Injuries, deaths, ghosts, everything. illegal activity. They said mobs used to come in here to do their illegal activity dude this is Why do we – like this is like a bad idea. Why are we doing this? remember what happened to us on Queen Mary? We already know this place is haunted. It’s definitely haunted. He is one of the most famous murders ever. ever It happened here. Time to capture another one. Yeah, they’re giving excuses for people dying here bro, what’s about to happen? -answer it. answer it. – do I answer it? no….. this is huge oh my god Look at how old Well over a hundred years old. whoa dude just like look at all the designs. like just the tiny details There’s no turkey legs or swords, I hope there’s wind yo yo yo, yo, i hope there’s wind! is there wind? bro theres no wind. theres no f*cking wind! wait what? what do you mean? look at this. this was going *swinging sounds* As we walked up its it stopped dude dude two seconds in! i’m feeling a draft dude It literally stopped it was going like that dude it was going this fast No, I got it on like film as soon as we walked away, chills bro chills!. already! It’s been a matter of what 30 seconds? Shut up bro. yes my eyes get watery when I get scared. Leave me alone. I made us both look. I don’t know I… caught our eye Immediately. We’re not even in the room yet. This is foot lettuce chills bro. Foot lettuce chills? Let’s get to the room because guys we haven’t even done our research But all we know is this is one of the most famous haunted hotels ever you know what this reminds me of? What? have you guys seen the shining? oh my god, don’t even say that! you can’t say that. with those two little girls in the hallway? play the hallway clip of the two little girls…hehehehehe shut the fu- dude just for one second, look at how creepy this is too you know easy it would be to get lost in here walking down this hallway You see somebody turn the corner like a little toddler riding one of those. Why would you say that? Why would you say that? the shining movie! thats what you were The walls are moving. guys! we haven’t even gotten to the freaking room yet! dude, it looks like the hallways. It’s 594 not 564. Do you know what’s weird? I don’t know if I caught this on camera But literally he just said, you know how easy it would be to get lost in this place and immediately we start getting lost I could have sworn 590 was this way? This is like a maze in here. It’s almost like they want you to get lost Not trying to say this is a bougie hotel. But this is more expensive than the Queen Mary hotel. Was it? yes the Queen… Not the scariest, not the second one, but the first one by far we’re in the last f*cking room right here. No, we didn’t get the last room! just like the queen mary. Dude why! Just like Queen Mary. this is creepy, look at this. what do you mean its creepy? Okay, that is kinda. where’s the other light? there is no light. dude that is the most luxurious ceiling thing I have ever seen Oh I just got a weird feeling in my stomach. oh my god dude this looks creepy as f*ck. noo there’s no ceiling lights its only creepy lamps Okay. Yeah, it’s nice, but now knowing that it’s haunted. It makes it creepy as hell. I know but dude Why is this room so big like this? I don’t understand What the f*ck wait did Cory did you just put your fu.. hand prints on there? No Did you not? dude theres f*cking handprints right there! Theres two handprints! Look one two, three, that’s like four fingers right here in the thumb. Maybe maybe the maid. Yeah, just made it. what do you f*cking mean maybe the maid just made it why doesn’t that bed have it then? its ju.. it’s ju.. it’s handprints What’s up guys? It’s Sam and Colby. today We are here with Corey and Jake back at another incredibly haunted house very – not house It’s one of the most haunted Hotels in LA. Like when I typed in haunted hotels this came up as top five. This is called the Millennium Biltmore Hotel it’s over a hundred years old. There’s multiple deaths that have occurred here We haven’t even done research But the most famous story that a lot of people hear about is the last time this young lady was seen Was at this hotel and her body was found drained of all blood Mutilated into small little pieces and then thrown in the lot next door. Wait are you serious? Yeah, you did not tell us this. people were killed in this hotel. Isn’t that crazy, bro? She was in the same position as us. Obviously, we don’t think any – why would you say that Jake? We don’t – no I’m just saying it’s crazy It’s like obviously, you know, we’re going here to film and we don’t think anything could ever happen That’s what she – she thought. I know well, why are you saying this? I’m just saying – this is just scaring us, like its making the situation worse. – I’m just saying its crazy how fast things can change like this You never know what’ll happen. shut up bro. Alright thanks Jake. Haunted? let me ask you this first, are you afraid of ghosts? No. Then yes You’re only telling me if I’m not afraid? there’s something here yeah. have you experienced anything yourself I haven’t but I’ve seen – we had an employee that got a photo of two apparitions in one of the ballrooms Really? yeah it kinda freaked me out but Is there any other stories besides that? supposedly this is the last place black dahlia was seen. Oh I think I’ve heard of that. If you wanna maybe come back a little bit later on after I get this gentlemen checked in and I take care of a few other things yeah I can definitely give you some interesting facts. yeah that would be amazing! On multiple multiple occurrences, she’s seen ghosts