Guys we got a package outside! It’s huge! We got it! Good morning everyone and welcome to Cass and Bran! Today, we have Michelle here. You guys have met her in the past vlog. She’s the one with the giant mushroom in her yard if you remember her quickly. What these are is there are new delivery
bags. Our other delivery bags we’re kinda getting a little bit gross like they had
holes in them and how these ones are gonna be way bigger which is also
awesome because the other ones barely fit in the bags we had. We’ve been using
the exact same one since Ry’s bagels so it’s about time for an upgrade. They are huge! The logo looks so cute! They look adorable! Check it out! These look way better quality than the bags that we currently carry in the shop.
These are way thicker so that means that the cookies should get to the customer
being a little bit warmer than right now especially the ones with a hole in the bag. Pretty pumped about that! Check out how they open! And it has a pocket here that we
can put anything in. I do wish that pocket had a zipper that would make it a
little bit nicer but it’ll work. The only other thing I wish this bag had was
another zipper pocket for us to put like spoons and napkins and things in but
currently with our normal bags don’t have that anyway so the drivers have to
carry around fanny packs as it is so nothing will change for them. Anyway, super excited! Alright, so we got a bunch of those for the store and actually Brandon just saw those today as
well but in New Jersey because he’s currently at the Jersey store but since
the Tampa store is not open yet, those are being stored on my apartment.
Cookie Munchers is slowly gonna take over the apartment. Wish us luck with that. We
have one closet though but it’s a big closet. Actually, Michelle was organizing
it. Wow this closet is filling up. We got all these just stuff. It was worse before. It was worse yeah. That’s after her fixing it. That packaging that I just showed you –
that little like big box of stuff was all different suppliers who wanted our
business in Florida by like carrying our packaging. They kept sending me samples
and more samples and more samples and I’m like shoot we have no use for all of
this like to-go boxes but I feel bad throwing them out so now I just have a
giant bundle of it. So if anyone has some ideas of what to do with that, let me
know in the comments below. Okay I gotta show you. It’s your shining moment. This is Michelle’s dog also visiting right now. Adorable baby! Super well-behaved! Best dog ever. I’m
pretty sure I haven’t even heard her bark yet honestly. Do you bark? Alright well, trying to get you to bark but I guess it’s for the best. Other things I want to show
you guys here before we head out is wait do you guys know? I don’t know if they
know that you’re like a world-class artist? I’m not world-class artist. She painted this one
which I don’t think you guys can really tell but it’s even like … what’s
the word? Dremeled? it’s dremeled into the woods so there’s
like actual depth inside this which is freaking sweet. I think I’m gonna put
them up in the shelves at the new shop once it’s built. I’m putting this one and
the milk and cookie there too- oh and debating I’m putting these there too – my sister made
these. We got munch in a mason jar I think? and cookie! so
debating on that one! All right we are heading out to explore for the day well
not explore really. Actually we’re gonna go do a bunch of stuff. Wwe’re bringing this
sink with us cause we were gonna go show you guys the progress on the shop. This
sink actually came from our New Jersey location.We had an extra sink there that
they uninstalled so now it’s coming to the Tampa shop.So this would be the one
piece of equipment that has traveled all the way from New Jersey to Tampa and
will be in the shop. Alright let’s go! I’ve been in Jersey now for like maybe a
month or so I don’t know. Michelle how long was I gone for? Like a month.Like a month right? So I am excited
to see the shop and all the progress that’s being made. The permits were like
taking forever to get issued but they’ve been issued so they have started
construction and I am pumped to see it! so let’s go We’re circling the College of USF. That’s
the one that the cookie shop is located at. Oh it’s the water tower! Ripped drone that flew into it. We
salute you water tower! it killed my thousand two hundred dollars drone in the past vlog! We have arrived at the shop! Fun fact, on the way here got into a minor accident. No bueno.
Check out the car. Not too bad damages. Honestly, I won’t do anything about it
because I plan on running this car until it dies. All right, let’s go into the shop
and check it out! Welcome to the shop again! It’s echoing in here sorry about the audio. Walls are going up. Last time we were here
this was a giant ditch if you guys remember. So there’s no longer a giant ditch
here. So customers walk in the door and They kind of like guides the line. So we got the line guider all the way to here. Then this is gonna
be the counter right there. So customer comes up to here to the counter, look up
right there. There’s gonna be menu boards, TV things, to show the menu and back
there will just be the kitchen. They said they’re gonna probably be done by
like the end of February. *fingers crossed* And I believe they also have to switch
out the glass that was over there because we’re in Florida and they needed
like hurricane proof glass or something. It doesn’t look like much but that cost
us I think around 15,000 to switch that little bit out. No one’s here
working right now but that’s because it’s the weekend. So on Monday, I’ll come
in and check out what they’re doing. I’m trying to avoid putting a camera in the
contractor and construction people’s face because people don’t always love
that. I did that in a jersey store and they hated me. Every time I came in, they’re
like – ugh she’s here again. The contractor ask us – this upcoming week, I think they’re gonna be painting in here at least some of it. Ceiling is going to be black.
