Hey, how’s it going? It’s Ernest from Trip
Astute. Hope you all had a fun Halloween. In this video, I wanted to
share a quick update on the Priority Pass lounge program and how you can get
even more value from your membership. (light chiming music) First off, I want to say congratulations
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I know a lot of you have a Priority Pass lounge membership, especially through a
premium credit card like the Chase Sapphire Reserve, American Express
Platinum, Citi Prestige, Ritz-Carlton Rewards, and Hilton Honors Aspire
American Express card. We’ve actually done a few videos on the Priority Pass
program, so check out our Priority Pass playlist for those videos. We did a video
last year on getting a digital Priority Pass card through the app and also
another video on using the Priority Pass program to get a discount at select
airport restaurants. Well today, I want to share another way to get more value from
your membership, and that’s by using offers for in-airport purchases. But
first, if you’re new here, welcome to our channel. Trip Astute is a travel channel
that is focused on sharing ways to make travel easier, affordable, and more
enjoyable. Traveling can be stressful and expensive, so we’re looking for ways to
help you maximize your experience through travel tips, points and miles, and
innovative gear. If that sounds interesting to you, please consider
subscribing. You all know that I love trying to find ways to reduce the cost
of travel, and maximizing perks from credit cards is definitely on the top of
my list. According to Priority Pass, you can get discounts, upgrades, and even free
gifts with purchases at 146 airports in 32 different countries. Some of these
might not seem very valuable, but others were actually ones that I could see
myself using. In general, I’m usually not one to spend too much money at the
airport. In fact, I try to eat and drink at the lounge whenever possible to save
money, and I try not to buy souvenirs since the prices are generally higher at the
airport. That being said, there have been a few times where I needed to do some
last-minute shopping for a birthday or even just visiting relatives abroad. In
this scenario, you could definitely save some money with these offers. As an
example, let’s look at a few airports. At LAX’s international terminal,
after getting a $30 reimbursement at PF Chang’s, you could then get a 10% discount
at the America Store which is full of souvenirs and general travel items. You
could also get an additional five minutes at the XpresSpa, if that’s your
thing. Now let’s look at the international terminal in Atlanta. You’ll
find a ton of retail offers, even from some high-end boutique stores like Coach,
Montblanc, Emporio Armani, and Michael Kors. If you look at an airport abroad,
for example the Hong Kong Airport, there are several retail offers listed
as well. Again, even if you’re not much of a shopper at the airport, it’s worth
checking to see what might be available. I’m excited to see Priority Pass
expanding the program and giving members more value. Even the number of supported
restaurants in the program keeps growing, which is great news to me since it’s one
that I likely use when traveling. Priority Pass has also been adding more
lounges which is always a good thing. To see the retail offers, you’ll need to
download the Priority Pass application and set up an account if you don’t have one
already. If you need help with that process, check out our video on getting a
digital Priority Pass membership card. Once you’re all set up, you can search
airports and terminals to see what offers are available. To use the offer, you just
need to tap on the generate code button which generates a QR code that can be
used in the store. It’s basically just a digital coupon that you’ll use when
checking out. It shouldn’t require you to show your Priority Pass membership card,
but you’ll have your digital membership card in the app just in case you need it.
In addition, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when using the Priority
Pass membership program. 1. Check different terminals: Just because your
flight is in one terminal doesn’t mean you can’t necessarily visit another one
if you have the time. Though make sure to check the airport map to see how easy it
is to get from one to the other. For example, we had a few instances where we
wanted to use a lounge at a different terminal at LAX, but we couldn’t without
having to exit the security area and re-enter again. It wasn’t worth the risk,
even though I was trying to save some money on food and drinks. 2.
Check reviews on stores, restaurants, and lounges: I recommend using either Trip
Advisor or an app like Gate Guru to see how others rate the amenities
at the airport. For example, we flew from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in August and
stopped by The Club lounge in the Las Vegas airport, which is part of the
Priority Pass network. I don’t want to sound high-maintenance, but it was a
really sad lounge. Yhey had very limited seating, a long line at the bar, and the
food options were limited to instant noodles, popcorn, fruit, and chips. I don’t
want to sound ungrateful, but we ended up going to PF Chang’s in the same terminal
since the snacks weren’t cutting it. However, had I checked the reviews in
advance, I probably wouldn’t have wasted my time going to The Club lounge. I’m
hoping the next time I travel to Las Vegas there’ll be some other restaurant
offers through the program. What do you think of these new Priority Pass offers?
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