You going to say grace? I am not saying that shit. I think it is stupid. Well, I know you think it is stupid but you can at least say something. You cannot force your religious beliefs on me. Oh. Nobody is forcing that on you. Jay Tee turn that camera off. It is just a home video. We do it all the time, it is fine. Put the camera away, Jay Tee. MomMom, it…we are going to look back on this and we are going to enjoy and laugh. And everything. It is fine. To make everyone happy, I will say grace. You are just doing this to get on my nerves. Say it. You are the head of the household. Yeah, I am. Alright, bow your heads. Dear Lord… Bless the food that is in front of us. Thank you, dear Lord, for all the family that is around table. And dear Lord, please, I emphasize please find Jesse a job. Come Monday morning. Amen. (Slow Clap) Amen. Yeah, real funny, Dad. Make me look like a stupid idiot in front of the whole family. It was not funny, it was sarcasm. You do this all the time. I know. Sarcasm makes me look stupid. Jess, all we want is a job. That is all we need from you. Yeah, I work for you. That is not job. That is not good enough? Yeah, that is good enough. It is plenty good enough. Why you gotta– Just say something that you are thankful for. It is Thanksgiving, you can just say it. I am not playing his game. Why are you taking his side? It is not a game. I am just trying to keep the peace. Let us just say something that you are thankful for. Okay. Yeah, no. alright. Do I have to fold my hands and look up to the heavens and get on my knees? Just do what your Mother says, please. It would be nice! Please, God. Like, oh I’m grateful for– Alright, yeah. Okay, let us do it. Let us do it. I am grateful. Ummmm. I’m grateful for the food. I think it looks good. Walmart does a bang-up job. I love it. It looks SO good. And I am… grateful for video games. There it is. If we are being honest. And ummmm. I am grateful for…Halo came out recently. I look up to the Master Chief. He is kind of my hero. I love him. Not that anyone would understand. And I am grateful for Mom for buying me a new Xbox One. After my dick of a Dad destroyed it. So you do not appreciate anything we do. Threw her under the bus! You do not appreciate anything we do? Oh, sorry. Did I put you on the spot there? Did I make you look embarrassed? What the hell are you doing? If you are not going to act right around here Be a part of the family. You want to make a scene during Thanksgiving? Yeah, I do. Because if you do not want to be a part of the family, then get out. You are not a part of the family with the way you act. Oh, boy. I am not a part of the family? You do not act right, you are not a part of the family. (Table Crashes) Oh, my God! (Turkey Impact) OW! You threw a Turkey at me? (Table Crashes) (Screams) Oh, my Lord! And you are filming?! God! I am so done! What ails you?! What is wrong with him? (Pie Impact) NO! No! What ails you?! I am done! I am done! I am done! Well, good! And you, I hope you got your great Thanksgiving video! What a great family this is! (Throws Glasses) Piece of shit! I am thankful for it. Fuck you! (Laughs) Oh, shit. God. Wow. You need help Terry? I am so sorry about this. I know you are shaking, hun. I do not understand it…I know. You should not have to go through this. (Screams) George, help. I am helping. (Plates Colliding) There is the turkey… I am so sorry. It is alright. Do not worry about it. Here. Do not. It is all over the place. Grow up! Grow up. I know, it is sad. Happy Thanksgiving. Go Eagles!