Otaku Manga Lounge is a cafe/bookstore
specialized in Japanese culture. We work like any other cafe, people can
simply come sit here and enjoy tea, coffee, hot chocolate, milkshakes,
bubble teas, smoothies hot/cold beverages We also have free wifi so really like a
regular cafe. People can do what they want with their
time, we give them access to the books and videogames and also finding out about new series
would allow them to buy the books which is our bookstore
side where we sell mangas. The reason Otaku Manga Lounge was
opened was to answer a demand we realized that there is a prevalent
manga/anime community here in Montreal, Quebec and Canada although it is not as big as in Europe,
which is where this type of cafe is from In Europe we compare it to Japan so it’s
normal to compare it to Europe here and the phenomenon is growing. There
are now lots of event like Anime North, Cape & Kimono, G-Anime,
Otakuthon and Comic-con that have activities related to
anime/manga that attract a lot of people. However, since these events are only
once a year, there isn’t much for the rest of the year so we are here to offer that solution and
give fans a place where they can find each other and discover Japanese culture in general
other then manga itself. We don’t need to explain what Comic-con
is anymore since we are where the comics were born I had the opportunity to go to every
Comic-Con here in Montreal to see the scale of the event, the difference that I could see between
Comic-Con and manga events like Otakuthon for example is the presence of celebrities. We had William Shatner that was there
last year, Stan Lee was there as well. The events are very professionalized. Manga will take a little more time to
become that big. That being said, the phenomenon will
grow, it has already grown in Europe. In France, where I’m from, every city has
the equivalent of the Japan Expo. The largest one is in Paris, it’s around
200 000 (over 4 days) and there are several smaller ones so
there is no reason why same shouldn’t be able to happen here since we know from Comic-Con that the
public’s interest is there and events like Comic-Con have several more manga related
activities. It’s a good sign for us and I’m sure that
Canada and the rest of North America will see several more events related to mangas and
consequently more places like Otaku Manga Lounge that will open.