I am Traveling Desi, and in this video I’ll tell you how much does Indian + Vegetarian food cost in Canada. A lot of people ask me, how to get vegetarian food , and this over here is FreshCo. And you can get Indian food over hear and its not that expensive ! So lets go inside, and see what all is in the
Vegetarian section or the Indian section . And this is the International food section where you can get Indian food. Lets see what all is for 1.29$. These are mini samosas . From Aloo chaat to Chicken roll. The prices are written and you have to multiply it by 50 . Aloo Patties . Naan Pizza . Dal makhani, Shahi paneer, Butter masala, Palak paneer Paranthas ! You can also get all types of spices over here, but they cost around 50% more than India . Ladyfingers ! Oh these are the best ! And we just have to heat it on the pan ! These two are for around 75 rupees, and this is for
125 rupees, so my meal is ready in 200 rupees ! And you’re not allowed to take the food inside your rooms as there’s a chance of bug infestation And the aroma of the food is spread across the house, you have to always eat your food in the living room. And there is a dining room in the living room, so no problem with that . This is onion raw masala dosa, and the pack has around 3 to 4 pieces, and this is for 3.29$ i.e around 170 rupees for 4 . And the pack also contains some chutney ! And they also have fresh chapatis for 1.29$ Basically one chapati is for 20 cents or 10 rupees ! Lets check the prices at McDonalds as well ! Speciality burgers are for around 300 rupees and meals are for 450 rupees. And the cheapest burger is junior chicken burger for
120 rupees. And at McDonalds there is nothing in vegetarian other than a salad And the second thing is, cheese burger over here is actually a beef burger, there is no vegetarian burger . What you can do is, replace the chicken patty in a chicken burger with some hash brown potatoes . There is no other option . So I got a mcflurry for myself and it costs 3.66$ i.e. around 175 rupees. And behind me is a fountain pepsi machine The people at the counter don’t serve drinks, instead they give you an empty cup and you have to fill it And you can get whatever amount you what and it has unlimited refills, and people don’t take it home with them And you can also get all types of pulses over here. And all Indian biscuits as well, everything just a little expensive than the Indian price . Some Namkeen ! Bombay bhel mix, and all these are for around 40 rupees each . India gate basmati rice . Maggi 2 minute noodles for .39 cents. And ultimately a cheaper option for veggies is White peas . Aaaaaaaaaaaand ! Dal Makhani . Pure desi ghee ! And this is the bread section with a variety of breads ! There’s multigrain, whole-wheat The one thing that’s cheap over here is ice creams and frozen desserts like yogurt . And they range from 3.69 to 4.99$ i.e. from 150 rupees to 200 rupees you have all this variety . And they have these huge tubs Yogurt or curd, 75 rupees for one packet . There’s Dahi written in hindi . Khoya barfi . Milk cake ! And a carrot based sweet dessert pudding . And I’ve got food for around 1 week for 1200 rupees. Now lets’ visit the vegetable section at Walmart . Jumbo Onions. 60 rupees for one ! Tomatoes for 100 rupees a kilo ! 12 eggs for 150 rupees. And Walmart also has an Indian section with a lot of stuff like this pickle from Mothers Recipe for 2.47$ Haldiram’s bhel puri for 1.67$ All spices from MDH. Golgappe ! The reason behind expensive veggies is cold weather for 6 months and everything is imported form Mexico And hence transportation cost ! And you should try the breakfast if you wish to have a typical Canadian meal. In a typical north american breakfast you get, waffles, crepes, pancakes and egg benedicts . Such a meal can cost 700 rupees and after this you won’t be hungry till dinner because it has 3 eggs, lots of cheese, potatoes, mushrooms, bacon and fruits ! And veg crepes and pancakes can cost around
400 rupees. In an average Indian restaurant, a lunch buffet can cost around 700 rupees and 1200 rupees for dinner buffet. Frozen pizzas are for 250 to 300 rupees and can prepared in an oven in 30 minutes ! And there’s veg options available as well ! And the variety of pizzas is worth a glance, besides, you can also get pizzas with an Indian twist ! And a trip to Canada is incomplete if you haven’t had coffee from Tim Hortons . The very Canadian coffee. You can get a medium coffee for around 2$ here . And Canadians drink a lot of coffee as it is very cold over here ! The line you see behind me is a drive thru line for
Tim Hortons . And there are town lines and are completely packed because Canadians just cannot start their day without having a coffee from Tim Hortons ! Along with coffee you can get a sandwich meal for around 350 rupees. But the most special is their donuts that range from 50 to 150 rupees per piece . And it doesn’t matter if you’re at McDonalds, or Subway or Tim Hortons you will always get free wifi ! Another reasonably priced item it the global snack i.e. Shawarma ! I mostly get a Shawarma platter which includes an assortment of veggies, arabic pickles, rice and chicken And for vegetarians there’s falafel as well. This can make 2 meals for you and it costs around
700 rupees ! And I really hope guys, you liked this vlog on canada And please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what all do you want to know more about Canada ! Dont forget to hit the Like button ! And for upcoming episode, don’t forget to hit the sun=bscribe button and the bell icon !