Hello Everyone So, Welcome to this episode So, the speciality of this episode is that I am going to tell you an economical hack also known as money saving hack now the thing out there is right now I am at Plaza Premium Lounge T3 and the best thing here is, only in 2 rupees you can access lounge and do buffet and how exactly you can do this, I am going to tell you in this Episode watch this episode till end and you can get benifit of it so, let’s begin this Episode So, right now I am at Plaza Premium Lounge Plaza Premium lounge which exists in some selected Airports of India like Delhi, Banglore and Mumbai is a kind of Facility where you can avail facilities before and after your flight wether its about dining, personal grooming, newspaper, spa, TV channels or Charging stations so before and after your flight relax here and enjoy all these facilities 🙂 To use the facilities of this lounge, You have to pay an amount not an amount but a quite big amount which is approximately 18$ so in this video I am going to tell you that how to access this lounge in exactly 5 cents In all facilities, one facilitity that I liked was that they provide Desktops along with Internet There are many desktops with Internet present here so if you officialy want to check your mails, you can or you can even do personal browsing So as I told you that in this lounge without paying extra you can enjoy the options of drinks and food wether its Indian or Continental there are many options available here