We are back in Bangkok. Today we are staying
at the Amari Watergate and we are going to be celebrating my birthday here at this hotel. Background music playing. Hello, there. So we are staying in a grand
deluxe room and we are on the seventeenth floor of the Amari Watergate Hotel and we’re
going to give you a tour of the bedroom. Background music playing. This is cozy. Background music playing. So this hotel has a pillow menu and we have
seven pillows to choose from. There is ultra soft, microfiber pillow, there is medium firm
polyster pillow. They have non-allergenic pillows but I’m most interested in the buckwheat
pillow. It says, this will keep your head and neck cool, so I think we need to order
one just to try it out. No? Hello, I would like to order the buckwheat
pillow please to room 1710. Ah, that’s right. 1710. Thank you. One of my favorite features of this hotel
is all of the facilities. There is a wonderful swimming pool, there is an exercise room,
there is a steam room with a sauna. Wow! Background music playing. We’re enjoying our breakfast right now and
the most pleasant surprise was finding the Middle Eastern station. We have pita and hummus.
Oh, you can’t go wrong with that combo. So the hotel has a small art exhibition happening
on the second floor and over here we can see some of the artwork. Santorini. Who wants
to be in Greece right now?