in this video I’m gonna show you guys what it’s like inside of a luxury hotel Owen says we finally made it to a genome I’m gonna let you in on this little hidden area just an hour and a half away from Tokyo Agito is a small spot right next to a tummy and we’re in the cut at this old-school fisherman’s down to chillax at the hot spring and throw down on some seafood you can actually choose which you can’t do you want to wear this is pretty awesome look at this that’s pretty dope he’s so nice he’s making tea for us look at that he’s just part of some tea and we got some sweets hmm let’s check out sweets that they have it almost looks like a piece of dough hmm mushy mushy sweet huh it’s pretty good so enough of the dessert let me show you around the room because tea time is over all right so and on the balcony this room has its own row tempura which is like an onsen bath but first let me show you the rest of the room it’s got a flat-screen TV it’s kind of safe to keep your belongings got a smoking section right here two seats has a fridge filled with beer and juice and it has this cool balcony area overlooking the ocean I don’t know if you guys can see this but look right behind me is the ocean right there it’s so pretty cool now the two moons are completely separated these things are pretty thin so I think you can hear each other Michael Michael as you can see this place is pretty cool all right so before I show you guys more of this room let me change first oh wait actually Michael program all right ready all right go all right so one thing that you guys need to know when you’re putting on these yukatas the left side is on top if you’re still alive let’s go explore [Music] this is the lobby what’s really cool about this place is that it’s only about an hour and a half outside of Tokyo so you can just get on the train and come here for a day trip which means that you can just like go in the onsen and then go back home or like what I’m doing tonight is just like stay overnight and then leave in the morning which is like pretty awesome because it’s just so close to Tokyo and this place is actually right by the transition it’s like a lesson a five-minute walk pretty damn dope and check it out you could even get souvenirs here to my yukata was actually a little bit too short so he’s actually getting me a longer one so nice I love the service here Wow they even got an entertainment room and slot machines here look I even have Ninja kun I feel like I’m in the 80s so we’re on the fifth floor now so this is where some of the private baths are [Music] usually in the public baths genders are separated seven men on one side you have the women on to this side in this place you’re gonna have a couple and that together it’s so cool so if you don’t have your own private bath inside of your room you can come here instead Wow look at this on the map it’s just so nice oh it’s actually pretty warm to the touch it’s like the more you put your hand in the hotter and hotter it gets Wow look at that let me just take a minute to show you guys how to use an onsen because I get so many questions from people on how to use on set I just want to like break it down for you guys really quickly it’s actually super easy you just need to follow these quick simple tips so before you get into the horn set that you have to actually wash yourself completely the reason why you want to watch the body McCrory get into the onsen is because everyone uses the same ones and water you can use these as your seats and these as a way to put water on your head they usually provide soap shampoo and conditioner this is a private bath no one is immune but if in a public bath there’s going to be other people in the home sand water so you just have to be very respectful not the splash and do anything like that but you guys probably already know City eight it from my maybe five ten fifteen minutes whatever you like you don’t usually want to stay here long within thirty minutes because he might pass out once you get out of the onsen all you need to do is just dry off you don’t really need to take a shower because you don’t want to watch all of the homes in a minute rolls off easy peasy let’s move on to the next place and all of this is a private bath so you can come here with a group and share and together that’s awesome refreshing right after the onsen [Music] oh this actually feels so good [Music] whoa that was fun now it’s time for dinner all right guys so I have just like a little secret Michael right now is in the private onsen over there in the balcony so today I’m actually going to propose to her one second I actually got a ring so what you guys don’t really know is that Michael is a huge part of my life and in fact he’s a huge part of this channel you guys don’t see it a lot of the times but she’s like helping me do this whole thing and we are like the perfect team I’m actually like not much forwards but I want to share this moment with you guys because hey why not you guys have been here to the beginning for some of you guys that don’t know Mike oh and haven’t seen that you guys are like new to this like if you like watched a lot of mine earlier of logs using a lot of them but yeah let’s do this okay just gotta like wait until she’s out of the tub so I’ll set the camera just like outside in the balcony she’s things that were normally vlogging so she won’t really know and then we’ll do it we’ll do it this is gonna be great this is gonna be so great there you go there it is good to go [Music] it’s dinnertime Wow look at all of this awesome whoo-hoo everything is like so delicate and precise oh wow holy crap this is the entire menu that we’re getting tonight so what you see right now is just the beginning look at this Issei every appetizer this is heaven this is soy bean tofu but dashi is really nice man this is crazy they have sashimi barley my fate is gonna be this uni this is keen mate I shove each other then they got a freakin big-ass fish look at that check that out I will be an Unni we’re still only like halfway to the meal there’s Unni Bobby and you annuity on top Wow that’s a taste you don’t have on an everyday basis it’s like luxury to the max there’s just more food it just keeps coming and coming and after dinner they even set up our futons all right I think that’s it dinner was awesome I’ll see you guys tomorrow morning [Music] [Music] and this is what it’s all about nothing like waking up in the morning and having a private onsen right in your room and it overlooks the ocean this is so awesome so just chill here for another few minutes and then ready to start our day look what I just found him ninja socks I love all the little details [Music] oh there’s like six different dishes in this box it’s a G usually at neo-cons they have a freshly made kimono which is a dried fish oh man I’m so hungry already alright so that concludes the video this really is an awesome day trip that you guys can take from Tokyo so convenient what do you guys think worth coming here