Oh, that’s so squishy, Ty got the real thing. – Jake, which one?
– Jake and Audrey! – Which one do you want?
– What? – I didn’t wanna (speaking faintly).
– I’m picking this one. – [Katie] Okay, you get the other. (group screaming) – Gushy and a donut!
– Donut! – You guys.
– Guys. – [Katie] That’s a cool challenge!
– This is so nice! – Oh my gosh! Actually I think this is so fun! This is like, nice!
– Yeah! – Poor Frank’s birthday party!
– It’s insane because– (Katie and David laughs)
– Oh my goodness. – [Audrey] I feel so bad now. – I feel so bad too! This was so fun and cute
– This is so cute. – [Katie] What, that’s creepy though, with the shoes poking out.
– With the shoes (voice drowned out) – What?
– poking out. Like someone’s hiding under the bed.
– Did you find the key? – [Audrey] No, I haven’t found the key! – You gotta find the key. – Oh my goodness.
– Somebody find the keys. – Just take out everything.
– Oh. – You gotta find the key,
everybody into the pool! – [Audrey] Oh, they locked
it over the belt and lock! – [Katie] You are locked in. – [Audrey] Where is it? What if it’s like in obvious? – [Jordan] Everybody careful
guys, it’s probably in one of the these.
– Wait. What, these are our pillow cases – [Katie] Oh my goodness. – Don’t put them on the
floor, I have to sleep on these tonight.
– They’re literally all over the floor now! – [Katie] They can’t find the key, guys. They can’t get their stuff back.
– Wait, what’s this? – Oh my goodness.
– What? – It’s probably inside. – [Katie] Oh, my goodness. – [Audrey] Damn shoes? – [Katie] It’s probably
inside a pillowcase, guys. It’s gotta be, or it’s inside
– What does it say? – one of the balls! – Find the key hidden in one of the balls.
– Are you kidding me? – [Katie] In one of the balls, you have to rattle every single one of the balls
– Look, it’s literally– – How does it get inside the balls? – Cut it open.
– They’re magic. We can’t find the key, Skorys! – I’m so confused.
– I need my clothes! (Audrey speaking faintly)
– Wait, we gotta have a system here. – [Katie] Jake, you’re on
top of ’em like a mother hen. – [Audrey] (laughs) Man. (Audrey laughs) – You’re eating, Ty?
– Jake, nobody wants to go– – [Audrey] Ty’s eating the pop! – [Katie] Ty’s like, what, what chall, what’s going on, huh? – Oh, man.
– Wait, isn’t it that one? – Right there, the dented one?
– The dented one, the dented one.
– Did you guys just find it. – Yeah!
– Yeah, you guys found it. – This is, how do I get, oh, – That’s sneaky.
– Sneaky. – [Jordan] Let me, I
wanna open the luggage! – [Katie] Oh my goodness,
you found it, good job. – [Jordan] Opening up
the luggage, oh, that’s. I can’t believe that, oh. It’s not good. (lock clicking) – Yay, we got it undone.
– Yay, we got it, woo! – Woo!
– Oh man. – [Jordan] Man that was a close one. – Good job! That’s crazy
– Wow. That was awesome. – What’re you gonna do with this pool now? – I have no clue.
– It’s ours! – Sure. (chuckles)
(Katie chuckles) – Okay, now we got the luggage saved, let’s just see if they
did anything. (shrieks) (Katie shrieks) – Oh my gosh!
– There’s cockroaches, guys! (group shrieking and cross talking) – [Katie] Oh, there’s
cockroaches in the drawer. – I don’t like cockroaches. – [Audrey] Wait, is there
anything over there? Did they put cockroaches everywhere? Okay, that’s safe.
– Oh, my goodness. (Audrey shrieking) – [Jordan] This is hilarious. – Wow, there is
– Oh, man. so many surprises. – They did.
– It moves! – Okay guys, if you think
we should get them back, let us know in the
comments, because I think we need to do this again,
– Yeah. – and we’ll go even bigger this time. – Yes.
– We’ll start planning now! – Yes.
– Give us ideas, comment ideas below
– Yeah, we need ideas, seriously, help us out. What should be our theme for
pranking the Skorys next? – And if we choose yours we may give you a shout out.
– Oh, shout out! Shout out. You will definitely get a shout out, we will like, yes, I’ll take
a picture of it so I remember, and we’ll totally give you a shout out. I wanna know your ideas, seriously, we have to be bigger than the Skorys. (Jordan laughs) – All right you guys,
look who we bumped into! (group exclaims) The Skorys! They got us so good, it was so cute, it was so fun, I thought that was creative, I dunno? What’d you guys think? – Yeah, you guys really got us. there’s gonna be confetti in
that room forever (laughs). – There is, we felt so bad after seeing how they got us. ‘Cause theirs was so cute!
– We’re gonna be picking up confetti for the rest of the week that we’re here!
– I know. (laughs) Oh my goodness, guys, let us know down in the comments which one you liked. And if you guys wanna see
their reaction to our prank, make sure to check out The Skorys, we’ll link them down
in the description box, and in the comments down below. Thank you guys so much for watching, make sure to like,
subscribe, and share, and? – Hit the bell! – And make today an adventure! – We’ll see you guys next time! Go play! – [Everyone] Bye! (upbeat adventurous music)