[Singing – Just the Way You Are, Billy Joel] To me a cappella is stripping away everything that is excess. It’s just human, it’s raw. We can perform a cappella really anywhere
at any time to without the need for, you know, having instruments or having anything that
other musical styles require. It’s people coming together and making harmony
with each other and creating music at a fundamental level. [Singing – Just the Way You Are, Billy Joel] After the Bar has been around since 2009, so it started as a group of post-collegiate
singers, alumni from Drexel’s 8 to the Bar. A few guys had graduated from Drexel and said,
“We want to keep singing, but the college isn’t really letting us. So we’ll start own own group: 8 to the Bar
– After the Bar.” [Singing – Fire and the Flood, Vance Joy] We perform at all kinds of events, so we’ve done public events at libraries, we’ve done
public events in parks, we’ve done private events, things like weddings, serenading. You name it, we’re willing to consider it. [Singing – Fire and the Flood, Vance Joy] Somebody has an idea and says “I really want to sing this song, I think it’s a great song
that we could perform.” And we put it to the group, and somebody decides
they’re going to pick it up and arrange it. Several people are working on it, they’re
looking at it, making corrections, revisions, and once it goes through that process we print
it, bring it to rehearsal, and spend a couple rehearsals going through different passages. People learn parts, and people spend time
at home learning it as well. [Singing – Still Fighting It by Ben Folds] I like being in After the Bar because it’s an entire group of second family. Every one of these guys is a personal friend
of mine. I like being in After the Bar for a couple
of reasons. Really, I mean, these guys, some of them I’ve
known in 8 to the Bar when we were at Drexel, so I’ve known them for a number of years. A lot of good friends, a lot of good memories. To me After the Bar is more than just a performance
group. To me it’s a group of friends, and some of
my best friends. You know, part of it is business, part of
it is hanging out, and part of it is making music. And so it functions as social outlet, a musical
outlet, and a performance outlet. You know, it’s self-expression. [Singing – Still Fighting It by Ben Folds] It’s really cool to be in a group of 6 to 10 to, it’s been 18 occassionally, just that
many people working together and sounding pretty cool. When everything just meshes together and a
song sounds the way it should, it sounds amazing. [Singing – Still Fighting It by Ben Folds] What I love about a cappella is the rawness, the connection between just people getting
together in a group. We don’t need equipment, you know, we carry
our instruments with us, and it’s the music we can make just by being around each other. [Singing – Still Fighting It by Ben Folds]