We are your local business products experts and we are closely aligned with the industry’s leading nationwide distribution company. This distribution powerhouse provides broad access to over 40,000 office supplies, furniture, cleaning, supplies, break room needs, computer supplies, tools, and safety products. It offers massive warehouse and transportation infrastructure, unparalleled logistical
excellence, and formidable buying power. Its 29 warehouses in strategic locations around the country can deliver to 97% of the nation’s population on a next day basis. Combined, all the
warehouses contain over $600 million dollars of inventory rapidly available to your company. Each warehouse in this coordinated network is linked with one or more warehouses in its region via regular transfer shuttles, resulting in an astounding in stock
average of over 98%. To ensure order processing speed accuracy, the
state-of-the-art pick to voice system gives the warehouse
worker verbal directions about what merchandise
to pick and where to find it. Once products are
picked they are scanned into the system which then verifies that the product selection is accurate. An automated weight check
station also aids order accuracy, if the weight of the package differs from what the computer says it should be the contents are verified manually. Even
though the typical warehouse processes an average of over 5,000 orders per day, systems such as weight check help produce an impressive accuracy rate 99.7%. Warehouses are configured for efficient product flow as thousands of packages are assembled, packed, and routed over miles of conveyor systems to shipping stations for high-volume
processing. Our warehouses have a dedicated focus on safety and sustainability including the use of
new technology such as solar panels. They also have a
commitment to community relations. This nationwide
distribution powerhouse combined with our local management
expertise is your best choice for unparalleled
efficiency in purchasing business products.