Hey you guys! Phoebe here from Little Grey Box with Matt behind the camera and today we are in Paris kicking off
the next part of a #squadSQ adventure thanks to the team at Singapore Airlines
where they send eight amazing travellers to a few different destinations along
their extensive network (music) Now if you didn’t catch part one of our
amazing Paris adventure go and watch that now and then come back right here
because we are starting our second video in Montmartre at the highest point in
Paris now behind me you’ll see Sacre Coeur the Basilica of the Sacred Heart
of Paris, it stands at a whopping 82 meters tall and construction began in
1875 you guys and you’ll notice there are two statues at the front now they are
paying tribute to King Saint Louis and Saint Joan of Arc of course. Now this is a
beautiful spot to come it is just a panorama out there there are lots of
tourists of course but this is Paris and it’s almost unavoidable. This would also
be a fantastic spot for a sunset picnic you guys so if you are a savvy traveller
get yourself to a boulangerie get some bread, get some wine, get some cheese and
come back up here for the best views in the city (music) There’s so many famous artists that have called this
area home including Monet, Renoir Toulouse Lautrec and even Picasso you
guys I really love this area it has a really relaxed welcoming kind of vibe
and if you really want to enjoy it you can do what Matt and I have been doing
which is just to pull up a seat at one of these cafes where the chairs face out
watch the world go by sip a cold drink have a beer if you’re like Matt and just
enjoy it you guys, it’s so relaxing (music) We are here at Creatures on the top
of Galleries LaFayette and as you can see the sun is shining it
is a beautiful day drinks are flowing the food looks amazing and the view is
unbeatable you guys. Now when we did come up here there was a little bit of a queue
which kind of put us off the first we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to get in
but it moved really quickly we did opt to kind of sit out in the sun
so it is a little bit hot we’re probably gonna eat quite quickly… but those views
and I have to say if you do want to come up here for sunset drinks it would be
the perfect spot it is incredible (music: we loved this guy!) Now you guys behind me you can see her
the Iron lady, the Eiffel Tower doesn’t she look beautiful the weather today is
perfect for this but Matt and I thought the best way to see and experience this would be
with a guided tour that’s gonna help us skip those really long lines that the
Eiffel Tower is famous for so we are gonna go and meet up with our tour group now and
we are going to climb the lady… oh yes (music) We made it to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower
you guys and the views up here absolutely incredible now I am NOT going to lie the
queues downstairs are madness even though we had to skip the queue tickets they were
still queues for skip the queue so if you do have a sore back if you do struggle with standing up
for a long period of time maybe you’ve got little kids with you just keep that
in mind it can be a bit of a long wait but I struggle to think of what it would
have been like for anybody who didn’t have the skip the queue tickets. Now there’s
one thing I have to do before Matt and I left home we got to spend a little bit
of time with our family and we made a very big promise to three little
children that we a love very very much and they asked us to do a special
shout out to them so I want to say a very very big hello to my beautiful,
smart, talented and hilarious nieces Adelaide and Millie and my strong, brawny,
brave, very cheeky little nephew Harry we love you all so so much I
hope you’re enjoying watching the video so far I can’t wait to see you and
your lovely mum and dad again very soon love you kids (music) This is the face of tourist… tourist burnout You guys we are so so tired
We’ve decided to come to this place Le Petit Italien which is down the
street from our amazing hotel and we saw it the other day and everybody there looked
like they’re having a belter and we’re like that’s what I need right now I need
a cold beer and I need a big plate of carbohydrates That’s what we’re doing You would not believe how good that tastes Penne all’arrabbiata So I thought I would give you a look at
where we’re staying now this hotel is called Le Pavillon de la Reine just like
its sister hotel Hôtel du Petit Moulin this one is part of the Small Luxury
Hotels Range so we’re not talking those really big names that you
probably familiar with we’re talking about that more boutique,
personalized luxury experience so let me show you guys what they have
hooked us up with because this is a junior suite and it is incredible So through the entryway,
you come in here and… I mean… can we just take a minute to appreciate
this, that is a gigantic bed Matt and I sleep on the king-size at home and it’s
nice to be in that kind of size bed again and be able to spread out
Our junior suite has these different seating areas so it’s really nice to be able to
sit somewhere that isn’t the bed now Matt and I have taken photos of this
bathroom because we figure if we ever build a house we want this shower let me
show you what we like about it okay it has double doors for status cuz is fancy
and just don’t mind my sunburnt arm there was an incident today and I didn’t wear
sunscreen so you open up your double doors this is HUGE we have a rainforrest
showerhead and we love this big deep area here in the shower you can put all
your stuff it’s fantastic and of course if you didn’t want to get your hair wet
you just wanna have more of a rinse off they have the handheld option as well
Bathtub behind you and then this area here your basin everything that you need
now interestingly and I haven’t really seen this in too many hotels before they
have an actual walk-in closet! Now just like Hôtel du Petit Moulin we love
the location of this hotel they are sister hotels they are located very
close to one another in the 3rd 4th arrondissement, the Le Marais
district and we are loving this neighborhood as I said in the previous
video great location great hotels now you’ve seen two you’ve got to choose from
I can’t recommend them highly enough Good morning you guys, it’s
just me and my baguette. All I need in this life of sin it’s me and my baguette
so we are waking up here at la Pavillon Le Pavillon de la Reine the best hotel in the world
and this is a delicious breakfast I tell you what they know how to do a
continental breaky they’ve got this soy milk lattes they’ve got these
cherries they’ve got fresh bread they’ve got whole baskets just full of croissants
in there they know what they’re doing the French and I respect it now
today we are going to be taking out some of the hotel’s complimentary bicycles
because we want to see Paris from a different angle so we’re gonna be doing that
going and visiting a last few sites and packing as much as we can into today
let’s get out there But first… baguette (music) So our hotel concierge recommended
