Think through all my different body systems and medications and… possible things that could go wrong, and then what I need to bring for those things that could go wrong. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Good morning, guys. Good morning, guys. We are getting ready for our trip tomorrow. Hmm. This morning I dropped off the boat at the marina because I have to get that shrink wrapped. So I’ll pick that up this afternoon and we’ve been doing laundry and work and all the things and now we’re gonna go run a couple errands. Yes we are. We also received the package this morning which had the portable ox… oxygen concentrator. Concentrator. [Peter] You got it. The speaking is not the happening. [Peter] The speaking is not the happening? I’m feeling really weird, like shaky. I’m thinking it might be a steroid thing. But whatever, it is what it is. So that came in the mail today for our flight tomorrow. We’re flying to Chicago. [Mary coughing] And… Mary’s team and her decided that we’re going to use the oxygen on the flight to help her lungs. Um and… I talked with the oxygen company and they like walked me through how to do it. It’s super easy. So I think we’re just ready to go. I… [coughing] am planning to pack all my medical stuff in a carry-on suitcase. So later today if you could like bring that down for me. Yep. I’ve got everything kind of ready to pack. We’re gonna try to get everything packed up tonight so that we need to leave like noon tomorrow so we’re all ready. But… So we need to do a few errands, pick up an antibiotic and… See what else we need to do and off we go. Here we go. [Peter] And this morning I had a maple bacon doughnut. So good. [Peter] Mary got her nails done. We discovered, um, SNS… dipping powder. It lasts weeks and weeks and it’s so fun. [excited squeal] I’ve only been to a nail place a couple of times in my life, but this one… it, like, the ceilings are really tall and it doesn’t smell strong in there and my body seems to be okay with it and it’s one place where it’s nothing medical. I just got my nails done… That was quick. [Peter] Yeah. I thought, wait, who were you talking to? [Peter] Those girls. She’s got a dead battery, but she said her fiance is on the way. Oh, okay. Peter just ran into Target to return something. I was just saying how I haven’t been to very many nail places in my life. But that one is like, it’s not strong smelling. It’s very pleasant. It’s very pleasant and it’s not medical. Yeah. At all. No medical questions at all. It’s amazing. I’m like a normal person and I got my nails done like a normal person. It’s so fun! Thank you. Thanks for coming. Oh, it’s fun. It’s always, it’s always… better when we’re together. It’s been like a date. Yeah, we’ve… The last couple of months. Month. Month. Two? I don’t know. We’ve done that like three or four times. It’s been fun. Also, we were just conversing about the fact that there was a guy in there getting his nails done, which was totally fine. It was just that it was the only guy getting his nails done. And Peter said, maybe he’s a hand model. Maybe? Logical possible conclusion. [chuckling] I mean…do you want to get your nails done next time? No thanks. No thanks. Okay. Well… Thought I’d offer. [Mary] Oh my goodness. We’re pulling up to the boatyard and there are a lot of boats. [Mary] So they are wrapped in white plastic. [Mary] Okay, we can’t see them. But anyway, we’re not storing our boat here, but we’re just getting it wrapped. [Mary] All right, the big reveal! [Mary] You ready to see the wrapped boat? [Mary] Ta da. [Mary] So it’s basically like really thick plastic wrap I guess. [Mary] Yeah, protects it for the winter. [Mary] Pretty cool. [Mary] Thanks for a great season, Mr. Boat. Mr. 1997 Bayliner. [Mary] We sure are glad to have you. [leaves crunching] [Mary] The last view of color. These are the last colors left in my garden. [plastic crinkling] [Mary] Oh yes, and here is the little oxygen… [Mary] It’s a portable oxygen concentrator that we’ll be taking on our trip, so pretty nifty. And now I’m sitting on the bedroom floor… drinking coffee. I’m just feeling kind of tired today, but… excited for tomorrow and thankful for a fun little time out getting my nails done. I’ve got a call in 6 minutes and I just need to finish packing everything and I am… I don’t know. I’m excited. I’m getting like nervous belly… excitement for the trip. Nervous for… the trip. Nervous for the airport, but… we’ll just take it one section at a time. We will pack and we will do that section. We will go through security tomorrow. We will get through that. And we’ll just enjoy it, take it one moment at a time. Enjoy the moments and… breathe and just be thankful for… for the moments, and for those who are going with me. [Mary] I’m very thankful. [laughing] [coughing] [music playing on phone] Tell me where could they be while I’m waiting on this conference call. ♬ I don’t know. Well, I’m holding on my phone, yes, I’m holding on the phone. ♬ ♬ I don’t know where they are. I don’t know. Oh yes, I’m on hold. ♬ I’m afraid to sing along cuz then somebody’s gonna come on the conference call and I’m gonna be singing. [recording on phone] Now, let me tell ya’ll a story about a man who was on hold all day. Yes, he was. Now, maybe he had the time wrong and maybe he didn’t. There’s just no way for me to say. And yes, I have seen some long hold times in my day. Yes, I have. And this was one of the worst. That is hilarious. [Mary] Okay, I think I’m ready to go through for myself… [Mary] and make sure I’m not missing any major medical stuff. So front is… [Mary] clean the seat, clean the tray table, clean our hands, and wear masks. [Mary] Next, Oliver’s medical paperwork. [Mary] Next, everything else. [Mary] So… emergency meds and [Mary] other emergency meds in here. [Mary] Okay, hold on I’m getting a call. [Mary] Okay, we’re back at it. [Mary] I’ve got my feeding tube in case this one falls out. So an extra feeding tube button. [Mary] Oxygen tubing, oximeter. [Mary] Thermometer, Dexcom. [Mary] This is feeding tube stuff. So gauze… [Mary] syringe and Calmoseptine in