How are you doing?
Is the food coming out on time? Um, haven’t gotten that far yet. So nobody’s getting drinks
in this room, no one right? Um, no. -Wow, we’re behind. Okay.
-Yes. -We’re in big trouble here.
-Oh, huge. That entire room hasn’t
been served at all. It’s just a poorly set up bar. They put the emphasis
on the bar coolers and not the stations. Whoa! One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve. What is this? They sat on these tickets and they came to the POS system
and they dumped ya, right? Exactly what they did. All at once. They should have staggered the
orders in the first place. Now we’re screwed back here. That is tart. -You’re giving me anxiety.
-There you are sir. Sorry about your wait. Here we go! I got your drink
orders! They are not being made yet! -You want to take that food?
-James, what are you doing? -I need limes over here
please. -Or, no. The good news is
we’re slammed and look Tony’s putting James to work. James, don’t you have some
tables to wait on? James is trying to
take orders at tables. All right, let me grab you
guys some silverware. He’s barbacking. -He’s doing everything
he can to help. -Jessica. The problem is
nobody’s got drinks. We’ve been open over a half hour the dining room
has no cocktails at all. We’ve got to kick this
into high, high gear. -The bartenders can’t
dig out. -I’m sorry. We are trying, trying here. And now the kitchen’s getting
buried. Maybe we’ll get you something to
eat, I don’t know. You’re running a long time on
that ticket. Shaking like a whore in church. Watch those tunas, they need to
be flipped. Please do not squish burgers. -Yes sir. -We do not
squish burgers here. -And are those cooked right?
-These are overcooked. I’m not going to let you serve
’em. Come on guys. It’s got to be right. 17 just left. What’s the ticket
time on there? This service sucks. 45 minutes
in there an no drinks or food yet. -Hungry. We waited too long.
-Yeah we waited too long and we’re leaving and we’re going somewhere else.