Bob what the heck what is going on over here? Puzzle. It’s a puzzle bob You got to let the people at home know look we got the people we’ve got the camera guy. So what’s going on? ya ya Hey Yes, your smiley face will tell us what you’re doing with the popcorn machine, Yeah, Oh, yeah.just putting back. Oh, you are here. Yes. What’s his name? Chuck is here. Yeah, just fixing the whole assembly, you know just to we cleaned everything now and then I got to finish it fixing back the filter so those are the filters you said were plugged up right? ya, its still heavy So, what does that mean Dolan didn’t do a good job He did a good job, but he cannot clean it that much. So are we gonna fire him? ya, better, ya Yeah, we gotta fire Dolan Yeah Okay Dolan, Bob said you’re fired. You’ve tried, you’ve tried. But the good news is Chuck is hiring for his marketing thing you can hold the camera for him. I don’t like the looks of that Umm, so actually this is the filter for it. So Dolan did a good job on that one. This one is good, ya So maybe we should hire him back what part time then He you can do everything except this stuff. Yeah. He’s a good guy Oh, he’s a good guy. But the work not so much right, hit or miss rate. 50/50. Yeah. Yes. Exactly. so that’s it for the popcorn machine it’s the size of me You can fit four bob’s in here in and two Dolan’s at the same time and we have Bob’s lovely wife here, too Shes the supervisor today It’s bring your wife to work day today, I don’t have a wife to bring but ah you have a girl friend to bring I have a couple girlfriends I could bring but if I all showed up at the same time, I’d be in trouble, right? Oh haha, ha So uh yes, for sure Yes So that’s it for the popcorn machine. And once we have somebody I’ll call you back. we’ll call you back You’ll see a nice video of it, even though this unit is sold already umm That’s it for now