The apartment has officially started
becoming a warehouse. Good morning and welcome to Cass and Bran! I am in the car on the way to the shop
in Tampa Florida that’s currently under construction right now. We are supposed
to receive boxes there today. The contractor said we can’t keep any
packages at the store until the end of the month because it will mess up the
whole construction thing they’re doing and being kind of in the way so I’m
trying to get those packages out of there ASAP rocky if they’re there. Now
that being said, the plumber was supposed to be there today so he should have
signed for the packages but if he wasn’t there because the contractor said it’s
possible he will be in and out. Let’s go check! All these packages are not
mine. Those are all construction packages. I don’t see any packages anywhere to the
side. He said if the guy was here that he would push all of our packages
to the side and I’m not seeing anything. Oh wait! They’re doing the air conditioning! Look at all the tubes! I didn’t notice that the moment I walked in! Tubes everywhere! Looks like the shop is going well. I love
it! And the landlord contacted me the other day and he’s gonna change out this
awning soon to the black straight awning which we are so excited for because
that one doesn’t really match our brand at all. Thank gosh on that one! Okay let’s lock this up! So what’s weird about that situation is I thought they were to at least be like
a missed package notice of some sort but there wasn’t. So I don’t know if
they just haven’t come yet. I guess we’re heading home and figure
this one out. To the apartment guys! The mystery of the missing packages. We
are now back at the apartment. We got a laptop here. I’m going to figure
out what’s going on everybody and we’ll get back to this later when I figure out
the package situation. I also have a few other things to do on my to-do list on the laptop per the usual so I’ll get back to you guys a little
bit later. Alright so it turns out that the packages were at the Fed Ex store and shipped back there. So I have now by the way Michelle, hey yeah we’re at the FedEx
store. We’re gonna go pick up all the packages right now. I have no idea how
many this is gonna be. I hope it’s more than two though because if it’s not more
than two that means I’m picking up the other ones somewhere else later. They have this little sign here for package
pickup please use phone. I called like 10 times on this phone and there is no
response and no one picked up so finally we had an employee that was a
security guard here. He was knocking and he came over and he says he’ll find the packages.
I believe there’s 13. That’s what he thought. Hopefully they fit in the car
and they’re not huge. That way? Thank you! Yay! A buggy! That is lot of packages. We might have to unbox some of those to fit them. We got all the boxes! Check it out! Thank you very much for your help! We appreciate it! So time to go. Unloading this is gonna be really fun. We just arrived back and what do you know a package outside the door. Alright we got all the packages in! It’s really hot here. I turned on the ac immediately. Good hustle! Are you happy you cam over? Oh yes, absolutely! The apartment has now officially started becoming a warehouse! Alright so before we can make food, I realized that we actually did that contest today. It was
in one of my last vlogs where I showed you guys actually filming a promo video
for the red velvet cookies to introduce it as a new product. So we did edit the
video in the vlog – the last vlog but it wasn’t the actual commercial that we
made so I’ll flash the commercial up on the screen right now so you guys can see
what it actually came out to be. When you think Cookie Munchers, you think big and
warm except the one exception. The red velvet cookie throws everyone off
because it’s cold and small. Well we heard you guys and we fixed it.
Introducing our new red velvet cookie with the same delicious recipe! Our new red velvet cookie goes into the
box big, warm, and soft. It has cream cheese frosting on the side so you can
decide if you’re a drizzle or a dunker. Want free cookies? Like and share this
video for a chance to win a box of six free cookies tonight! Help us spread the
word about our new red velvet cookie – oh and let us know in the comments below if
your drizzle or or a dunker! I posted it just a few hours ago and the
results were actually amazing so checking Instagram now. It got 723 views,
217 hearts, 195 comments tagging other people in it and 27 shares and people
visited our profiles 76 times which are usually when they visit your profile,
means that they’re gonna come to your store soon so yay! Our Facebook results were a 1,744 people reached and 484 engagements,
81 comments, 28 shares and 729 views and 96 either heart thumbs
up or laughing emoji. But now it is time to pick a winner of that contest. I told them
we would post the winner at nine. It’s now a little after nine so a little bit
late but that’s because I realized that I had to post the winner as a red velvet
cookie photo obviously because it was promoting red velvet cookies and I
didn’t have any pictures of red velvet cookies yet tonight. Luckily, I still had
some red velvets in the house. So this is the photo that I’m about to take. Kind of
something like this. This is actually my bed sheet because I forgot my table cloth.
In order to make this a photo shoot area, I had to sacrifice my bed sheet
so we could take some photos and then on that photo I’m going to announce the
winner! We’re gonna post the winner now and then later will deal with all of
this. Alright guys I am way too tired to be opening all of those boxes right now.
It’s just not gonna happen tonight. I do plan on opening the ones that I can open
in a future vlog coming up so just stay tuned! Alright guys I hope you had an awesome
day with us. Remember this channel is not all about business, it’s also about having
fun so leave your comments below and let us know what you think of the journey.
Also let me know what you thought of how that red velvet commercial came out. If
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opening up very very soon guys! It’s coming! Give it a big thumbs up oif you guys like this video and I’ll see you guys next time on Cass and Bran! If you guys are interested in seeing all this like stuff that is stacking up in
the apartment that we’ve ordered for the second location of cookie munchers, it
was a process and a half getting all those boxes here but holy boxes this
apartment is now a warehouse