answers oh I slipped this morning I better work I know I slipped I fell into a mousetrap I can be your hero baby you can take my breath away now on this channel I’ve done impressions I’ve also done prank calls but I’ve never combined the two together so that’s exactly what gonna do today I’m still out in LA and to be honest I think Americans no offence UK but I feel like Americans are gonna react a lot better this soak up a lot of shops around the LA area and act as different characters from movies and cartoons that kind of thing and just see if we can get some reactions I guess I just want to point out that I haven’t done impressions for a long time so a lot easily be very very rusty so please do not judge me there’s a lot impressionist out there that are way better than me you want to see some real impressions can watch them oh I slept this morning I better work I know I slipped I fell into a mousetrap Minnie’s here she’s freaking out there’s blood everywhere I’ve called the vets oh but they won’t come out is there any way you come out and help me [Music] Oh Mickey goofy hello Steven my name is Jack good I was wondering is it possible to book a table for tonight just me and my crew fifteen do you serve squid amazing that’s brilliant so no live squid fifteen and you have you have rum rum yes I have you booked it under the name Jack Captain Jack this bar I don’t actually have a phone sorry for wasting your time hi there Toby’s made a giant mess in Masters kitchen and I was wondering if you supply any sort of muggle magic material that I can use to clean it up very dusty it’s right in this is probably costing beaubien ever set amount of money international calls basically Dobby has made a giant mess on the floor and must be very angry he comes back to see that Dhabi’s made a mess me me I’m a house elf okay I noticed what do you have any sort of electrical equipment that could help clean the floor master’s gonna be very upset with him it’s my birthday soon and I wanted to put myself a reservation okay what what day what day is is most busy yeah weekends hmm okay nice okay I’m through Saturday okay just myself okay I don’t actually have before children so I’m gonna have to this is there a possibility to get to meet change okay so I need to find four children and then I come meet Chuck a change what other sort of things they have there the party you receive a modern Yara and a minor bracelet oh my god it must be my birthday I’m very excited okay well I’ll put her swing around on Saturday and I’ll see that my name is Herbert my name is Jack um I was just wondering if I could book a table for tonight about fifteen of us will poke strap Billy you’re coming okay 414 please Hannah forty I’ve got a few requirements before you deserve squeeze lovely okay that’s fine as long as there’s no no squid nice great night I’m also do you have a valet amazing I’m coming in I’m coming in the pearl coming in a pirate ship so if I could uh is it is it near water is that a road or a policy could be an issue another question a parent or parents allows do our pets our service yeah your service packages the service pair that’s fine also do you have do you have disabled access for a I’ve got one of my crew members he’s got a peg leg amazing okay well the only thing I’m worried about is that there’s just too many people and there’s not enough space for my my ships a packet of LA so no not really sorry sorry for wasting your time so guys they go I hope you enjoy that video if you did give it a thumbs up make sure you share it with all your friends across YouTube and everywhere else it’s already over grab yourself some Christmas emerges the link down the description and I will see you next week with another Sun Sunday special cheers good bye [Music]