Hi, I’m Jeremy Mason McGraw, I’m the founder and creative director of Global Image Creation. Global Image Creation is an experienced focused creative agency. We manage every aspect of the visual presence of our clients in the travel industry from photography to videos, social media, augmented reality, anything that we need to best convey the experience that our clients provide to their guests. We work with our clients to conceive the unique vision for them and then we produce that vision and manage its implementation. Our network can do it all. We are an extension of our client’s brand. We create an image that represents the very best. We highlight the features and the amenities, but we also highlight the feeling of the place, the excitement, and the romance, the sense of adventure and the culture that makes that place unique. We show the details of the big picture, but we also show the tangible, the emotion, the entire experience. We can appreciate and highlight those artistic elements in the food, amenities, and décor, but also in the emotional and tangible elements that make each experience so wonderful. Capturing and communicating all this is my job, but it’s also what I really love to do.