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notifications and and for today’s adventure I got my number two man coming
in AB we’re gonna hook up a commercial gas fryer at the exclusive
Wonder Bar out of Atlantic City so stay tuned and I will see you there here comes the
legend this guy’s dressed like he’s going to a friggin concert where you
going? to the beach. what’s tonight today is take your student to work day you
ready am i shrinking we got a miscommunication here it’s
already installed but they installed the wrong gas size check that..
they installed the wrong size flex. there it is all right obviously there’s a flex back
here that’s not big enough so
we gotta clean this mess up so I take it what one you hook up here
dude the newest one which one they all look old to me oh this one here closet to the grill take your kid to work day huh yeah can
you tell Steve got my goddaughter she stayed up all night she was so psyched
he has 1/2 inch gas line going to this they want three quarter that’s what we’re going to give up to
3/4 that’s off yeah it’s called a fryer you cook french
fries this is what you’re eating
what’s wrong with you what’s wrong with America and vegan so
here’s the plan 3/4 quick disconnect on that instead of
1/2 inch well these grills are friggin hot so I
can’t pull em out take the hose empty the grease no no Im pulling them out. I need 12 more inches pole boat that I’m gonna make financial
matters okay what’s the hose do that’s it sucks the oil out. Im climbing over the top freddie
over-the-top going over top boys what am I gonna do with this this is way too short Im not gonna be able to hook this up. Is this a 2 footer? its a 3 footer Im trying not to get all greasy Jesus Christmas whats the matter Chuckie? too much surfing this morning for no waves? a
combination and look at me. im gonna be a hot dog by the time im done this job every time I plan a day off listen to me
complain you ready to surf the wind always screws it up watch the grease was this thing brand new you bought it
yeah how long has it been in? 2 weeks. that’s it it looks like this I guess it
looks new in there Jesus Christmas… Well we gonna give em 3/4 Angelo pipe dope out of there please make sure
it straight out because it’ll leak into my tools Freddie could hook this up
1/2 inch or a half inch or 3/4 it has it has a reversible like a insert fitting
here so you know what I’m talking about look you go 3/4 outside or 1/2 inch
inside so I think whatever you got going on is going to continue to happen but we make em happy you got good gas pressure
here man I wish I would have known that before I
did all this but I would of told you don’t even do it that’s crazy
what where’s that uh where’s your fitting at Freddie? Im a little hot right now. be nice go get it you’re going be pulling this in and out so we’ll do the four footer this way
we’ll be able to put it in take it apart in there
right back yeah we’re going to we’re going to teach Fred
the box now you know the box out is when you have a customer such as Fred it
likes to be hands-on in your way it gets in their way. he gets in the way doesnt he? you could say
yeah I will so we’re going to put the grill right
here so you can’t come back here let’s call it the box now all right
that’s my son Angelo let’s take your son to school day yeah I take your your son
to work day how are you working tonight yeah alright good yeah it’s good stuff this is disgusting. gonna need a change clothes man
you know Angelo I need the other pipe wrench
please we got to take out this nasty nipple here he went cheap.
always go four footer baby. four footer no three’s ah Angelo Call Marcy for me tell her to
bring you some clothes. Sweat pants Im gonna be all greasy all right
sweatpants t-shirt yeah they’re good the bad and the ugly as we were talking
about Greece yeah all right so they think bumping itself from a three from a
half inch to a three quarter lines going to solve their problem in the real world
you know they ain’t gonna happen there’s something wrong with this grill if I had known that I would not of change
this gas line the good the bad and the ugly there it is tight quarters here boys
ain’t got time for Showtime today get er done
here we go Freddie I got my two helpers with me today yeah that guys you don’t know what he’s talking about I hope it works its probably something stupid you know it
doesn’t work if these are getting me a new deep fryer well that gas disconnect you had that
was really in bad shape anyway so yeah all melted frayed ah
all right so you’re doing a good thing here
we’re getting er done right now now I’m gonna film Bretts place for him.
the before and after shots I should of did it at the other movie theater. that was before my filming days now just the sites were nicer than the one
I’m just tell about the condo con construction part of it how good the
before and after shots you know yeah it will be nice all right todays plumbing lesson ready
always go with the flow Your Father is a lunatic! always go with the flow Fred all right boys and girls. Lets do this you know what I dont want to shake the grease Its pretty full the old quick-connect
all right come back a little bit more all right there it is this is the problem right here we got these things crisscross back here….. GAS EXPLOSION!!! Fred This is awesome baby Not yet.
real slow I wanna check for gas leaks first boys. Angela got to get the Windex up your
Fred? check for some gas leaks here on the way
here’s what we got the tile Fred how far I go back further than that no thats good. boom You want it on 300? ok its on
300 dude where is it right here as it goes a red dot
turn it around well there it goes I like that Fred
anybody want some french fries all right there we go boys 300 Fred on this one too oh yeah oh yeah Fire in the hole there’s goes another satisfied customer. we just had a 15 minutes to the bill take your son to school day another satisfied customer that’s right