hey yo what’s going on Papa Jake fam
it’s Papa Jake here and we are back with a brand new video because if you have
not been following what’s been going on we have been on the run slash dealing
with the game master for quite some time now and in our last video we actually
made a candy box fort to try and satisfy the game master but after reviewing the
footage and reading your guys comments you will informed us that the game
master left us a new secret message apparently he left a message in that
video that said yes papa chicken Lord so you see tell him that his next pin can
be found on his TV and so I wanted to wait to record this I wanted to film
this with you guys cuz I have no idea what’s gonna happen when we do this but
we are getting so close to solving the mystery of who the game master is we
already know that he’s a youtuber we already know that he has the letter Z
and the letter K in his name but we need to go further we need to figure out
exactly what he’s doing and why he’s doing it now the reason why I said we
know that he has the letter C in his name is because in our last video you
guys were super savage at solving the mystery he left us a note in that note
you guys were able to find out that what he meant by that was that he has the
letters C now he did make a mention that he could have maybe 2 C’s in his name or
something we’re not exactly sure what the other part of the note meant but
we’re gonna be finding that out soon also before we do this guy’s I do want
to give a big thank you to all of you guys who have been smacking that belt
but enjoining the notification squad you guys have been super helpful in solving
this mystery so if you haven’t already hit the subscribe button down below join
the Papa Jake family but let’s turn on this TV although for it look let’s get
Logan in here because there’s something bad happens I don’t want to be alone
Logan Logan come on we’re gonna open the open what do you wear why are you
wearing those Logan this isn’t the time to be wearing those we’re about to turn
the TV on don’t turn the lights on Logan what’s wrong with my funky glasses
there’s nothing wrong with your funky glasses but we were about to turn the TV
on all right the viewers told us the game master left a clue on the TV and I
think it’s time we turn it on well together in case something’s really
scary on there you know it could be like a freaky thing or a bear could jump out
the TV I don’t know what the game master is capable of but hopefully we find the
next clue all right guys I haven’t turned this on since I’ve been kind of
too scared to do it are you sure we want to do this Logan well yeah it’s our next
clue okay all right here we go oh it’s gonna
press the power button wait wait wait before you turn on the TV
let me just get comfy this is a movie it’s a game master clue okay here we go
in three two one penguins okay Jake why were you watching
penguins opener out I love watching Pickers amount of time that’s salted
there was no clue hey guys we don’t have to film there’s no video uh Jake take
another look okay looking what’s going on this is
project oh look look on this moment don’t we travel dinner be carefully you
see one has betrayed us encrypted Judy see these pv-1 look I don’t know what’s
going on he’s just after the encryption you across gbx soon Eric’s we need you
to figure out what your equals whoa no no it’s not the game up loading the TV
just shut off look Logan what was that what’s that that with him the game
master that was projects or go looking every being hacked
woody what do you mean that the peasy one failed I don’t know guys do you know
what PZ one is it was happening so fast I couldn’t even read it guys guys you
need to rewind that and tell us what you saw I saw something about an ear we have
to solve an ear book seemed like projects or goo but at the end it looked
like it was the game master they’re telling us something something’s
happening and look it was happening at CVX us that’s where all of our other
YouTube friends are that’s where Chad well-placed even share it Lizzie share
they’re all at CVX no no something Bad’s happening
something bad is happening and starting with projects or go it’s not something
about deleting our channels we don’t want our channel deleted we have to
follow what he wanted solve some sort of clue guys what does that mean what is
that year equal I don’t know I don’t know gee look
why are the lights flashing oh no what’s going on what’s going on if it hacked
into our house looking someone here put a deal are screwing up the alarms going
off all the lights all the lights I’ll shut them off
no no no the lights are still dude lights and so on it’s coming we got to
put the alarm up come on we going on okay all right lunch oh dude what’s
going on guys they said they’re gonna delete our channel if we don’t solve a
mystery oh no this isn’t good this isn’t good we
spent all this time dealing with the gamemaster not projects or goes after us
we’ve been there an elite hacker group they’ve they’ve quite literally taking
down channels before and now they’re in our house okay Jake let’s just take a
second to think this through what do they have access to everything in the
house quite literally every object we have in this house is some sort of smart
object they’ve taken over the house okay they could destroy this place okay come
on I have an idea if we can make it down to the basement we can shut off the
entire house using the circuit breaker it should be careful we don’t know what
