E: Hi Java! E: Hey Java! E: Look at you you’re so big already E: You can see her stripes are coming in so her E: she’s a brindle so she has these stripes E: and when she was younger, it was hard to see E: but now they’re getting lighter E: so she looks like a little tiger E: and the top of her head is getting lighter too. Good morning Sign Fam. An update on Java: she has grown so much. I swear she grows every time she takes a nap She grows, maybe like a centimeter or something. Her palms grew a lot, too. You’re so big already. Also, we’re getting the washer today, finally. I’m running out of underwear and I need a you know, wash my clothes they should be coming soon. We’re getting it delivered and installed. But Ryan needs to clean the garage. He has some of his car stuff Because he’s been working on his transmission. His transmission. *clanging dishes* Sleep. We need to hurry so we can clean the garage. Because the washer is coming today. Need to clean. Oh, do you need help? Yes. I need help. I need help. You’ll see why. Not proud of it, but I mean you’re working on your car. It’s gonna get messy. So, prepare for a messy garage. I’m so happy we’re getting the washer because like I need clean clothes. I need clean towels. Can you help me move that under the car? Can’t scrape because it’s expensive. Gotta lift it and then push it under. Then that should be fine. I’m rebuilding the transmission now. I need the measuring tape. It’s in another one. Why do I have this? I don’t even use it. Actually, should be fine. Cute Ellen tried to leave to run errands but look what happened She’s laying on you now. Almost was leaving and then she went and walked up like “Where are you going??” and brought her back here. You little silly goose. Now I have to stay. Yes, when is the washer going to be delivered? 9 or 11? Yeah, I thought 11, but actually checking again is at one. E: They must have changed it. I don’t know, I wasn’t really sure. So 1 o’clock. That’s like two hours He’s like this You’re probably wondering why the garage is a mess and why the engine and transmission is everywhere. Well now, I’m building a track car. Full build track car and take me longer than I expected for sure. But, it’s getting there. Now, I’m rebuilding the transmission because it’s bad. So, rebuilding now waiting for the parts to come because it’s a European car. The parts take forever to come in so. I keep forgetting, like wait I should have been done but I keep forgetting the parts Like one part takes 2 weeks one part, 3 weeks Order Arrives Ready Oh, another part Order, it arrives I went to the dealership yesterday. I hope they have all parts, right? Because it’s the dealership They should have parts, but they didn’t have the parts. They said we have to order from Germany, two weeks. Why did I even go to the dealership. Then I planned to drift Learn to drift, I have never drifted before. I want to learn. Why not build a car and do it myself? Learn. Or race. I forgot the name. there are different levels of classes You can go to different classes. I think I will go into the lower class because I plan to keep A/C It’s heavy. The A/C is really heavy I plan to keep the inside I want to keep the inside nice because I plan to bring Java too I have to go to the races I want to keep it nice inside I don’t know yet I think most like to drift for sure. Ever since I was a kid I was around cars because my father taught me everything about cars. He had himself a 1951 Chevy truck. It was really nice. He built it all himself. That’s why I saw and learned from him. Now, I am trying to do the same thing Try to build myself Smells like peanut butter We put some peanut butter and ice in her kong. E: She’s bored now. E: why are you bored? Was there not enough left? She ate it all. Had to stop at Cream Pan. So good. If you guys haven’t been there you guys should go. It’s really good. E: Bring it back! E: Yay!!! She’s so good at fetch. Ryan taught her. She’s good now. Every time she brings it back Every time she brings it back, but almost every time she bites it for a little bit before she releases it. *squeak* E: Bad throw on my part. E: Java! She gets distracted easily though, it’s a bad throw. E: Java What do you do if she tries to play tug of war with you? I just let it go. I mean a little bit it’s fine like, you know, but not like Tuggy See she drops it anyways E: bring it back! E: Yay! *squeak* She knows that we we’re happy with her when we do this jazz hands *whining* E: Java (ELLEN SINGS) Ha ha ha ha, I la ha ha love you, you are so funny, ba da da da da ba da da da da E: Love you It is the next day and it has been a night. Night R: I don’t even know mare The past day for 24 hours. We have gone without water. When we got a new washer we paid for people to install. $25 for hose and everything. Paid for them to install. I didn’t want to break it. Don’t want to be responsible So, they came and put it in and looked great, no damage perfect. Then, they tried to turn on the water faucets E: These things? E: Yeah, those two. That one was fine. This one was stuck. He told me, “oh it’s stuck.” I was like, “Oh, Okay.” I didn’t really have time to think of a response because he was hurrying Then they asked,” you have a main line?” Water line from street to the house and I said I don’t know where. There were two guys, One guy, left I didnt pay attention but Turns out he did turn it off from over there And guess what? He broke it so we had to fix the whole thing. They wouldn’t fix it, so we had a talk with their manager. We had a talk with Home Depot and honestly, all of them just weren’t very helpful and It’s just, it was a pain in the butt and Ryan and his brother had to get it fixed themselves. Anyways, I’m really, I was really upset. What did you say? I’m saying I was really upset. I told them we’re returning it and we’re gonna get it from Lowe’s okay? just It’s not worth it Okay, just let it go Just find another way right? Yeah, but the one thing that I’m so thankful because when the guy So when they bring deliver the washer they have you they have you sign a release form it says you release your they get to release liability from the washer because you sign and say we accept it and One part said no damage to the property and they did do damage to the property so we were like no, we’re not going to sign it and he was trying to say well you Well there are were three lines and then the signature at the bottom He said, that the signature didn’t apply to all of them but I was like no, if you sign that then it applies to all of them. Yeah, he was trying to like say that not Yeah, for 15-20 minutes he was pushing it and I was like, let’s just sign it because I’m such a pushover, you know. ah, you’re not a push over just they tried to make you feel bad like you were wrong. Yeah, yeah, anyways, for you guys out there, R: Keep that in mind. E: yeah R: Keep in mind if that if something happens, don’t sign anything Talk to Home Depot first Yeah, you guys need to protect yourselves. File a claim first. Last time we weighed her, she was 12 pounds 12.6 12.7 Wow, heavy She has like tripled her weight and her size in the past two weeks She’s growing so fast. she’s gonna be an adult soon. don’t cry, it’s okay. E: I’m not crying E: I’m not crying! E: I’m not crying! E: Java Thank you guys so much for watching our vlog! We really, really, appreciate it. And if you’re not subscribed subscribe to the Sign Fam and get your notifications when we post and we’ll see you guys next time. Love you Bye!! Sign Duo OUT!