(slurp) (upbeat guitar music) – It looks really weird. – It’s never come into my life,
I’ve seen it at restaurants. – Whenever friends do try
it, I’m always hesitant. – I rarely went to a place that served it, and then when I was there, I was like “that looks too weird, I’m gonna have the chicken
I can’t pronounce instead.” – This is like, classic boba. – It’s sealed. – I hope that it tastes
like chocolate milk. (popping) (gags) – It just felt like
tadpoles flew in my mouth. – I don’t know how I feel about chewing these weird gummy things. – It’s like chewing on a trampoline. – I’m like, pleasantly surprised. – The tea is delicious. – It’s very similar to this Indian ja. – I like it but I don’t get it. – It’s like expecting to get
a Game Boy for Christmas, and then your parents get
you a Game Boy Advance. – I would totally go for this again. – This looks like a witch’s brew. – I have no idea what taro is. – Ooh, that’s good. – I really like it, I like
it more than the first one. – It’s a floral, kind of
sweet potato kind of flavor. – Sweet but not too sweet. – Chewing on something matches the flavor of what’s going on here. – I would prefer the tea without the boba. – [voiceover] Honeydew milk tea? – This does not look natural at all. – This is really good. – Mm-mm. – (shrieks) Nooo! – Whoa, that tastes exactly like honeydew. – So sweet and so sour at the same time. – It’s not overly powerful,
it’s not too sweet. – This makes the most
sense to chew the balls, cause you’re used to chewing
when you eat honeydew. – I feel like honeydew
is done better in boba than it is like, on its own. – I’m liking it more and more. – Maybe I need to go out and
start drinking more boba tea. – It almost makes drinking tea stressful. – I’m a convert. – I like the squishy. – I would drink this
now. I’m glad I tried it. [voiceover] These balls confuse me a ton. I don’t know whether to swallow them, or just like, let them
hang out in my mouth. (laughs) It’s impossible not to
make jokes about balls when you’re drinking this tea.