I am at Peshawar resturant. I walked 2.5 kms to arrive here. Here is Pakistani food, Indian and Thai food. Peshawar resturant Indian and Pakistani food, Thai food I order fried potato cauliflour and rice. Fried potato cauliflour is 80 baht and rice 20 baht. One lady and her 03 beautiful child 2 boys and 1 girl. boys name are Anas and Aqsean. and girl name is Nadia. I feel happy to meet them. They are Thai Pakistanis. Father of children are from Lahore Pakistan And mother is Thai They visit sometimes Pakistan. You can order this restaurant food on Foodpanda app. I was come by small streets no shops. but here is a night market. so much crowded here and foreigner here came out. I am at Travel camp hostel. It’s raining now. It’s evening now and weather is pleasant. And now take a tour of hostel. Tell you how to book cheap hostels to save some money. Tours are expensive in Chiang Mai. Elephant tourist attractions are too expensive. And here is price 1350 baht. too expensive It is 52 kms from Chiang Mai. This hostel I booked online and payment online from Agoda.com The reason for giving money was that it was cheap $ 2 Price for 2 nights is 175 baht but from online booking I paid in 105 baht for 2 nights 105 baht for 2 nights I booked a booking on Agoda.com and got $ 2 as Agoda balance. and I used $ 2 here for booking $ 2 is equals to baht 65 for 2 nights I paid 105 baht How I booked this hostel $2 cheap? on Agoda.com fill required fields click on lowest price click on trekker camp hostel check hostel details click on pay later Pay later has two option, Pay Now and Pay later fill the details available Agoda palace is 13.43 ($ 2) Now I using Agoda balance. Total price is 35 (RMB) Agoda balace is 13.43 Now price is 21.63 click next page select payment method click on book now then a sms came on my mobile, sms with password I put the password and click to continue finally cheap hostel is booked you can see in the screen shot my used Agoda balance so you seen how to book cheap hostels These bookings only happen when you sure to stay cheapest price and non – refundable This hostel name is travel camp and my youtube channel name is travel trekker. This is water machine Baht 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 is written on the machine First put the money into machine then press the green button I put 1 baht and filled this baht. and still you can fill water. 1 baht is equals to 5 Pakistan rupees. and in hostel no free water for 10 baht small bottle while 20 baht for big bottle and in 1 baht you can fill big water public transport is also available in Chiang Mai. It take 20 baht wherever you go. This is a bus stop everything is written in Thai language. Its application shows everything in Thai language I stopped here because of rain. I came in down of roof due to heavy rain.