Jon. You’ve been embarrassing
her all night. Leaning in on these girls, and you had the audacity,
sitting on your ass, drunk, to actually blame
your failure on her? It’s been tough, Jon. Oh sure, I know. You’re working
so hard tonight. – How many customers, have
you checked their food?
– I don’t know. How many people did you
make sure he rang up? You have two children
at home and a wife. – You know you’re
a drunk, right?
– Yeah. – You know it.
– I do. You know you’re not working. So, folks, now you
know why I’m here. It’s not because
of the failing bar. It’s because
of a failing person. I think a man should
earn the right to come home every
( bleep ) day. You should ( bleep )
sleep in your bar tonight. Let’s go.
let’s get out of here. Grab me a beer, will ya? No dude, you gotta go. Gotta go.
No, no, go. Man, what the ( bleep ), dude? – ( bleep ) pushing me?
– Get the ( bleep ) out of here. I will ( bleep ) murder you. – I will just ( bleep )–
– Leave. Get out, dude. This is two, three–
( bleeps ) No, you’re not getting it. ( bleep ) you mother ( bleep ). No dude, stop.
No dude. ( bleep ) you. ( bleep ). Stop, stop, stop it. Calm down, calm down,
or I’m going to take you down. – Stop it. Calm down.
– I will ( bleep ) you. Calm down, stop. Stop, Josh, go home. – Seriously.
– All right.