Welcome back to the channel! I got a new
outdoor chair to show you guys. I haven’t had anything like this before
and it’s a zero gravity chair and it’s ergonomically designed to feed this
chairs from Phi Villa and it comes in gray blue and this red color I have here I
really do like the appearance of this chair with its black trim and its
grommets this chair features a log system which means you can lock the
chair in any sort of form or fixture the easiest way did found to do this to
adjust the chair itself is to dig my heels into the BARC bottom so then I can
adjust it to whatever to whatever I want so I like this I really like how this
feels now I will say the instructions are very
clear on this but if you have any questions please you just lock it on the
side and here I’m not moving anywhere now this chair is very very easy to
assemble that means to me at least that there really isn’t anything you need to
assemble all you have to do is add the headrest and the cup holder on the side
and you can do that at your own discretion but the chair itself comes
all together the chair features beautiful Oxford fabric and a nice steel
frame so you know you won’t have to worry about it bending breaking right
away and the weight capacity is 300 pounds so there’s a lot of us that can
fit this the open dimensions of the chair are twenty five point five nine
wide by thirty five point four three by forty four point nine the product
description from Amazon says that the height of the chair back could be
adjusted from thirty two point four eight to forty four point
not I really really like the style of this chair of this chair the grommets
and the color I just love red my backyard is red but I
did mention earlier that this does come in gray and blue as well so it can fit
any of your outdoor designs now if you notice to the left there is a cup holder
and a little area where you can probably put your phone maybe you know a small
book if you took this to the beach or something like that very very handy if
you don’t want the cup holder it’s easily removable I’ll show you it right
now just like that all I have to do is hook it on the sides
and slide down very easy I really like that feature sometimes I’m not going to
want to have that so I really like this chair it’s very comfortable it’s much
better than the old plastic lawn chairs that I’ve had or some very flimsy beach
chairs that I’ve gotten in the past it’s such a great thighs as well I am about
511 closer to 6 feet and it’s a great height and size for me I know sometimes
I have problem just putting my butt in a chair because they’re not meant for
people with wider hips or that are that big
so this held me it was great I really enjoyed it
I think it’ll be a great addition to my backyard here’s a closer look at the
headrest in the krumitz you can easily take the headrest off let me show you
real fast and then put it back on now whatever
height you are there are many positions you can put this in and I’m going to
show you it’s nice to first dig your heel in to the foot bar so then you can
have full power pushing it back so that’s I’m doing now you can go pretty
far back and this is the most that feels comfortable to me I really like this and
then to lock it I’m going to rock both sides by turning it down you have a
really wide range of motion here that’s great for all ages and all sizes here’s
I’m going to show you a closer look at the locking system so
right here right below the top of your armrest you will see a little lever you
will see a lever that goes clockwise and counterclockwise here we are in the
locking position so we’re not going to have to worry about our it moving
see I can it shit Amen if I push it down I can now move now let
me show you how this folds up imma first going to take the cup holder off to make
it a little bit easier put back down and then just like I reached here we’re
going to fold it in together that was very simple if you struggle
with this sort of thing and you know locking and pulling things this is going
to be very easy for you less than five seconds it’s also very lightweight and
very easy to pull back out we can be ready for another cookout hey this is my
chair alright so that’s a look at the five villa do a gravity chair make sure
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