The chicken is so tender that its practically dissolving in my mouth We are here trying IPOH’s extremely famous chicken (and extremely hot) this is actually salted chicken i have this in front of me and as you can see i am not sitting in any restaurant its because the chicken restaurant only gives takeaways, no sitting arrangement once we placed the order and took the chicken we tried sitting in other places we were that outside food isn’t allowed so here this park seemed like a viable option to cover this salted chicken I have the chicken wing in my hand and it looks extremely tender now as its salted i am not sure if it will have any other spices in it but lets try it I can taste black pepper in it its extremely tasty the entire chicken cost us about MYR 21.00 Which would be around PKR 700( +/-) they have kept chicken organs as well in side this is salted as well Just turning the chicken over its still extremely hot, we bought this an hour and a half back its so tender and well done that while trying to break the chicken the bones are also coming off I am enjoying IPOH’s famous salted chicken while sitting in IPOH’s famous water front park Although it looks bland but it is not the chicken is extremely flavorful and well marinated even from the insides with salt and black pepper as its chicken so its halal as well if you ever visit IPOH then do try this salted chicken this is their packaging the place is very near to Jalan Masjid and i just saw they deliver as well so you can call and order as well we didn’t know this as we are just visiting IPOH this is really good see how easily its shredding extremely tasty its very juicy the chicken is well marinated in whatever spices they have used so i have whole team behind the camera waiting for me to finish the review so they can too taste and devour the chicken so i wont eat the whole chicken just remember to try salted chicken when you are in IPOH also bean sprout chicken from the same restaurant which we will eat in dinner. till then goodbye , now we will eat 😛