Hi! We’re very happy that Hiram Green
came in this morning. Welcome Hiram.
– Hello. To the Perfume Lounge in Amsterdam. You brought the first bottle of
Hyde, your latest creation. Let’s smell it together.
– Are you ready I’m ready.
– We’re ready. You’re a very privileged because you’re
the first in the world… to see a real bottle.
– World-wide premiere! Can I hold it?
– You can hold it. Okay, here we go. It is such a powerful perfume.
Knowing that you work all-natural… I think this is a big accomplishment that
with all-natural ingredients, you have such a powerful opening.
It is unusual and very interesting. What do you smell, Phine?
– It’s smokey, it’s dark, slight savoury, very potent. But in a good soft sensual way.
There are no edges, it’s all round and warm. Wonderful stuff. How did you achieve the lasting power of this fragrance? Trial and error. There’s tons of high-quality ingredients
inside the perfume. tons of labdanum, birch tar, and cassia absolute. All mixed together so that
each ingredient fixes the other. I smelled birch tar on its own,
talking about powerful smells. – I brought it here with me today actually It’s an ingredient that I’ve had in my library of scents since the very beginning and I’ve always been… incredibly intrigued by it but at the
same time never had the courage. – Yeah, you have to be courageous. This is it here diluted to 10%.
– It knocks you off your socks. I always call it smokey bacon.
– Yes, absolutely. It’s not exactly the prettiest smell by itself… but if you mix it with lots of
beautiful vanilla and flowers it tones it down. – We were also wondering about
the cassie. It looks like mimosa… but it isn’t, it’s Acacia Farnesiana.
– It’s very similar to the mimosa family. Also the scent?
– I’ll let you smell it and you tell me. I find it quite green with spicy accents.
– It’s almost buttery, full creamy. You would like it, Phine.
– Oh wow. Hay. It’s hay-like. It blends in so smoothly with the other ingredients. It is definitely so different from your
floral themes. Like Moon Bloom on white flowers. This is not flowery at all.
It’s dark and warm. That was my intention to create a power.
– Yes, and you managed that. I have never smelled such a perfume with all-naturals.
– Nope. You’re not using synthetics, which is really admirable.
– It makes it easier and difficult at the same time. Less ingredients to choose from.
You have to get it spot on with the ones you pick. I think this will be a popular fragrance for winter time.
– Yes, the warmth. Thank you for watching, we smelled
and discussed Hyde from Hiram Green. Available at the Perfume Lounge in Amsterdam, also online. Thank you, Hiram for coming and for creating!
– Thank you for having me.