This pipe right here that goes across the ceiling is going to be blue and the
walls are gonna be like a light grey floor. We actually haven’t decided yet
if we’re polishing it or dyeing it. Let me know what you think in the comments
below. That is the progress on the shop so far so we’ll see how quickly they get
all this done. I’m excited to show you guys everything that’s gonna be going on
here in the next month or so and then hopefully get equipment in here?
Alright so now we’re gonna head off to a storage unit which I will explain more
in the car. We need to figure out our packaging situation. I don’t think I’ve
showed you guys the custom packaging yet but I will show you guys at the end of
this vlog what that looks like. Basically, we need a place to store all the custom
packaging Drive up access. So we just pulled up to Metro storage which looks like it is the closest one to the shop. This is about
six minutes away from the shop. The reason I looked at this one over any of
the other ones in the area is because number one it has drive up access and
number two it has climate control. Apparently, cardboard boxes don’t do well
without climate control . So I know I need that one. Drive up access I’m not
sure if I need that yet because it’s gonna be like a giant 18-wheeler because
we’re ordering I don’t know maybe around 70,000 boxes. I know it’s a lot of boxes.
If the truck can’t get to the storage unit anyway, then it won’t really matter
about the drive up access but if the truck can get there, that’d be super
useful because little me does not want to be carrying 70,000 boxes from a truck a few blocks away to the storage unit. So they said an
18-wheeler could get to a lot of the storage units back there so this looks
like it is going to work out. I won’t get the packaging for like probably another
two months but when it does come in, at least I have a place for it to go. Right now,
we’re doing is we do custom stickers for our packaging I don’t know if you guys have see that. I
think I showed it in a previous vlog. Right now we have styrofoam and bakery
boxes with stickers on them. So this is gonna be custom where the whole thing is
gonna be printed from bottom to top to sides, everything. The reason we need
the storage unit is we have to order a minimum of around 50,000 boxes and
50,000 boxes will only last us not very long maybe a month and a half, two months?
So we ended up needing a lot more than that So we just arrived back at the
apartment and I just want to show you guys just in case I didn’t show it in
the past vlog, this is our packaging that we are creating. Check it out.
That particular picture does not show all the sides of the box but overall, we
are super super happy with it. It’s fun if it’s our brand. I love that the box is
blue because that makes it really unique like there’s not very many blue boxes of
anywhere that I’ve been to where you get something similar to this at all. We were
back and forth on putting dream big at the beginning of the box because
technically as big as your face is our tagline and our logo is Cookie Munchers and
normally, when you get restaurant boxes or packaging, they usually have the logo
on top but I think dream big is more what’s describes us and everything
that we’re doing and the reason behind Cookie Munchers existing
so it made more sense to just pop it on to the top of the box and right on the
front of the box, right there, is the “cookies as big as your face” and then you
pop up in the box that way. So we’re super excited about these coming in. They
are more expensive than stickers but not crazy more. Big deal with them is trying
to actually store that many boxes. The reason to eventually kind of convert to
packaging is because when someone gets the package, the value of that product is
perceived way higher if the packaging is nicer. Like let’s say you go to a
carnival and you get a bag of popcorn. You might say, oh hey this bag of popcorn
is worth two dollars. If you dump that same bag of popcorn into a nice fancy
looking tin, that popcorn could be perceived as eight or nine dollars. So it
does make a big difference on how the packaging looks which is why we think it
is important to upgrade to this. Also because we also want to get rid of the
styrofoam in our store to be better for the environment. So wish us luck with
that. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments below. Our two
options are really either we get that storage unit I showed you before or we
get a warehouse. The cool thing about warehouse is it can store a lot of our
ingredients and everything else that we need. The downfall to a warehouse is it’s
more expensive because they’re usually way bigger – like the smallest one I found
was probably like thousand six hundred square feet which is gigantic and you
also need a truck to transport all the stuff back and forth especially if
you’re putting actual ingredients. They’re not just boxes. So that’s another
thing we could consider but if we got a space that big, we would have to rent
part of that space out to another entrepreneur with another business to
make it financially possible. So let me know what you guys think in the comments
below. I hope to check out the warehouse within a few days and bring you guys
along for that journey as well. Bran is also checking out storage units in New
Jersey right now. We’re kind of dividing and conquering. Wish us luck! Let us know
if you have any ideas for this. Alright guys, I hope you had an awesome day with us.
Remember this channel’s not onlyabout business, it’s all about having fun so
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all the construction happening. Hopefully the store will be open within a month
but that might be really optimistic. Give it a big thumbs up if you guys liked this
video and we’ll see you guys next time on Cass and Bran! Munch out! And they put that drain thing there! The only thing that this might do that might suck is we’re dyeing the floor like dyeing the concrete and there’s two different colors on the floor so I don’t
know if that’ll come out in sync or not or if this will lighten up because it
was probably just a newly paved I don’t know.