Alright guys We just pulled up to the hotel the room that we’re getting It’s literally reserved for us that is the room where Kate Morgan died. Do you know about Kate Morgan? Stop it’s getting louder who’s in there guys what’s more lit that house right there or? My room what’s up? Benji guys? What do you think is more lit that house on the hill it wasn’t even that impressive But compared to my room. I think my room takes the W on this, whats up Benji? How you doing, buddy did he pee on the bed smell it? I don’t think so yo, what’s up guys How’s everybody doing today welcome back to a brand new video Benji’s outside? Yeah? I have to go and get him , dude yo, what’s up guys. How’s everybody doing? Hope we’re all having a fantastic day welcome back to a brand new video and check out my room We did this yesterday if you want to see the full video of us doing it getting all the supplies I think it’s pretty freakin lit . What do you think Anthony? I think is dope as heck You know I was reading a bunch of comments on it. Everyone was like Rug you forgot about Thanksgiving bug shout-out Thanksgiving rug Well guys, it’s not Thanksgiving yet, so what it’s Thanksgiving. I’m gonna record a full vlog and everything I’m thankful for you guys I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful for food. I’m thankful for… Can’t even lie. I just can’t even lie im just kidding, i’m thankful for this little munchkin right here. What’s up, baby? How you doing wah? So guys for today’s video okay, my videos have been all over the place You know I made a Christmas video when it’s like a month before Christmas And we are about to do something me and Anthony we just got some confirmation on this and it’s about to go down tonight I don’t know if you guys remember, but about three months ago Anthony told me about this hotel this one very very haunted hotel in San Diego most haunted hotel out here in this area supposedly wasn’t in Kate Morgan kay Morgan here this girl named Kate Morgan committed suicide in a room in a hotel Many many years ago supposedly. She wants the room and in two days is the anniversary of one that happened I don’t know
I’m gonna do my research again because I did my research back then we were supposed to do this video three months ago But we lagged a like always tonight is the night where we’re spending the night in the Kate Morgan room How many times you say night put in the comments? I’m not excited like we called the guy were like hey We’re down to do this tonight. Can you hook us up with the room? We were hoping you would say no Yeah, we rather just during attack cool He was like let me check in on the room and give you a call back and me and Anthony were like Hopefully calls back and says battery was taken, but he said it’s free He said he’s ready to give us this room and we’re about to do this so guys. Please smash that like button We’ve been anticipating this video for so long months We’re about to spend the night in the most haunted hotel room in all of San Diego. Maybe even all, California I’m not even too sure, but I’ve heard rumors about this hotel And I’ve heard a lot of crazy things like the sink starts by itself knocking on the wall Footstep for shadow bad dreams. I was talking about this just does not match my TV turning on by itself air conditioning – Yesterday was a Christmas filled video tonight nutritionist and today’s a haunted video, and it’s past Halloween Doing a Valentine’s Day video. I’m gonna just pack my stuff because we’re gonna stay overnight in this room Please smash that like button less TV get smashed 200,000 lights We’ve been talking about this for so long and are you ready to spend the night in the Kate, Morgan room, okay? The thing is you’re gonna wake up. I’m not gonna be there Was she cute, though all right guys We are about to pack our stuff get ready for this not so Fun-filled night horror and terror is about to go down tonight and supposedly I’m not too sure if this is open to us, but there’s some private underground tunnels in that hotel today use it What are you talking? We definitely need that tonight Why did he have to say yes Alright guys. We are ready to leave right now got our bags packed have you got your stuff dad one last kiss I’m never gonna see him again. I’ll try to make it out alive I’m excited because me and Anthony are known for like exploring haunted stuff and doing crazy shit for videos So this is definitely up there was one of the craziest things that we’ve done like we explored a haunted tunnel shit was scary Okay, I’m gonna lie, but this time. We’re actually gonna spend the night in a haunted hotel room It’s nothing Not just in a haunted hotel. She commits suicide in that damn room the same room We’re staying at is the same room the girl committed