I like it because it has like a good
seasoning and it has like a breakfast taste to it. It tastes like nacho cheese with
eggs. It’s like not too hard and it’s squishy enough and not too squishy. The seasoning is not the best. I like the meat. The mushrooms give it flavor. Mushrooms and cheese taste really good together. I like it because most of
the pizzas that I see don’t like have this good taste to it. And this like has
um, like stuff that is teeny tiny and like it’s easy to chew. I don’t like it I just
don’t think that the meat would go good with the pizza. And I don’t like the
mushrooms on it. I do like that it’s not too hard and it’s not to soft, on the
bottom, so I like that part about it. The green things they have like a little
juiciness inside and kind of like , it’s too juicy for me. I don’t like the little spices in the bean. Whenever mixing together it was making
even more spices. Then when I swallowed it made it even harder. I like it because it tastes like taco meat even though it’s not. I has a little kick to it which I like. It has Cheez-it’s and other stuff in it. I like the Cheez-it because it gets a little spice with the meat. It kinda has a good taste to it. Like it doesn’t have like too hot, it’s like perfect hot. I like the Cheez-it, because it’s a Cheez-it. Yeah, they look like chickpeas. Mmm, I like them. They have a nice kick to them. I like it. It’s a little spicy. Those are really, really good
and hummus had a lot of flavoring to it. I never eat hummus before but… I tried the lemon one and it kind of tastes like lemon but usual lemons are sour and
this one’s like not that sour and I kind And I kind of like it. Like it’s not that sour.