Oh bless your heart Bless your heart They call me the bar breaker you should kick me out the club I’m a big bad wolf I’m a Jameson thug I wave Hi while I’m cave diving day high coated in KY with orgy on the hay ride I hustle like an Ethiopian custodian quick grab the trophies you can leave behind the opium Executive American all the way from a derelict drinking at the Sheraton daring chicks into marriages Oh yeah marry me baby, half hour later you can carry me baby I’m skinny dipping, swimming with young Dominican women last time I wasn’t pimpin’ it’s been a minute hey! No need to pay me to I’m drinkin’ in some daisy dukes 80 proof, get retarded like a baby do I’m so good a rap it’s not even fair. You know my shit bangs I ain’t talkin’ ’bout hair c’mon Three smokin’ hot chicks and a couple of babes Call me the mailman how I come every day If you ain’t feeling my shit it’s completely understandable I’m beyond rap, Homie I’m speaking animal thinking bout leaving they calling me bro finish a bottle and i’m good to go know your all lame and i am not even bo so untouchable i’m in the zone fall back de be deep de be deep what’cha call that lift the dick better lick the ballsack bring a fifth to a kid and i’m on that ooo-ryeohken they all on my new shit thug and the students girl i’am a cowboy baby i’m a nuisance i’m a problem tell me that you love me you can be a model don’t matter if your chubby tickle tickle i’am always in the middle give me trouble all these girls make me feel so little Take your clothes off! We’re streaking in my kitchen! HUNTING! FISHING! FUCKING! KISSING! I’m buck-wild, I never have it together Have you noticed? I leave every show in a stretcher. PROF in the amperlamp [SIC] on his way to the hotel