suicide to clear that up We’re gonna see what this night has in store for us. Let’s go to the hotel No big zuccy boi No, dude. How do you sleep at that in your room? I don’t know like it’s actually so scary alright guys We are minutes away from the hotel five minutes away And we are about to go on this bridge called the Coronado Bridge and a lot of people have commit suicide on that bridge sad To say I don’t know if you can see it Anthony Yes, I cannot operator right over there here. I think we’re gonna go on it. So oh my god We’re about to go on the bridge. I don’t think I’ve ever driven on this bridge myself look suicide TransLink Crisis Team. Are you sure? Suicide counseling to help a gay man our service. We are on the Coronado Bridge now I’m gonna see if there’s any other signs that talk about suicide guys check out How scary this is some people to look at their suicide counseling crisis team it says it on every light right there because this notion I have NEP dead boys. I don’t know, but that’s actually mad scary. That’s downtown see pulling all the boats Alex creepiest Where the hell are we man I’ve never been here, and I live in SD, but there’s like a warning sign right here Okay, so we just entered the realms all right guys We just pulled up to the hotel Dell and it already looks creepy like I don’t like this. I don’t like that I don’t like that I don’t know so it’s like a normal resort people stay here and stuff But the room that we’re getting it’s literally reserved for us that is the room where Kate Morgan died. We’re about to go inside We’re about to meet up with Devante the person who’s giving us the room I mean, I guess he’s just gonna lead us to the room and we’re gonna start this overnight challenge Hopefully we can make it. I think we can make it Anthony. What do you think uh? Yeah? Why not? I’m pretty scared though I’m actually scared like how do you feel does it seem scary cause like there’s like normal people here? There is no one here. What are you talking about? There is nobody here. There is no one here Just look the fact that we’re staying in that same exact room where the girl committed suicide That’s not okay, and I didn’t finish that room right there with the low cross my research she passed away in 1892 so not even in the 1900s so this is an old freakin ghost all right, so we’re gonna head over to the room Right now. Hope you guys do enjoy the video, and you know I’m trying my best to just not be scared We’re not scared. We’re chilling We’re straight all right guys so you work at Coronado, right? And what did you just tell me so I told you that’s being a lobby at the big fuckin X I’ve done the night shift so that actually goes down around here. Oh, my Yeah That does happen here, so you wander around right here in this area. This is a turbulence is the oldest building at 3:00 a.m. Where we’re going okay, okay? Thank you, man. Thanks for scaring us even more, okay guys we are about to step foot into the lobby of this hotel and That worker just told us so many scary stories about like the underground tunnels that if you go to the lobby at 3:00 a.m. Some scary shit goes down, so I guess we’re gonna be at 3:00 a.m. Wait why is the tree upside down Okay, guys, so we just met up with Avante I said to Vontae in the video, but we got corrected now It’s Avante and Roman right here shoutout to you guys, man They’re hooking us up with this room actually not shout-out to you guys I don’t want to do this look at this tree with the hex. Oh, this is the main lobby right here Okay, guys check out the elevator this hotel was built in 1850 1850 simpleminded I Don’t know Yeah, and Kate Morgan actually passed away 1892, but look at the elevator it’s so old way, so should we just do it should we go up, okay and They’re doing everything so you know No way wait really? What so someone’s gonna be in the elevator with us Okay, so Avante and roman are taking us to the room right now, and I’m so scared bro like hey stop Yo dead-ass no way what that? Always is real. You got going to the fourth floor Thank you for cheer Do you know about Kate Morgan Is there anything you can tell us about the Kate Morgan story yeah Thank you so much, sir, I definitely am NOT gonna go down to get a snack at 1:00 a.m.. Like I usually do another Yo, it’s so old-school everything about this hotel is old skin it was built in the 1800s, dude That’s so tricky wait is it around here She’s dead dude the smell It’s old oh my god look at how its small this hallway is like Hey guys we were walking past the rooms and look at this oh No, I swear imagine okay, so the room number is Oh, no three three to seven oh my god. Okay. One of these two oh No We’re here oh no This is it oh? It’s so small okay, okay feels so cramped dude Let’s check out