they’ve done looks like a light saw what they turn the Roombas red okay all right
all right mother rumors wanted estrellas dude this isn’t good hype be careful
I don’t know what else they could have done okay this is crazy they literally
hacked everything in the house looking what’s this sound sounds like running
water all the taps are on Logan what what the house oh no this isn’t good
let’s just get the house under control and then we can solve their mystery and
lock down the channel dude okay the blinds are moving the blinds are moving
up and down that’s that’s great okay uh-oh what Logan what I took this shut
off the pump cool look at the pool oh dude they destroyed our pool they must
have shut the pump off oh it’s like black it looks like a swamp oh that’s
disgusting okay yeah we definitely need to turn the
power off they reversed the pump they could flood the pool and flood the
entire basement they’ve access to everything they bought
the house they could destroy this place hello but you’re really hot in here yeah
Jake it is getting really hot in here check the nest come on dude it’s 32
degrees in the house okay let me disable this hold on oh all right I’ve taken the
nest off I should disable it okay now we need to get downstairs and stop the
circuit breaker listen to me what is that it’s Alexa Alexa is that you
girl has taken over and your channel and house belong to us we have been watching
you and decide you no longer what do you what do you mean what do they want with
us and what do they mean by the clue the only use you have to us is to help find
the clue PZ one has betrayed us and if you can help projects or go you will be
rewarded this isn’t good this isn’t good at all
literally the smart object even the blinds are smart okay we got this we
just got think we gotta think what does it mean what does it mean by PZ one has
betrayed us and why do we have to solve what your emoji means okay look we don’t
solve this and find out what the ear emoji means they’re gonna delete our
chairs or go is watching your time as number I’m tired of this they could be
listening anywhere Logan we have smart objects all over this house they could
be watching us for all we know okay we need to turn off the power of the house
wait in the message it said that this was happening in CVX that’s right that’s
where all the other youtubers are made maybe invite FaceTime Chad wild clay
this is happening to him maybe he maps some information for us
well that when he got my phone I’ll call Chad wall clean see what’s up
maybe it’s more info Chad Chad is that you look it’s Papa Jake yeah you guys
but our entire house has been hacked by projects or go we got some weird message
on our screen do you know anything about this dude yeah actually I got a text
message from Project Journal as well V got one as well it was really really
weird I need to help them solve something or else they might do a
channeling it that’s not good that’s not good
yep we’ve gotten the ear emoji it’s asking us to solve the mystery to figure
out what the ear emoji is I got this like star symbol they want me to figure
out what it means we all work together hopefully we can stop these guys I’ll
let you know as soon as I have any more information we’ll try to be
a way to solve this puzzle I’ll let you know if we find anything all right great
talk to you soon bye all right bye okay dude who looks like first things first
let’s shut the power off in the house nice room
that’s what the breaker is all right here’s the power system I’m gonna shut
it off in 3 sure yeah and 3 2 1 are you okay all right come on quickly
let’s head to the office I’ve got a plan to figure out what the
clue is all right so guys we know that project zero is hacked into our house
which means they’ve connected to us in some way I think I might be able to log
into the houses terminal and reverse hack them well not so much hacking them
but use their own database to try and figure out what this ear emoji means so
least worth a shot okay let’s see here Jake here emoji Jake
what do you do it all right this should search their database for anything that
refers to the ear emoji if there’s anything on the database that’s related
to the ear emoji it should come up all I have to do is press ENTER and oh I got
something you can check this out projects oral file systems access
protocol loading your emoji equals see look at that I think this means the ear
emojis equal to C wait Jake I think I remember on the game masters last clue
he underlined a bunch of seaweed he’s right Logan here’s the clue he
underlined a bunch of C’s we already assumed that that meant that the clue he
was giving us to see but remember when the time comes there is too
does that mean that the game master project zorco has to cease in their name
work maybe this is part of some larger password of some sort and maybe whatever
this password is there’s two seas in it okay well we’ll have to let Chad wild
clay know that we found out that the ear emoji is equal to C and that there might
be two seas and whatever this is whether it’s a password or a name I’m not sure
yet but hopefully this will be enough to stop projects or go wait Jake I just
realized something else remember when the game master had you trapped and had
that word scramble well you guys figured out what it was it said the gold play
button house there supposed to be a clue on the gold play button what was that
okand is that a USB did the USB just come from behind the play button maybe
there’s something on it I think the story is getting a lot more interesting