we bring our bikes down her just along the Seine and it is a good tip
the sun is shining, they have free chairs and tables set up the whole
way along. We’ve got our snacks it’s a beautiful day it’s just a great way to
slow down and enjoy it (music) So our next stop along the way is here at
Rue Cremieux now this street is famous for its brightly coloured house fronts I had seen some
photos online and really wanted to come here I just thought it was so beautiful
one thing I will say there are just signs at each end of the street just
advising you to be very respectful of the residents so if like me you do want
to visit just keep that in mind be respectful and still have yourself a
really nice time I’m really glad we visitors because this spot is gorgeous (music) We just visited L’Atelier des Lumiéres and the best way I can describe it is
that it is an immersive kind of an art show, so what they do is they
bring artworks to life and I really really mean that it was incredible it
wasn’t just images of the artwork splashed across the walls it was they
have been dissected and cut down and they’ve been set to music and some of
them have been animated and it’s just incredible I’ve never experienced
anything like that it’s a really really cozy and they you just kind of grab a
seat or you sit on the floor and they project all of it around you it is so
immersive so fun so beautiful that is an unexpected highlight for both Matt and
I and I would say it would be the perfect way to beat the heat if there
was bad weather you should do it on that day or if you just love art you
should go it is fantastic (music) For our last meal in Paris we have come
here to a restaurant called Soya now you guys there is no shortage of incredible
bistros and restaurants and cafes and gorgeous little spots here in Paris but
for our last meal we wanted a big dose of veggies and this place looks
incredible the photos online looked amazing I thought can it live up to the
hype yes it actually can everything so far has tasted just as
good as it looked Now we started with veggie metza
platter and these gorgeous soyafels? Like soy falafels oh that was so good
crunchy on the outside warm and flavoursome on the inside Now for our mains we’ve gone
with a beautiful gara-masala curry we’ve got rice and veggies there this is
just abundant it’s vibrant so colorful the food smells incredible
I want to dig in and give this a bit of a try ooooh yum that is so good flavoursome, sweet, not too heavy beautiful After that delicious dinner we rode our bikes back
here to the hotel and I just want to share with you a few final bits and pieces now as I
said at the start of this video this whole thing was made possible thanks to
the very amazing, incredible, generous lovely hard-working team at Singapore
Airlines they flew us in style you guys we flew Business Class all the way from
Brisbane to Paris with a stopover in Singapore if you missed that video go
back and watch it, thank you to all the stewardesses and the host that took
such great care of us and thank you for giving us such a spacious fit out that
we could lay down and sleep on our flight over here I am very much looking
forward to catching up on some sleep on our way back to Singapore tomorrow
because the next part of our adventure is going to take us back to Vietnam one
of our favourite places but before we sign off I have a few final travel tips
for Paris that I really want to share with you guys Start late. Now if you are
visiting in summer like we are we are here at the end of July and the sun does
not seem to set Matt and I have tried very hard to make it to a sunset so
that we could get those golden hours shots but we are exhausted after big days
of sightseeing so we actually haven’t made one Bikes have been a
fantastic way for us to get around today we really really enjoyed it we looked at
hiring bikes that was something we were going to do but the lovely hotel staff
here they actually have complimentary bikes so we use those and we had an epic
adventure on those today so if you do want to see Paris from a
different perspective I would recommend getting bikes and riding along the Seine
it was just so much fun Now when it comes to visiting the Eiffel Tower
that is going to be on every travellers bucket list but I have a few tips for
you around that too you should definitely look to book
tickets or go with a tour that allows you to skip the queue we did that we
skipped the queue and there was still a queue for skip the queue so I can only
imagine what it would have been like for everybody who didn’t pre-order those
tickets make sure you do it and like I said earlier make sure you’re prepared
to wait in line so have an umbrella a hat plenty of water make sure you’ve got
sunscreen on and you are wearing comfortable shoes and particularly keep
this in mind if you are people with people who are a little bit older or you
have little kids with you because it’s gonna be very hard on them standing up
for that length of time so make sure you’re prepared You want to make sure as
you’re moving around Paris that you have a plan so as soon as you know you were
coming here I would recommend that you start booking your tickets in advance
and you plan ahead you guys Matt and I had kind of had the last-minute idea to
go and see the Catacombs but it was booked out now it is the 30th of July
and it is booked out until the 2nd of August just to give you an idea so if
you are trying to do that kind of on-the-fly experience like we were
you’re probably not going to be able to do it so book ahead, plan early, have a
plan and have a back-up plan And last but not least I just want to talk about
safety now the first time I visited Paris must have been around 10 years ago
or so and I was very concerned about safety and with good reason
you know I saw someone get their bag slashed there seemed to be a lot more
people coming up to me trying to scam me and all those kinds of things that hear
about people wearing money belts to try and protect their passports and their
cash and stuff I have to say on this visit to Paris I have never once felt
unsafe I haven’t had a moment where I’ve been worried about anything Matt and I
have been very wary we’ve kept our bags to the front we haven’t left things kind
of hanging off us like I said we have been out after dark we haven’t been
drunk stumbling down alleys with money hanging out our pockets just basic safety
rules and we haven’t had a single issue even on the Metro I haven’t really seen
a shifty character so I would just say that if you have had this idea of Paris
that it’s very scary and very dangerous yes of course there are scary and
dangerous parts of every city but in my experience on this occasion it has been
fantastic so don’t let that deter you just have that common sense approach to
safety and you should be fine now I really hope you have enjoyed this video
if you don’t already be sure to subscribe and say bonjour in the
comments below have a great weekend you guys and I will see you next week Love ya! (music: thanks for watching!)