Hi, I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant
Supply. In today’s episode, I’m going to help you
troubleshoot a couple of common issues with refrigeration units. Two common issues we see with refrigeration
units is they’re not getting up to temperature correctly, or down to temperature, cooling in an effective
manner. Or the compressor’s just constantly running
and burning out. So one issue could very well be that you have
an ice buildup on your coils. As well, you notice that these grates are
very thin aluminum vents. A lot of times, what can happen is since these
are so fragile and aluminum, they can just fold in right on their selves, and what can very well happen is this can
easily get kicked, a pan can fall into this, and at the same
time, since they are so fragile and easy to bend, that they’ll just bend closed shut on themselves, and there you will not get any airflow, restricting your compressor to put your coolant
at the right temperature range for your refrigeration unit. So those are two big things that you can do
preventively here in the compressor area, so that way your machine lasts a little bit
longer. And last but not least, always check your
door gaskets. A lot of times, these can start to deteriorate,
break down, come off from the glue on the actual aluminum
itself. A lot of times, this is where you’re going
to get air flow leakage, and your compressor’s going to be constantly
running to keep the machine at its refrigerant temperature. At the same time, the compressor’s going to
be working overload, because there’s a constant leak, and the compressor’s going to be running much
longer than what it needs to be. So always be sure your gaskets are in good
shape, and you replace them accordingly. If you need some tips on how to replace them, go ahead and check out our other video about
replacing refrigerant gaskets. I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply. That’s how you perform some very easy preventative
maintenance on your refrigeration units. Until next time!