the bathroom here You know this is so small and cramped I’m definitely not taking a shower at all Anthony. What do you think? So like Uber to my house Mean I have my car, but we could definitely over Yeah, you stay yeah I’ll just do this by myself of course like I’m not scared Avante and Roman have a room across the hall just in case anything happens never know oh It’s already 10:05 p.m.. So it’s late. Okay guys so the room that we’re in right now is the same room Kate Morgan killed herself how did she die she hung herself? Oh, and she hung herself? Suspicious circumstances, I’m not entirely sure what exactly she did so people people actually think that somebody Gilder Oh, and the rumor is that she killed herself? well I guess we’re gonna go see her grave at the cemetery or something and then try to get access to the underground tunnels and There are some tunnels type people you know like we’ve explored some haunted tunnels in the past so I think we should go check out The tunnels which is scary as hell because it’s already late Okay, so we’re in this other cramped elevator that smells really weird to you I think tea has to stand for tunnels, but we’re just gonna go to the lobby and figure it out I don’t know. No. I don’t know what this is really Okay, are we going to tea should we just go to tea? Oh? We just opened from here Is this some salt contraption wait what is okay? What’s in there Kate Morgan, that’s Locke Guys we are being led to that tunnel right there by this guy oh, it’s okay How was the creepiest elevator ride Edgar? But we actually got access to the tunnels the underground tunnels that No one could get access to this is definitely gonna be an adventure sighs vlog so please sit back relax and enjoy Cities and women at one time because of the stuff he’s seen him yeah He said he’s only been there once and first and last time. Hey, are we all have to go in here? So we have to get through security, I think All right, we gotta say something I mean we got a knock on the door should I do the talking yeah, yeah? Yeah, we just got actual permission from the security to go through the tunnel It’s about to be lit it actually is not about to be lit everything going that plan oh Okay, can we get a little snack before this journey? Oh my God look at this what the heck oh? This is trippy dude imagine. Just seeing someone at the end of the hallway Like there’s no way something scary is already gonna happen. We just stepped foot in the tunnel Oh, No who did that? Yo, stop, I swear guys like we’re all It’s never happened It’s getting hard this looks like something in a movie bro, so I’m gonna scare me.sir What do you know about Kate Morgan’s Kate Morgan to me is really mean she trapped me on the fourth floor one time She didn’t let me out And it was really annoying I was trapped on the fourth floor. You’re lying in a dead-end Hallway for over an hour and a half. What do you mean by she trapped you like what did what happened? What is a pathogen is usually what we used to do? Before we did our kind of more efficient system changes during the mornings about two to three o’clock in morning We’re go and deliver your bills before your room. Yeah, when adds up anyone from there is I’m staying from this door Perfect example Door to the room I slipped a bill underneath I go and I walk out to the next section Only I realized I’m still standing on the same exact spot. I never moved so I’m looking at my paper I realize okay, you still in the other section so I walk away again only to find that I still have What so what does it happen it is I’m physically moving but I’m also not physically moving and so this goes on for about an hour and a half, I’m Trying to contact people that are radio. They’re trying to contact me, and we can’t get ahold of each other Oh my gosh next thing. I know I look at my phone, and I realize it’s an hour and a half later I had to wilt myself out of there and it took me at least three tries to really focus myself out of that Oh my god. It’s not just her and they all wander oh So there’s more yes With my experience for the fourth floor the fifth floor has a maid who hung herself a long time ago. Oh my god That’s 35 19 and 33 27 is Kate Morgenstern the thing is everyone says she’s nice and I’m just I have my doubts Yeah, of course well cuz mysteriousness how can you move interpret that exactly oh man so yeah? So that’s basically where I stand Thanks for sharing the story But that just doesn’t make our stay any easier here Like I said if you want more you give me a little time. I gotta finish up a Delivery right now, but I got plenty of stories. I’m out. That’s great. Thank you so much for this day We stayed for two hours. No. I’m just kidding you’re gonna take us oh No, all right. We’re gonna go to