In 2006, Pat Rodgers
bought Paddy’s Pub.
A former roadhouse bar in
the rural town of Pahrump.
I was the boss. My mom owned the bar and
ran it for about 9 years. And I was the on site
general manager. – Football is on Sunday.
– Right.
– And Monday. Announcer:In the beginning,
Paddy’s Pub was well received.
And met with a great deal of
local support and business.
The town was a bit
of a boom back then. So times were good.
Everything we did was gold. Announcer:For Pat, the bar was
more than just an investment.
It was a future for
her son, Russ.
Our goal was to put
Russ in a position where he would have a
job for the future. She agreed to step back,
and let me step up and take the day to day
operations of the bar. I hope you have a
good safe night. Be legitimate, you too. Announcer:Within six
months of taking over,
Russ and his staff began
to play at the bar,
more than they worked.That sounded bad didn’t it. Announcer:
To make matters worse,
Russ was diagnosed
with corneal degeneration.
An eye disease that causes
loss of vision over time.I’m going blind. And there’s
nothing to describe that. Announcer:
And he was forced to
rely on his untrained staff
to pick up the slack.
I lean very heavily on Tawna. I was originally
hired on just to do a couple of hours a week. What time was she
supposed to be here? As Russ’ vision deteriorated, my job duties have
increased tenfold. There’s some behind the bar.She tries to hold it all
– Yeah.
She does a
great job at it. Yeah, she does. But she is in
over her head. Announcer:
And as business dwindled,
Russ had to once again,
go to his mom for help.
Hey Mom, I took over the bar, and I need 26,000 dollars. Announcer:
But, it wasn’t enough.
I had to also borrow about
15,000 dollars from Tawna. And it is horrible. How’s it goin’? My entire life is wrapped
up with this pub. You’re feelin’ good,
I can see that! I have two kids at home that I
also have to be worried about. Announcer:Now, 18 months
into his ownership,
Russ has racked up massive
debt and has a strained
relationship with his mother
over finances.
I get the figures. And I haven’t
seen any tremendous changes. I’ve taken well over
100,000 dollars in debt. This is everyone’s
livelihood, including my own. I don’t want to help anymore.
I can’t! It could be as short as a
month until the bar closes. And I need help. Annonuncer:With a strained
relationship on the line,
and his eyesight nearly gone,Russ and Pat have agreed
to pull back the doors,
bust open the books, and
make a call for help,
to Bar Rescue.I don’t want to
start eating beans just so that I can
support a bar.