in here and heard stories. She said to come back later when they weren’t as busy She’s gonna tell us like the full story about everything. So we actually got a legitimately haunted hotel. So let’s go check the room bro. I’m excited! What was that? She said she saw two like apparitions in one room or something. All right, guys, we just spent like ten minutes in the pitch-black I don’t know why – doing research about this place and I’m horrified but before that I just wanna say Merch below. Link in bio. Yes, we got new merch – resurgence for sam and colby 2.0! I was right! I knew it. Sam and colby merch. It really works. Guys I’ve been researching. Guess what I found out. You’re not gonna believe it this is what it says – many reports of a lady with dark hair wearing a black dress in the 1940s fashion have been made at the hotel She’s usually seen on the tenth and eleventh floors roaming through the lobby or riding the elevator to floor six before disappearing into thin air Or walking into a wall There’s two reasons why this is crazy though the 10th floor Which is her first most often sighting we have access to all night because of this room that we bought. Yeah second thing I don’t know if you guys are very into paranormal games but the second most haunted game in the world to play is called the elevator game which Originated – we just found this out in this hotel this hotel The lady in black is always said to leave on the sixth floor elevator into another world. Off-Camera Sam told me that the girl’s name is black dhalia. I think that’s how you say it But her real name is Elizabeth short I found out about her when I went to the Museum of Death and she literally has her own section It’s this big unsolved murder. I don’t know much about her but like I’ve been wanting to research. That’s what we were just saying dude in the intro when we were saying you there was a girl that had her blood drained driving thats the girl. thats black dhalia. and she is one of the most famous murders ever. ever. it happened here. literally there was pictures online of her dead body We’re not gonna show that but if you would like to go, go check it out The lady in the lobby said she kept seeing like apparitions of like a girl in the ballroom We’re also gonna go right downstairs right now. Let’s see if we can find more stories about personal experiences in here. Okay? Okay guys ready. So I typed in black dahlia dead body And you want to see what she looked like before yeah This is what she looked like before She’s pretty. All right guys We’re gonna go explore the hotel figure out the ghost stories and then see Dude – throughout everything if we can find black dahlia or another apparition. cause apparently it’s really common They slit her mouth into a giant smiley like the Joker So one of the biggest things about this hotel Obviously you have to work overnight at Hotel most of the employees. Their number one complaint is not Wanting or not even accepting the job because of the overnight shift. the lady that knows all these ghost stories Works the overnight shift we got here at 11:00. She gets off at 7:00 a.m. This girl sees it all. Let’s go talk to her Yo bad news, wait, oh that’s a target card no I uh – I lost the key. we just got locked out of our own room right as we start the night This is the last room and then it goes into this weird Outside stair case. that’s definitely not the normal staircase, but this would be the place where somebody would get sawed in half You know what? I mean? So we should go. Okay, let’s do it. You know whats even crazier. What? is that we keep talking about like the Black Dahlia case, but this article I’m reading is saying that like there’s Children seen like with black eyes Remember when we used to talk about that in our youtube videos? black eyed children bro. they’re here. Parties have been heard like on different floors But like then nothing like when you go up there like it’s just like – yeah dude One of the biggest things is in the ballroom It sounds like they’re having a ceremony, but when you open the doors, it’s an empty ballroom, dude Creepiest one in my opinion – the sound like during the middle of the night of soldiers marching down the stairs Yeah, because this is a place that soldiers stayed during World War two. its that old I just noticed no matter what you cannot look in the hallway Well, yeah, that’s how a mirror works bro. on our way down before we talk to the lady We got to see some other stuff and we’re gonna get a key from her, go to the tenth floor Where it’s most haunted and then we’ll go from there. So from like the intro like dude This isn’t even moving anymore crazy how there’s like nobody down here right now. I Mean, I guess it’s like midnight. tell me why this place looks like a dungeon right here man. Like look how what the f*ck what are they hiding in there? Justin Bieber peed in that. this most definitly was like an old elevator I like the music here. It’s very Relaxing. it’s like hey, this is nice, but you’re gonna die soon. Is that Leonardo DiCaprio? Right there. that looks like it is. Is that Leo? dude its starting to smell like worse and worse You notice that? what? it smells like piss. Dude there’s no way This is part of the ballrooms How did we even find this place? this is where you hear the parties. What did you hear something? there’s people over there. what? people? did you just hear that yo it sounds like something. *slight tapping noises* that literally sounds like something knocking. it was not making that sound earlier. just who’s – wait wait – its the taps, its the taps. What Let’s get out of