THE EATERY HAS SUCH LONG LINES… PEOPLE WERE JUST BEGGING FOR IT TO EXPAND. NEWS 13 )S BRIANNA GALLEGOS REPORTS ON THE EATERY SERVING CLASSIC NORTHERN NEW MEXICAN CUSININE THAT )S HEADED SOUTH. “…NATS working in kitchen…” 12:51 i am excited about having a tomasitas here in albuquerque i dont albuquerque i dont have to travel so far 12:55 14:06 i usually have the enchiladas with an egg over easy and red chile. 13:45 its a great restaurant 13:46 TOMASITAS HAS BEEN A FAVORITE IN THE CAPITAL CITY SINCE 1974 MORE THAN 40 YEARS LATER THE RESTAURANT STILL ATTRACTS PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE STATE… YOU )LL TYPICALLY FIND A WAIT OF AT LEAST AN HOUR, IF NOT TWO OR MORE. THE BIG DRAW OF COURSE, THE FOOD. 12:40 when i go to santa fe i always eat there and i think i bug them like they are going to have one coming soon 12:50 NEWS OF THE NEW LOCATION ALONG I-25 IS SPREADINGQUICKLY. TOMASITAS OWNER SAYS HE HAD AN URGE TO EXPAND HIS BELOVED FAMILY RESTAURANT TO ALBUQUERQUE BECAUSE OF HIS MOM 8:25 my mom grew up here in albuquerque in the atrisco barillo and that is where we learned about great new mexican food. 8:32 THE RESTAURANT WAS ACTUALLY STARTED BY GEORGE GUNDREY )S MOM A FEW YEARS AFTER SHE MOVED TO SANTA FE. GUNDREY SAYS THE RESPONSE HE )S RECIEVING ABOUT THE ALBUQUERQUE LOCATION HAS BEEN GREAT. 6:30 i hadnt realized how popular and well known we are in albuquerque but the feedback has been incredibly positive 6:36 PEOPLE ARE REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THE LOCATION. IT USE TO BE THE SITE OF A NATIONAL CHAIN…..SOON TO BE REPLACED BY A NEW MEXICO GROWN ONE. 11:57 i like local places. it keeps the money near by as opposed to the great big chains 12:01 BRIANNA GALLEGOS KRQE NEWS 13. GUNDREY SAYS THEY WILL BE COMPLETELY REMODELING THE RESTAURANT FOR A MORE NEW MEXICAN FEEL. THE ALBUQUERQUE TOMASITA )S IS EXPECTED AT 9. GOOD NIGHT.