Hello! How are you? I hope you are all well. Today I will make PEACH JUICE. It is very refreshing and tasty. My family really likes it. I hope you will also try it for your family after watching my recipe. Let’s see which ingredients are required for this recipe. Subscribe to my channel FOOD AND TASTE. And press the bell icon for further updates. We have taken 1/2 kg Peach and washed them. Ok Sugar is 8 TBS Peaches are a litter sour.So,we have taken sugar as well. Salt is 1/2 TSP. It is optional.You can skip it. We will add 2 glass water in it. Soft drink is again optional. You can skip it. We have peeled off the peaches and cut in small pieces We could almost prepare 6 glass juice out of these. Add sugar. Add salt according to your choice. Add ice cubes. Add the water taken. Now blend it in the juicer machine. Juice is ready. We have prepared 4 glass of juice. Two glass can be prepared by remaining fruit. Now we will serve it in glasses. We have added ice in the glasses. We will add soft drink in two glasses. It tastes good in both ways. You can try it as you want. Add soft drink at the time you are serving the juice. It is made in a cheap rate at home. Usually, it is very expensive in restaurants and cafes. If you like my videos, like it and share it with your friends. Subscribe to my channel. Good bye .