here. dude, we went a completely random way and we found our way to the most haunted spot in the ballroom. I literally said, Let’s go to that store area before we hit the ball rooms or that boy end. what made us do that? We went down one flight of stairs and we ended up in the back of a bar And it was like unlocked and then the door started tapping as we left. most of the places we need a keycard So let’s go talk to the front because – why are you freaking out about that You know my heart my hearts racing. once we realized that as we all were like okay, let’s go, lets dip there was no tapping Yeah, as we ran up the entire time. even when we first walked in there, it only started tapping after we went inside Dude wait wait Elizabeth Short the black dahlia dropped off at the Biltmore to meet her sister Visiting from Boston. staff recalled seeing short using the lobby telephone before her disappearance. That’s what she looked like bro, dude They’re proud of it they’re proud of it. look how huge this place is We’ve been walking forever and still like it’s continuing on and on. we’ve only got like 10%. and there’s nobody guarding this place It’s like a secret room look it has a key though, why does this exist? Yo so like an elevator maybe right here? and a secret room right there. The ceiling is like five feet tall. it doesn’t make any sense. we don’t have to be in your face or anything, but is it ok if we record you telling us cool stories about this place? There’s the ballroom, you know back in the day all the gangsters are sticking out here, Al Capone And there’s been deaths over the years. inside here? inside the Italian I know that there are hidden doors here from the Prohibition era and I’ve been through one of them in particular that’s in the old room and it takes you up this little staircase Into this little room with one little light bulb hanging and you can just imagine them You know with boxes of alcohol and in fact they’re counting the illicit money. Now what I did see we had employees here Security guard who had just gotten a new phone and he was just kind of snapping pics of the hotel. He got one in the Crystal Ballroom, that’s the one with the balconies the famous wall. Wow. two apparitions And it creeps me out still when I think about the image. You’ve seen the image? I saw it. Yeah. Oh my god I saw, it looked like a guy in a tuxedo. Well quaffed beard. Mm-hmm, you know and there was a child standing next to him You can see through them and just barely make them out, but he got him. that’s insane. Yeah, he captured it. But we’ve also had weird stuff just like people do weird stuff. nearest 9:00 to 5:00 9-5 that’s the mood for it. He caught her up on the 11th floor. oh my god what!? Yeah her own I’m assuming? her own. what’s even more insane and this is really disgusting but you guys asked Oh Took her out of here in a chair strapped down. Yeah, but yeah, there’s been all kind of crazy things I don’t know if you’ve seen the spiral staircases upstairs. if you look and look down. I mean you’ll get vertigo There was a woman a few years back as a matter of fact, it was on TMZ There was a woman that fell from the top all the way down She died? Yeah she died. Oh my god. so approximately if you know, how many deaths have been in this building? Since I’ve been here, there’s two that I know of since I’ve been here. how long have you been there? I’ve been here about two years. two years? oh ten years. but I mean I’ve worked graveyard off and on and the crazy stuff happens on graveyard I mean, I was holding somebody’s bloody head in my hands just last week. what?! Basically he came in, I don’t know if he was on a combination of alcohol and drugs or what but he had a bad fall or got into it with someone He came in with a nice big gash in his head blood all down his face He could barely walk, you know, so I ran in the back. I grabbed a bunch of gauze and medical tape and everything and he Insisted not – that that we don’t call the paramedics but when I got up to his room it was just kind of back and forth like this and it got to the point where he couldn’t hold his head up. He couldn’t hold himself up So I was literally with towels in my hands holding this man’s head You know waiting for the paramedics to get there patting his chest, patting his back trying to keep them awake Do you ever feel weird staying overnight? So and you kind of feel like it’s getting proved, you kind of feel better yeah death is not the end. there’s no way. death of physical body is not the end. I think we’ve learned that ourselves. Yeah. Well, thank you so much Opposite note we actually did lose or like leave our key inside of our room. So can we grab another one? Yeah for sure Dude, this place is crazy. Like she said it just drives people nuts like sometimes it’s not even ghosts It’s like people just come here. Just go crazy and end up doing weird things Most the places you hear about like hotels like when they’re haunted like one things happened There’s been like tens on tens on tens of things Maybe even hundreds – injuries deaths ghosts everything illegal activity They said mobs used to come in here to do their illegal activity. dude as soon as we get our key That’s where we need to go is the tenth and eleventh floors. Then we check out the lounge See what happens. Update guys, we got our key. we’re on the 11th floor, the floor that the homeless person No, I didn’t hear that. you didn’t hear that? no. How was it just when I started recording that happened. I think cause you were talking you didn’t hear it but cory and I heard it like a boom. Like I was saying this is the place that