guys so today’s a special day because we in the history dating on Joe we have never stayed in a hotel together ever Joe never supposed to go on this huge trip guess what it didn’t happen so instead we’re gonna take a little staycation here in Los Angeles how much stuff are you packing this morning I’m like oh we’re leaving today it feels like we’re gonna get on an international flight we’re just going down the street but I have made it upon myself to pack not one outfit to open three outfits four outfits five outfits sakes for your second outfit just in case here’s why this is me turn on the camera this me are you serious here’s why because in Los Angeles you never know I’m gonna bring your like desk chair to I don’t wanna bring my beanbag chair and my speaker and my like jukebox why are you bring your flip-flop for the pool oh are you doing your bathing suit why would I not bring a bathing suit where there’s a pool this just go next level it’s real fingers a hot tub good merica Navi on I have never been a seven years there’s probably a hot tub not loudly not water – it will disintegrate in a hot because it’s like too much luxury for me okay so see how the zipper on my hygiene bed just look like it’s gonna work it’s gonna work it’s gonna work it’s gonna open it’s gonna all right because I just broke it yes Joe why are we going on staycation with a dark spirit Damon and Jo are not built for fancy luxurious environment so it’s just fun because we’re gonna go to this fancy hotel and we’re gonna run up on the 7:20 bars like yeah give it a minute oh here in the hills where we belong there’s barely a sidewalk because we’re probably only people in the history of this hotel that walked from the bus to get into this hotel we even have a bus stop right here when we need to go someone will hide will run away from the concierge when they ask if they want to call the landlord firstly Joana okay it’s under David Linda Lee they put it off to the first name anjo 2:16 there’s like a boudoir look at the granite countertops what good let me just tell you something there’s this mirror there’s this mirror if I forget there’s this mirror comes of this mirror this is actually remember yesterday we had to describe our perfect morning yep a nice corporate building in front can’t handle it it was this is the mirror hotel boy there’s so many mirrors yeah we always like naturally pick the beds we need to find some food can’t eat granite countertops and mirrors it just confused as to how I can walk and I’m outside within I’m inside and I’m outside and then I’m inside and I’m outside and then I’m inside not even one minute you guys that we’ve been in here look at what Joe did okay not only are her shoes right here her bags here look what laloux means it it should go pee again I never even went go pee you don’t know what I can do I don’t know if this means that breakfast is free but it says breakfast served from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 if you’re catering to like young people which they’re not the first thing I always look for on any menu is the price there’s no price oh then I turn to the side and then I’m like me and breakfast me just point you’ll find out like 99 cents or stock up on groceries you had for them by the to day I don’t get maybe when my mom smokes pot that badge is realigned my posture it’s like I laid down and everything was like that’s so true she also woke up at 11:00 so did you lie I saw when I woke up I was like wow I had no choice if I wanted to wake up or not because the light blinded my eyelids listen listen up look at the size of the window Damon wants to keep the window open so that he can wake up but the thing is then I wake up and then I’m like I want to keep sleeping please comment below do you like to open the curtains I’m one of those people who like to open every single curtain so I can wake up with the Sun it’s a natural thing I like opening the curtains after I’ve made the conscious decision of waking up are you wearing whitey tighties no but it looks like it like we’re really cool I am what am I talking about I’m wearing my be tidy so how’d you enjoy your bed you’ve been having problems with your bed at home how was this this made me realize I know what I want for Christmas a hotel good my biggest dilemma of this hotel stay can I take the magazine’s Joe votes no I ca I I think I can I vote no because my credit card is on file for damages don’t lie baby nominee loosing your establishment yes thank you for everything yeah like you leave him in a wholefoods lotion aisle everybody gonna be empty oh don’t act like you did not you know my arms towels from the hospital in Las Vegas I did take some orange tiles I didn’t steal I just borrow it for a very long you’re trying to play Miss goody goody she she took orange towels that was our hotel stay which not much happen because that’s what happens in you stay in a hotel that’s comfort exactly that’s why we don’t do this often but it’s nice when we do it why don’t you comment below your thoughts on hostels and hotels and also whether you’re one of those people like me will sleep with curtains open or who wants to choose when they wake up so they can open the curtain and they feel like where I see you later