the floor where I got trapped. Oh my god I’ll take it to that Was it like a traumatizing experience um The thing is I was in the twilight zone. You know like that was gone for like Oh my god. That’s so soon as I got in the fifth floor I used to show in distance if you look past the bushes. It looked like someone was always staring a stood what else? Dude, like I don’t know how it looks from the viewers point of view, but like when you’re actually here It’s so much more scary like well Shining off. He’s gonna. Show us where Wait did you actually press the fourth? This is another then are we on on the fifth wait. We’re not trying to get trapped like you did a lot of yours let’s go I Don’t know what you’re doing man. It was looking out. I press the fourth floor. We come to the fifth You know we’re staying in Cape Morgan’s room right? Yeah? I Don’t know if I’m gonna have fun now after this there was a couple. That’s they’ve been there a while Maxine not found Oh Rhys it okay? Yeah David just got married and so whatever happened him was they woke up and all night because someone had sprayed her perfume all over the Know why? Do you tell us this now so this happened to me about four months ago, but was a recent – yeah? airships oh here oh oh When I first started this position I was the elevator Loud banging in the lobby area where II saw the tree it was every night for like 15 minutes at the same time For about three weeks. Yeah someone told us that 3 a.m.. There’s always some creepy things happening And so I can’t ask my colleagues on my hey, what’s that something better like what sound what’s that sound? What’s up the sound? That’s going on with the air right now So either they were just messing with me or they just had no idea whoa oh my god But that’s not even my scariest thing how long have you been working here you have all these scary stories alive Grovyle go slow So like I said, I’m kind of used to it Stop who was that know who was that actually dead us I think video did they do that? I saw sure So I was here. I was right here, and so like I said this was early morning. We have a stack of papers we Travel through each section each floor I told you finished outfit like they used takes about anywhere from an hour an hour and a half Number and you leave only when I go I Realize I’ve been standing here for like an hour half Something like this the whole time. Oh my gosh. I feel myself moving and I see myself moving, but I never actually move The whole experience with that guy was so weird, but like he shared all these scary stories that happened here And he said there’s multiple ghosts, and he said that they just wander around the hotel on every floor And it’s like their hotel like they know exactly what they’re doing and where they’re going wait yo Did you leave the TV on? Anthony look at this yo what is going on right now, I’m being dead ass who did this? Well we post a video game here Wait yeah the TV was off when we left right, or was and it wasn’t on this we would have noticed I’m not staying here. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay? We literally just walked in who turned the fan on high unless those already on high am I tripping alright? Cuz I’m actually I’m back in the video This panel is not on high every single person We’ve met here has given me the weirdest vibe every single person and they all just like shares these stories I’m literally the chills are like unreal right now I don’t know. How it looks from your guys’s point of view, but if you were actually here You could smell like like how old this hotel is right. Well. I’ll hit you guys up. Ya know We’re gonna see if we’re still gonna go to the graveyard We’ll go later though how the like how are we gonna do the great value for that? Oh, yeah anything crazy happens hit the cell Okay, all right will do yeah, there’s no service anyways Yeah, right, yo I barely have stairs in this hotel to buff right guys you could look in your room cuz like take care guys All right Anthony looks like it’s just me and you I Wish I could joke around about that right now, but I’m Heike scared after everything I don’t know what’s gonna happen. Okay, let’s sleep Cuz I’m kind of hard we need you’re kinda tired I can’t sleep or like let’s just lay down for a little bit because it’s only freakin 11 o’clock right now, okay? And then we’ll go down this or more yet, okay, I’m down yeah. I’m actually low-key tired I wish I could just sleep through the whole night, but Jquan take everyone yes, yes, it’s getting louder no no no how do I turn this shit off? It’s getting Lajo oh Anthony the sink is along You know I did not turn in honest where to god, I don’t know how to work this thing I swear to god Anthony. Why is this thing on? I don’t know No they don’t have