Hi I’m Alan and I’m Vic and we’re PekoPeko!TV Let’s talk about kaitenzushi. Welcome to Japan, here are some conveyor belt sushi: Today is all about sushi. Today we’re at Kura Sushi and- w-w-what do we go here with us? Who’s this? It’s me. It’s Rory. Rory is the house. So we got with us here today our friend Rory who’s made it all the way from London to join us. Tell me how you feel Rory. I’m feeling pretty good. Pretty jacked, pretty pumped… pretty amped. Haha- Pretty jiked…samped(??) SAMPED?! This place is the bomb, it’s pretty weird. It’s a gatchapon place going into these machines where you insert money a plastic ball comes out which contains a prize. In this place, instead of coins it’s plates as your currency. Five plates, you get a turn at the gatchapon machine which can get you some gatchapon goodies. It’s pretty bombastic. I’m Mr.Bombastic and this is ele-fantastic. Oooooh you can do it! You can do it! Oh he is doing it. We are going to win. Yeeaahh! We won! Sushi in Japan I think has a sort of rep(utation) for being traditional and very healthy kind of food. But what I wanted to introduce to you, this kind of style sushi that has a bit more fusion has a bit more western flavour and so let’s go through the list together and show you what we got. So first we have the salmon. So salmon is I would say a western favourite can already put it out there. You take one, I take one… Let’s give it a shot. Alright! So you can get different grades of salmon. That one was a particularly fatty…and delicious. It really melts on your tongue. It’s really nice to have. Next plate. So next we got the Inarizushi. after the foxes in Japan….ok So this is like their favourite sushi, after the Inari shrines. …Is that true? Apparently according to folklore. So it’s sort of tofu skin with rice on the inside. Cheeky parcel…cheeky parcel. Cheers! I really like inarizushi. That’s quite intense tofu flavour It’s salty and sweet. I don’t know what you call that. It’s umami! (a category of taste in food) Next we have the tuna boat. This is cooked tuna, this is my favourite. The tuna boat is really creamy. That is a dream come true. Just do it. Next we got the ebi. So ebi is shrimp. Cooked, butterflied out onto some rice so it’s best to add a little bit of soy so let’s put that soy game on and just go for it. When eating, remember to eat from here to here. Leaving the tail. Jaa Sea shrimp is pretty basic, you know it’s not raw- it’s fine. Wonderful. What’s next? Ok so what did you order Roz. Blowfish…I think. Do you remember that episode of Simpsons? That’s literally all I know it from. It does kill him or something. Yeah… Bon appetité. So good luck with this Roz. I’m about to go ‘fugu’ myself. Aaaah! (RIP Rory Norton 1991-2017) How is it? It’s kinda… slightly bitter almost? It’s not so oily, it just… got a bit more of ‘a kick’. Ah ok. So it’s a bitter experience? Yeah. An overall bitter experience. Next up we have seared pork and cheese. This is so western, I’m so sorry. Let’s just go for it. Oh my god…wow. wow It’s like the people came to this restaurant were like… “I know sushi is about fish but… what if we were to put meat on it instead”. So next we go the seared salmon and cheese. It’s kinda like salmon cooked with cheese grilled on top. It’s really smoky and you can tell the grilled cheese on top has created a really smoky flavour for the salmon. Yeah. It’s quite Anglofied in that respect. I mean don’t be off put by its appearance, it’s actually really delicious. They’re all locking this hidden flavours, waiting to be discovered. Next we have beef with tasty sauce. It’s a bit redundant ’cause why would they say beef with disgusting sauce? It’s gonna be good. Cheers. Right yeah. That’s alright. Ha! “That’s alright”!? It’s kinda what you expect, it taste like beef on rice. It’s like the Japanese donburi. Yeah it kinda taste something like that. …just in portable format. Moving on. Next up we have the tuna leek gunkan. So I think it’s raw tuna thats been mushed with spring onions on top. So you know, a bit of soy. That taste strangely like the cooked one right? But with no mayonnaise. So maybe it’s the healthy alternative? You know what I got next Alan? I got hamburger. Haha. Here we got hamburgers with a blob of mayonnaise on top. This is authentic sushi, I 100% guarantee you on that. Looks good though. Really Japanese culture experience. Yeah I know. You have fugu, I have hamburger. It does look nice. Actually do you mind if I try one of them? Yeah of course! You take one and tell me what you think. Lets go. Hmm, that’s actually really nice. That’s really good! Maybe it’s just… it’s the mayo. It’s just got a nice consistency. It’s tasty. Mmm yeah. It’s proper meaty. So Alan what you got there? So they provide these cups and a nice drink to have with all this… is some Matcha (Japanese green tea) It comes like this Powder? You put it in, you put in the powder. And you serve yourself with some hot water. what I love about Japan is that the restaurants here they don’t charge you for just having teas. They don’t charge you for… having something on the side. ’cause for me this is almost apart of the meal. It helps balance your palette. I think it even compliments the meal. Right now I’ve had a lot of strong savoury flavours. And having a matcha tea… hits the spot. We got the tamago. Tamago is egg so this is like sweet omelette. And in most cuisines they consider this to be the last one you take. So the flavour doesn’t clash. So let’s finish this up. Yes please! Tamago is so nice, it’s like a child flavour. I think children really love this because it’s so sweet. (food silence) This is one of my most favourite restaurants to bring people. When they first come to Japan I know that you are thinking of the fancy sushi. You know, perhaps there is only one of your favourite kind. In a place like this, you can just keep getting the one you want most. I really like this place, I feel it’s really friendly, it’s really approachable. Convenient, delicious, cheap. And I guess if you are a foreigner and you are not really used to this sort of thing it’s just fun to be here. Yeah. They even got an English menu. You know it’s quite nice seeing a combination of food and technology here. It’s space age sushi for the new generation. It’s what I come here for and I want it in large doses. So places like this is perfect for that. Just dive right in and I think this is the best first step for first timers to Japan to have the variation and have fun as well. In this episode we had: Salmon Inarizushi Tuna boat Ebi Fugu Seared pork and cheese Seared salmon and cheese Beef with tasty sauce Tuna with leek Hamburg steak And tamago. 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