This is why you have to be really really
quick when you’re shooting with the sunlight that was bathed in some lovely
sunlight hi everyone welcome to today’s vlog I’ve
come back to the lawns coaches abandoned bus depot I shall turn you around there
it is behind me and the reason I’ve returned is because I’ve heard a rumor
it may be demolished to make way for a new development and if that’s the case I
just want to get a few more photos before that happens it’s about 40
minutes to sunset so hopefully there’ll be some nice light in the sky and it
should be a good quick video again as I’m waiting for it to get a little bit
darker I’m gonna take a few close-up shots and I like the image behind me
where you’ve got the two windows and you’ve got like a rusty barrel and a
tire now normally people look at out and wouldn’t think of a photo but I do so
I’m gonna set the camera up and take an image of that because I know I can
probably bring out some good detail in Photoshop oh dear a couple of fire engines have
just raised pass along with an ambulance car so oh and there goes an ambulance so
koni koni imagine there’s been some kind of accident hope everyone’s all right
for that shot with the window as the Sun was setting I noticed it was just coming
through why are we here the window from the other side so I’ve brought the
camera down nice and low and I pop the aperture to f-22 to get the starburst
through the window and I quite like the image of God it’s completely different
to what I was originally going to capture a physician the camera now to try and
get an image with the Sun setting with another with another starburst effect
I’m going to position it so the Sun just Clips the corner of the the depo I’m
going to have to do that thing where I take two images the first shot is the
normal exposure and then I’m going to put my thumb over the Sun and then
hopefully I can blend the two images together this doesn’t always work for me
if I’m honest and I’m losing my voice sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t
so I’m going to give it a go if it works you will see the image if you don’t see
the image you know it didn’t work and I’ve been DIPP I’m moving around the
other side of the depo now just to get a bit of light on the other side and have
a look to be honest I’m not sure oh yeah there’s a little bit of light all right
let’s see ya get shot from here just pop you down as you can see by the side of my face
the sun’s got lower in the sky and we get it’s a really really nice warm
sunlight now I’m gonna have to be quick because I’m gonna lose it hitting the
side of the building with probably within the next minute I’m all set up
for the composition I’m shooting f11 and I’ve dialed it down by minus two stops
for the exposure as I was clipping the highlights to second timer and I’m really really liking that image
it’s got kind of like a moody feel to it the lower half of the image is in like
silhouette and you’ve just got the building which is got the warm glow from
the Sun with the blue of the sky above it I’m really happy with that I’m
tempted to use that as my thumbnail image we’ll see then I’m waiting for the
Sun to get lower now or maybe set and then see what kind of color I get in the
sky I’m not sure if I’m going to go around the other side again I’m not sure
if it’s actually worth it but I’ll wait and see and then I think about doing
some light painting I’m not sure yet obviously I want to how off of me wants
to have a meeting from where we’ll see we’ll see how it goes I’m background this side of the building
now to take the final image as you can see just above me where are we there
that’s the Sun just disappearing and I’ve popped the camera down here I’m all
ready to go I’m going to take another shot at f-22 to see if I can get any
kind of sunburst coming through the trees yet again I’ve dialed the settings
down by minus two stops because I was clipping the highlights and I love the
kind of moody film getting by doing that and let’s have a look yeah I quite like
the image really I know I can bring up some of the detail in Photoshop if it is
a little bit underexposed the sky is looking quite nice I’ve got that lovely
orange glow and I’m still clipping a highlight actually so I’m actually going
to go down minus three stops underexposed see how that looks
yeah that’s a really really moody image I’m going to see how that looks on the
PC well the Sun has now set and I don’t
think I’m going to get the color I was hoping for there is a little bit of
color on the far horizon but I don’t think I’m going to pick it up in any of
my photos so I’m gonna wrap it up now thank you very much for watching this
video hope you’ve enjoyed it if you have and you liked it you know what to do and
until next time thank you again I’ll see you on my next video bye you