case I need it [Mary] So this was all the emergency meds. [Mary] Zofran and my inhalers and prednisone. All my daily meds. [Mary] Hypertonic saline, a neb cup. [Mary] This is like, you guys probably haven’t seen this because I don’t use it. But when I travel I like to bring… [Mary] a like, just in case my vest blows up type of situation. [Mary] And this is like a handheld airway clearance thing. Just like everything in the medical world, some things work for some people that don’t work for other people and all of that. Some people find that the vest is not effective for them and they like handheld devices better. Before I got the vest, so… between the ages of like seven… maybe like six to ten or no, six to eleven, maybe, I used a handheld device. A different one, not this one. But basically what you do is… [blowing and device vibrating] And the air when you blow into it, I guess there’s like a mechanism in there that allows positive airway pressure to, and it like shakes your lungs. So if you were standing here and you put your hand on my chest, when I blow on this… [blowing and device vibrating] You can feel my lungs rattle, so it’s doing that… the same idea of airway clearance is to like… get the lungs moving so that the mucus can’t sit still in there. It does the same idea but with a different mechanism, so the vest physically shakes me and this uses the airway, the… the pressure against my airway when I’m blowing, if that makes sense. So I’m gonna bring it just in case. Um… For some reason if the vest doesn’t work, but anyway, I’m gonna bring that and I’ve got Pulmozyme in the fridge, my refrigerated medication that I will grab tomorrow morning before we leave. [Mary] And then I have a couple bottles of my enzymes. [Mary] More meds in here and… [Mary] The charger and the oximeter and in here [Mary] I just have food in case we get trapped in the airport for some reason… [Mary] food for Oliver. [Mary] Some poo bags because you can use that for many different things. [Mary] If you start coughing and you start throwing up, you can grab a poo bag. [Mary] Or whatever and some treats for Ollie just in case. [Mary] Because everyone needs a treat every once in a while. [Mary] And… Now I need to sit here and go through my list on my phone and think through all my different body systems and medications and possible things that could go wrong and then what I need to bring for those things that could go wrong. My glucometer is… I think it’s in here. It’s just had it. Well… What? What? Oh yeah, it’s right here. Here I have like Tylenol, Tums, Airborne Zicam. Those sorts of medications, just like over-the-counter stuff that we may or may not need and if I bring it then we won’t have to go buy it while we’re out. Things for Peter too like Advil in case he gets a headache or something like that. So… What I like to do whenever I get like IV supplies, I keep the plastic bags that they come in and then I try to reuse them when I’m packing. like, all of these baggies are just reused from medical supplies. Try to reduce reuse recycle. Reduce reuse recycle and you’ll feel alright. [chuckling] Alright, I am feeling good about getting all of this packed. But like I said, I need to go through my list and think through anything that I could possibly need. And make sure I pack it. So that’s what I’m gonna be doing. Peter’s out right now and he just needs to like… continue working through his sermon that he’s gonna be preaching on Sunday. And I just wanted to make sure that he had the time and the space and the mental space and the energy to put into that as much as he needs to and so tonight he’s out. I kind of feel like it’s Friday night, but it’s actually Thursday night. I wonder if there’s any live PD on tonight, but we’ve got laundry going. Things are kind of a mess because I’ve been kind of packing this week but we are gonna, we…I’m gonna keep packing. And I will see you guys later. I thought of something from looking at my list that I forgot. A little tiny syringe for my feeding tube button balloon. The balloon that’s inside of me, this is the little syringe that takes the water out and refills it so, I’m gonna put that in my little feeding tube bag. One of the things I’m really thankful for this trip is that because of my appetite being amazing because of the steroids… I am not going to need to bring my feeding tube formula and bags and pump. I am so… Ahh… I’m like so excited! Um… Yeah, it’s, it’s an amazing feeling to be able to know that I’m going to be able to eat. I mean, I say that. Of course that can change, but… presumably, since I’m still on the same dose of steroids, I will most likely have a great appetite and that’s really exciting because Chicago has a lot of good food. This is many hours later. I’m doing my vest for the night and oh look, there you can see the back of me. It’s like right about now that I’m like, oh, I wish I could just go ahead and pack my vest after I’m done, but I need to keep it out for tomorrow. Then I will pack it and same with my mist machine, my nebulizer machine. I’m going to pack those tomorrow. We also, Peter stopped by, while he was out he stopped by the pharmacy and there was a little… some issue with how it was… written. It said capsule instead of tablet or the other way around and insurance wanted my doctor to okay… Long story short, we need to stop by again tomorrow to actually pick it up. That’s for one of the antibiotics. They called in two different antibiotics for me to bring with me. So that… If I start coughing up blood again or if signs of infection are starting we can jump on it. Alright guys. Dishes are done. Kitchen is clean. Just working on things like clearing out the fridge and getting trash squared away and… Packing the bags. Trying to remember everything I need. Here she is. What are you doing? Trying to get shampoo to go in this little bottle. All right! It’s not going as well as I thought it would. But… [both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬ And Ollie boy is asleep in a mountain of clothing. So we will go say goodnight Ollie boy. [Peter] We’ll see you tomorrow. ♬♬