(upbeat rhythmic music) – Good day guys, it’s Ben from Snowys here and today I’ve got two
products to show you. The OZtrail Sun Lounge Jumbo, we also have the OZtrail
Sun Lounge Deluxe. And these chairs are both very similar, the only difference in them is a little bit of size difference. So we are going to show you
them both together today. Now, these are absolutely
luxurious chairs. You can lay right back,
they are super comfy and they also fold down
nice and small as well. So, lets have a look at the
dimensions of these ones. So both chairs have the same height which is about 80 centimetres
from the top of the headrest right down to the base, where your backside sits here. Now, depth wise you are looking at around about the 50 centimetre mark from, again, where your
backside is going to sit to where your legs are going to come over the edge of the chair. Now the width is very different, so this one here, the Jumbo, is about 53 centimetres wide, whereas your Deluxe is only about 45 centimetres wide. So it’s a bit of a narrower sort of chair. So, both these chairs
have got a rated capacity of about 130 kilos, and when you start to look at the materials
you can really see why. Now, it’s made of a 600
denier padded polyester, so it’s really quite a tough material. And then what you’ve got
here is a 19 millimetre powder coated steel,
so again, quite strong. Now, your armrests are
actually made of a rigid alloy, but it’s got a wood grain finish, so they have quite a nice
stylish look as well. And just to add to the luxury of these, there’s a few really nice features. So, the headrests on both of
these chairs is adjustable, so if you’re taller or
shorter you can move it down, or you can put it right down at the bottom and have it as a bit of a
backrest if you’re lying back and you’ve got a bit of a sore back, or if you’re a bit shorter
you can have it there, nice tall bros can have it
put right at the top as well. Now, sitting down to the chair, this is where some of
the luxurious features really sort of come to the fore. You’ve got a side table built in here, but it also folds away
and tucks underneath when you’re not using it. And you’ve also got a cup
holder within that tray, and the chair itself also lies back. So, you see these little
clips on the side here, you’ve got to flick them up to open it up. And then from there, you can
lay right back in the chair pop them back on, and you can just relax, read a book, enjoy the sunlight,
all that sort of stuff. To sit back up again,
because this is locked, you’re gonna release those locks, pop yourself back in there, lock it up. And you’re good for some conversation with the people around you, or you can have some dinner
or stuff sitting up as well. Now, packing this chair down, it’s actually really quite simple. What you want to do is make sure that your table’s tucked away first. So, to do that, you want to pop that up, move that out of the way,
it tucks down like so, and then you can just slide
it in under the chair. Now, to fold the rest of the chair away, what you want to do is
lift up your two clips, there we go, so it’s not locked in place, then you simply push it back forward, pull it up. You see, your tray lies nicely in there, everything’s in place. You can lock that again,
pack it in the car, and you’re ready for your next adventure. This one here weighs 11 kilos. The Deluxe weighs about the 10 kilo mark. They both come with a one
year warranty from OZtrail, and they’re available
right now on our website, it’s snowys.com.au with fast, free delivery
to most of Australia. And until next time, happy camping. (upbeat rhythmic music)