okay so I need to get changed
I’m about to be taken out meet some Thai girls who were gonna take me and Johnny
out they said we’re gonna show you what a Thai night looks like this is soi six
this is the most famous and notorious soi here in Pattaya have you have you ever wondered what
it’s like to party with Thai women well I’ve been invited to party with a
group of Thai woman and Johnny Johnny’s come along too but I was invited they
said sure come by we will show you what a Thai night out looks like so I mean
this may be good it may be boring I haven’t got a clue when they’re gonna take me to
do but I’m gonna show you as the night unfolds so let’s go I have no idea why I
picked up the juice when I wanted the beer no idea it’s a nights out Dan why
you want juice okay so I need to get changed I’m about to be taken up meet
some Thai girls who are gonna take me and Johnny out they said we’re gonna
show you what a Thai night looks like I have no idea what’s involved in being
taken out by a Thai girls but I can guess it’s going to involve they’ll be
friends there will be food there will be lots of pool lots of alcohol dancing and
yeah yeah probably more food and you’re invited come alone
anyway I need to get ready to get changed we’re gonna party with Thai
girls come with me so today today you’re gonna meet some of my friends that are
here some you already know from other videos like Jonny only in this video
he’s not getting beaten up by a Thai girl after a night out which did happen
in the last video you can go and see that and there’s also going to be a gel
jealous sister Sharon that’s not her real name
also explained in the other video there’s there the ladyboy for plaza and
there’s the girl from the soy six it’s so rude I don’t remember names it’s so
bad I really need to okay let’s make some names okay we want anyone okay so
there’s a Johnny gel Tracy Sheeran Laquisha and Jamie Lee
I panicked I panicked Laquisha look we I don’t know the Laquisha and dreamily
okay okay so I’m on with the now sorry not sorry
first we head to a book Plaza this is opposite the entrance to LK Metro and
surprise surprise it’s the play pool and they’re annoyingly good at porn
oh and this this here this is there the ladyboy Laquisha
there’s made from her in other videos coming up okay so after getting beaten
at Paul we head for what is probably the first food stop of a couple tonight and
we go to kiss food which is famous 24-hour kiss food here in Pattaya
explained in my other videos on cheap food here in Pattaya it’s the usual food
you expect to have in Thailand jela has a banana split and Johnny come very Thai
on your chicken burger and I have a coke I’m trying to watch my figure while I’m
here okay so the next place we head to is a little bit naughty this is soy six
this is the most famous and notorious soy here in Pattaya sorry six soy sex a
policeman a policeman once said that to me and you’re also not allowed to film
on this street if they say people filming they go mad they attack you
pounce on you so I’m holding my phone like down by my side as if I as if I’m
just holding it while I walk so please excuse the shoddy filming and I’m
sneaking you some shots on the forbidden SOI you are welcome so we just head into a small bar here
and Johnny gets pounced on by a girl she’s trying to get a lady drink water
squirt a lady drink if you buy the girl a drink
she gets a commission part of the money that you spend on her drink
lucky jelly sat next to me so the girl just assumes me and jela together and I
do not get spoken to gel is saving me money all over the place
oh and this phone thing that the girls holding that’s a that’s for spanking in
the bar that’s the kindest reverb on okay so we leave and we head back down
SOI 6 Johnny gets pounced on it by too many girls he knows too many and is been
in Pattaya for way too long oh and you see this this just drove past it it’s
like motorbike with a cage attached to it with dresses and shoes that is how
you bar your dresses and shoes here in Thailand I love tongue let’s go once again I’m back around Russia back
inside Haley’s reconcile I’m so black and proud
first class tickets now feed our Lena everybody looking down everybody get
ready when you shower huh look at me huh I’m putting it down you picking it up
checking the – they want us to go to colors just to have you stop go to
school to make a living okay so – one more part before we head down into
Walking Street to the club so we’re going here and surprise surprise there’s
more play important this place is called Sandman sports bar if you want to know
and also these other prices so it was 250 back for the bill that was beers
with 75 back for the bottle and then also the spirit mixer that was a hundred
bucks oh you know I like to race takes inside
to hit you can scream even not hate bricks
we can show that our faith watch the trees take shape
try to keep this out we can freak out and it’s destroyed cake I don’t need
some man day don’t need you to go to on to Walking Street goodbye so it’s six
you crazy crazy nutter yeah okay so all three of us have to get
onto the back of jealous bike that’s quite a common in Thailand but Johnny is
slipping off the bag the whole way he’s really really panicking he keeps
whispering in my ear like dang I’m gonna pop I’m gonna fall but he doesn’t
luckily so head down Beach Road onto Walking Street the police are here on
Beach Road which means when I film it you cannot see any of the usual girls
who line the streets you know I work for don’t even die still alive fucking crazy
crazy time he didn’t die driver just gonna walk in crazy you decide to walk
up walking Street and on to Ivor if you’re not see another video I do want
glue the 1000 but challenger I’d go out for a 12-hour clubbing session with 1000
button I show you how to drink cheap and I explained I bar and insomnia so on the
bottom here we head into I bar and that’s like you chart music hip-hop R&B
and stuff and then they got upstairs to the crazy club that is in a song yeah
this is dance music and this is absolute madness so he’s got a bottle and we get
a table again in another video 1000 by challenge I explained bottles how they
work and how you can drink really the best way to drink when you’re in a club
I mean I think this dancer right here this is the same dancer in the other
video where Johnny is attacked by a tiger she’s the one that comes over and
causes all the drama and she’s here tonight so stand by oh yeah where is
Jackie she’s gonna she’s gonna be joining us later don’t worry be a peep
for all my friends wish this moment would never end forever setting that
innocent oh now I’m drunk looking I’m grabbing and grabbing stuff from here
I’m very very drunk now by now I’m getting really drunk and the work that
drunk I learned is called math if your mouth you’re drunk
I’m definitely now and this place is round it’s packed it’s always like this
when I come here this club is amazing okay so the drinks are getting low and
Jos sister joins us now what did I what did I name her I’m gonna name her again
oh yeah Tracy Tracy joins us she’s been out and she joins us now in insomnia
and it’s time I think to grab some food so attached to insomnia and I buy
downstairs there’s a place called New York New York
and at first I thought why did you have like a restaurant attached to a club
let’s say that the last thing on my mind when I’m getting drunk but that’s
because these clumps go on until it’s like this one finished it’s 6:00 in the
morning and then the nights finish at ten or twelve the next day if you’re
partying for 12 hours or so you’re gonna need a food here so we do we have some
food it’s amazing and then on to the next club so it’s 6:00 a.m. and we
probably got another like four hours worth of partying to do we head to a
club up around the corner called flex which I’ve shown you in other videos and
for some reason I think I’m really drunk I have no footage of this I mean have
very little memory of it too but I have no footage and this here this is from
Johnny’s phone so this is Sharon Sharon did join us in the end and it seems like
we had a great time probably I’ve absolutely no idea but flex is always
always a great place to go to for the last Club of the night
okay so that was being taken out by Thai women what I learned is you’re gonna
play a lot of pool you’re gonna eat a lot of food you’re gonna drink alcohol
dance and party yeah it’s a pretty good night out so that was being taken out my
tire woman led by jelly my friends dictated where we go very good very very
good I hope you enjoyed it I have other night live videos if you
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