after we woke up the wife said she want to eat
char kay teow (stir-fried
noodle) then I think she google
somewhere about this Tiger char kway teow **beep** this is the famous salted egg
char kway teow duck egg x1 duck egg x2 duck egg x3 ya tiger…. this is tiger char
kway teow is it nice? this has the better fried taste
(wok hei) so far this is the more
flavoursome among what we have
eaten ya this char kway teow is slightly
expensive Its quite nice can come and try we just finished the Tiger char
kway teow now we are walking to the toast kaya… …bread which we had earlier she wants to go back and eat her
nasi lemak and the bread she claim to be the…
thou I feel quite full now but I am not coming back so I
want to eat that and they are closed tomorrow so
this is my only chance look at the crowd today we ordered the kaya toast and
her nasi lemak but unfortunately we did not
manage to take any videos inside this is the elevator… …to our hotel **fast forward** a tour of our hotel room Traveloge Georgetown so this is the dressing area the hotel provides 2 bottles of
water this are is where you hang your
clothes then… this is the bed then… so this is the toilet this is the shower area so there is a small TV too not many channels but okay basically the room is actually
quite spacious we are now going to… one of a arty-farty place hipster place which is quite near to our hotel about 10 minutes walks away 12 minutes 12 minutes to be exact is ranked like… the number 12th place in trip
advisor (for Penang) so… going to have a look at what
arty-farty stuffs they have come and share your thoughts over here I think good to have more shops not much shops here maybe also because today is
Saturday, they have pop-up market on Sunday so maybe you can come on Sunday it is a very very small area so nothing much some sculpture and things like
that exhibition, art pieces so where is this place again? Hin Bus Depot Hin Bus Depot can just come and take a look now we are on our to eat a
charcoal char kway teow supposedly another best char
kway teow this morning we had the tiger
char kway teow so now we going to eat the
charcoal char kway teow okay, we just finished the best
charcoal char kway teow this is actually the Jalan Siam
char kway teow so its cooked by using charcoal is actually using a blower to
blow the charcoal among all the char kway teow, we
think that this is probably the
better one its more flavoursome, the kway
teow (noodle) is smooth and soft smoother the ingredients/condiments are
similar 2 prawns, probably 2 cockles queue about close to an hour queue for almost 1 hour to eat
char kway teow scary its the son who is frying now I think used to be the father
who fried and is the best the son took over we didn’t tried what the father
fried so we have no comparison
to make but apparently I just did a read
that… the father actually fried very
good ones then the son has inconsistent
plates of char kway teow but we only ate 1 plate so we
can’t really judge but its still worth the try, I
guess we are going back to the hotel
after the char kway teow and we will call it a day so tomorrow we will be going to
Langkawi checking out in the afternoon the ferry is at… …2pm will take about 3 hours to reach
Langkawi thats all