the homeless person tried to draw in blood. All right, well this was the area. look at the weird architecture, do you see the finger prints on the wall Look, why would that even exist? Uh, you know, someone dropped all the way down and died in this one because they got vertigo. what that kind of sounds like vertigo was a Excuse for someone either pushing her off or her wanting to fall off. guys you remember how I said there was fingerprints earlier? there’s even more on the walls right there They’re keeping excuses for people dying here, where’d he go? Well if but if you’re looking right there we’re doing it All right now. how the heck a 3-foot tall gate not Make you just stay out, you know like you can’t just like Randomly fall over this you’d either get pushed or you wanted to go. if you have vertigo and you’re walking up stairs what would make you fall over, wouldn’t you just fall down the stairs? What’s that in there? It’s open who in their right mind has an open window on the 11th floor? Does that go down or up right there? oh all the way down and up It’s a fire escape. who in the world opens up this to a known haunted place to any guest that stays there. no lock Look at this straight down 11 stories that guy like appeared out of nowhere. hes coming back, hes coming back. Let’s get out of here. alright guys, so this is the Presidential Suite It’s on the 11th floor top floor. The two haunted floors are the 11th and the 10th What if this gets a hundred? thousand and six likes It’s a hundred thousand six. Yeah Do you want to try to rent out the Presidential Suite and summon something try to summon something? like do a seance. like a Queen Mary type thing? more than that, like an actual seance. Let’s do it. 100,000 likes I’m gonna do a seance in the presidental suite. we need to know that this place is haunted. Yeah 100% This is – do we have access to this actually? She said it’s 24 hours But she said this is the single place of the Black Dahlias murder right. We don’t know if it’s happened here or not. But this is where the most sightings are It’d be so easy to murder someone here. there’s like a million places, I could murder you. Dude this is nice. Oh my god that clock under the tv, I saw a face or something. Are you eating the god dang apple? all the windows are open it’s already getting late, right? Mm-hmm. This is the most haunted place in this hotel So what if we just go try to find the light switches, turn every light off just like we did the Queen Mary we sit down here since silence or maybe Trying to talk to something and see if we can get anything That’s exactly what happened. Queen Mary it sounds like tapping over there. I know I heard it. I heard it All right, yeah good idea let’s do it. okay Goodbye. so this is the only darkness we can get and nothing else turns off. if this is the darkest its gone Then that means that’s the same darkness other people have seen it. All right, let’s start it. whatcha thinking man? Are you scared? I’m not scared. I’m just gonna poop my pants pretty soon. Okay? Freaky dude, this is Why do we like this is like a bad idea. Why are we doing this? remember what happened at queen mary? We already know this place is haunted It’s definitely haunted and the stories that she just told – like seeing things and hearing things all the marks over the wall like weird Banisters leading to know where the secret compartments of all these different things are just crazy. Yeah some one is coming *phone rings* yo what the f*ck Bro what the f*ck dude? f*ck that. answer it answer it. Do I answer it? hello put it on speaker. Hello? what the f*ck? what’s it saying, what’s it saying? is anybody there? theres’ nothing, there’s nothing what! hello? dude im hanging up! Go,go,go! are we f*cking leaving? yes! nobody answered that at all okay get out! where’s my sweatshirt? there was no one in the top floor lounge. There was no one on the phone. its something else. Did you just hear that? Okay, just go, just go. did you not just hear that? are we ending this? – we’re leaving? I guess. I mean, I don’t know any explanation for that like, you know Unless someone like knows we’re here and they’re trying to screw with us. I don’t know anybody no one knows we’re here. the worst part You know how when you answer the phone and there’s no one there and it makes that *reciever noise* no. It wasn’t that noise at all. Oh, so someone was there like on the other side of the phone they were just sitting there. yeah there was someone there. something dialed that… it was not an accident, someone called it. lets go. Alright guys, we just got our car we left like Holy Sh*t That was way too much going on it was like every single room we entered something happened. we’re on our way home we are not staying overnight at that place. again huge shout-out to Corey and Jake we put them through it again Sorry, but uh guys go subscribe to them. Yeah. how do we sleep after we do these things. with that being said get the merch link in bio. Again, he’s just on it. We got new merch and also we did promise you that if you guys get a hundred Thousand and six likes we will go back to the Presidential Suite Which we just looked up. It’s like seventeen thousand dollars so we’re gonna need to buy that merch. No just kidding but it is expensive. hopefully you guys like Sam and Colby 2.0 we’re gonna be doing this stuff We’re gonna be doing a bunch of other stuff along with Cory and Jake a lot of the time So make sure to subscribe! Guy this is just the beginning get ready for more sam and colby 2.0 adventures We’ll see you guys next Sunday with another new style video so adios.