the key gave us the key and everything Anyway, I’m scared. Don’t go there. You know. I promise you guys on it Anthony huge they’re messing with us do they have to wait what time is it join me to check the bathroom Yo, who’s in there? I don’t know we were asleep It was hot ass water If there’s someone else I swear to God I didn’t do anything we were asleep check in the closet That’s good shit, I don’t play right don’t play, bro You did not do that shit swear. You did not do that we were both asleep. I don’t know how to work that thing Yeah, I don’t know I heard of me turn the light on There’s a line art work Anthony I swear to God What the hell man guys I we’re literally not playing around right now does that work? Okay, so first the TV Holly Vontae right now and see what they’re doing if they’re awake. I’m not staying here overnight The sink just turned on by itself bro. I Don’t know how long it’s been on Yeah, you want a what are you doing, bro? Where are you? Come to our room really quick dude the sink turned on by itself I swear to God just come to our room come to our room Anthony. I literally almost started crying I Swear to god, bro. I mean, so what are we doing like? I’m not staying in this room nah I’d much rather be at Kate Morgan’s grave than being in this room someone’s doing this like to mess with us I already know like I said guys like Kate Morgan anniversary’s in a couple days of her death I Swear to God if it was you bro guys And it gets louder yo the alarm just went off again. I swear to god This was not any of us we’re ladies chillin and talking you slaughtered my ass No, oh, oh we got so loud guys. It’s a 137 in the freaking morning just saying guys no we are not staying here I don’t know what we’re still doing in the room, but like we tried doing the overnight challenge here But there’s no way I’m gonna try to sleep. I’m not gonna be here at 3 a.m.. Okay guys so me and Anthony We’re out what out of the room didn’t know literally. There’s no one here. Well. It’s 2 a.m. So I’m not really expecting any out here, but anywhere I look like I feel like I’m gonna see someone looking through one of these windows Like I feel like someone’s gonna be staring at us But Anthony tell me the vibe of this hotel was not the weirdest vibe ever. This is like the weirdest experience I’ve ever had we could have just stayed like an extra 5 hours and left at 7:00 a.m. But I couldn’t guys like I don’t think no I don’t want to stay in that room Hope you guys enjoyed the video. We made it till 2 a.m. Super tired, and I went to sleep I want to go back home, and I woke up and I looked in the mirror and there’s literally fingerprints on my back I don’t know if you guys could see it But I’m not pulling no Larry Stewart shit like I put anything on my back or anything I literally just woke up and I looked at the mirror and there are fingerprints on my back I don’t know if they were mind if I slept I don’t know if some weird shit happen But after the hotel last night like some bad minds start the whole night Anthony had some bad vibes I’m gonna text him and ask him if anything happened to him, but it’s not just the cane Morgan goes It’s multiple ghosts as you guys heard that Receptionist I have no idea what it is. Okay guys I just finished editing the video and let me just tell you I had the chills down my spine the whole entire time the whole Two-and-a-half hours that I edited the children just running down my spine this has to be one of my scariest videos ever I don’t know if you guys felt the vibe that I did but being there in person was one of the scariest Experiences ever. I’m sorry we couldn’t complete the challenge we tried okay We put in the effort we tried But there was no way after the sink turning on and that TV and the fan and all that scary stuff happening There’s no way I could have stayed overnight, but hey give us a like for effort Let’s see if we could hit 200,000 likes shout out to Anthony, okay? Like please go subscribe to Anthony go show some love on his YouTube channel like he always is down to do all these scary fun not fun Not fun at all all these scary adventures videos So please go subscribe to him Shantanu Avante and roman go check out a vantes link in the description He actually wraps his rapping name is chaos. He’s actually pretty good. So check out his links in the description Thanks so much for hooking us up with the room guys Let me know in the comment section what the scariest part for you guys was and let me know if you sat down from start To finish and watch the whole entire thing I feel like it was like a mini scary movies. Yeah guys Thank you so much for watching hit that subscribe button to become a rug guy today I love you guys so much and other than that it’s been rug and I’m out peace