Hi I am Blake with Prima-restaurant-equipment.com
in Louisville Kentucky and I am here to tell you about the Bunn Ultra Two frozen drink machine this is a very popular product this time of
year with the spring and summer coming as every one loves frozen drinks so first we have a Bunn Ultra 2 with a white
and stainless exterior, you can see that we have product in here. but first I want to take you to the all black
exterior Bunn Ultra Two, fresh out of the box, so that we can look at some of the components, and
see how this thing works. here’s where you have all of your refrigeration
components your condenser, fan, evaporator coil, and all of that. I am not going to take that thing apart to show you
all of that because… that is really kind of boring and
why would you watch that? here is what is important, you have a cylinder
here this is called a cooling drum this cooling drum is refrigerated basically you just pour your water and your
syrup in here, you have your fill line here so that is the max amount you can put in there, which
is three gallons you have three gallons in each tank you pour your product in there the cooling drum freezes the water/syrup mixture
and then this auger agitates and it takes the ice as it is formed around the drum and pushes it off and then the water and the liquid
mixture comes down and freezes so you just have this constant freezing and breaking
up of the ice so you are not just getting a block of ice of cherry goodness or something so that’s how it works and then we are going to
move on to this and show you a really important feature of this. We have this touch pad, very easy
this thing is incredibly easy! one-touch turns it on there it goes, you have two buttons for each hopper this button, click it twice and it turns the auger
off and stops agitating it click it again and it will turn on again and then this is temperature, it gives you
three temperature settings really this is a very simple machine,
very, very well designed and very easy for you to use you pour your product in you let it do the work you dispense and you enjoy! it is a great slushy from a great product and it is available at a great price from