so we just arrived at the campus and
hotel in Hawaii we’re going to the reception on a today we are in Boykin which is around a
four-hour drive from Bangkok and we took a minivan ticket here which cost us
around a hundred and eighty but from more cheap station and we’re just about
to check in so let’s go check this place out you’re the worst guide ever cream you can eat your dinner here malfunction so we just arrived to Alba
room and sighs gonna take us through with her let’s go here’s the head
this is huge and this is mine and now yours that’s not a bed that’s where
you’ll be sleeping okay let’s taste it from here oh my god
that’s a big run up all right good how is it
oh that’s to keep you know we’ve just come on to the beach the hotel’s
beachfront so we’ve just walked out from the hotel
and we’re gonna go get some food probably just some Street food just as a
snack because gonna have a bigger dinner and yeah we’re gonna get some food and
just bring it back to the beach it’s raining a little bit but that
doesn’t really bother me it’s still warm and check out this beach there’s
actually no sand this part of the beach which is pretty strange we’re gonna grab
a snack let’s have a look what they got first fried chicken you know Chinese chilling but when you
had a taste a little bit and then taste this taste like your tongue tsunami
there’s a little bit though different from time which one this one other
things that mixes with Japan on vegetable mushroom okay that’s what’s up like coca-cola shrimp oh this one is
that what is that what you want ah it’s not ready yet that’s what you want right oh yeah what is these things what is that our
squid seafood and that she can be Bob chicken 5 baht
like 20 cents each sometime sausages so they’re about 30 40 cents
each a pie a salad which is very popular dish
in Thailand coffee fruit fresh juice and smoothies and more sausages I love their sausages
oh this is oh it’s bananas they’re grilled bananas that sounds good I want
to try that so that one you see like when the banana is like a little bit of
green and yellow this one more sweet I want a sweeter one definitely but okay
you get what you want I’ll have a sweet one because you got me and I’m sweetie okay
this is what we end up got so what do we get and this was also fried chicken but
like a chicken I’m looking forward to the banana what’s the sauce they put on
the banana Coco coconut sugar sorry okay that’s
gonna be nice okay let’s see I love these tree stumps go up to the
second floor it beams so cool ready for the pool that’s where you’re
going and infinity pool on to the beach that’s heaven if I fall in yeah you can dive in there how’s the water how’s the water can I have one beer please my god
the service is so bad that’s good this looks like a very good restaurant let’s
go in and see so this is just along the beachfront in Boheme here is my date for
the night just one night yeah yeah what did you order and you always order alone Mayo you making yourself look good now okay so
psy has ordered half the restaurant look at this what have we got what’s that called fish coconut suit something we like that we got a big mission on your hand moving
because it’s his vote he does what he wants
all these green lights are fishing boats all along the coast pretty cool okay so that wraps up our first day in
boy him we had a great day did you like it yeah yeah okay until next time dream
bigger my Sunnah peace