[ Karen ]
You know, sooner or later– You really wear that suit. Well, that’s not
what you were about to say. – Remember how talkative
you were in the trunk ?
– Mm-hmm. – Adele said you do that
when you’re nervous.
– Oh, she did, did she ? -You kept touching me, feeling my thigh.
– But in a nice way. You know, that Sig
you took from me was special. My dad gave it to me
for my birthday. Yeah ? What were you going
to do with me ? l hadn’t really worked
that part out yet. All l knew is that l liked you,
and that l didn’t wanna… leave you there on the side of the road
and never see you again. Then you waved to me
in that elevator. -Yeah, l wasn’t sure if you caught that.
-[ Laughs ] l couldn’t believe it.
By that time l had been… thinking about you a lot… and iust wondering
what it would be like if we met, if we could take a time-out. l was thinking the same thing. l kept thinking,
”What if we took a time-out ?” lf we… iust spent
some time together. – You know, l saw you on the street.
– Where ? Outside Adele’s. – You went to see her ?
– To warn her about Chino. – So she did help you.
– l don’t think we should get into that. You’re right.
And l won’t ask about Buddy, or what you guys are doing
in Detroit, or if you’ve run
into Glenn Michaels yet– Okay, now, don’t talk like that,
because you scare me. – Let’s get out of here.
– Yeah.