We’re on the shinkansen To Osaka We made it just in time We had to jump on the nearest carriage Then walk along several carriages To get to our one But we made it! Very hot now! We’re at Shin-Osaka Station Going from the shinkansen To the subway On the Midosuji Line You can’t use your JR Pass here Because it’s a subway line, not a JR Line But you can use your Suica card We’ve just arrived in Osaka We’ve come from the shinkansen station To our local subway station In Shinsaibashi To find our hotel And check in We’ve been lugging the suitcases Up lots of stairs Already I can tell It’s a lot busier here in Osaka Than it was in Fukuoka There’s a lot more people On the subway trains And it’s also true what I heard About people standing on the other side of the escalator Here in Osaka They stand on the right hand side Like they do in London And in the whole rest of Japan They stand on the left hand side There’s nothing telling you to do that People just do! Osaka’s special! We’ve just arrived at our hotel In Osaka So I thought I’d show you around It’s the Hearton Hotel Shinsaibashi Nagahoridori Now that last bit is important Because there’s another hotel Called the Hearton Hotel Shinsaibashi This is the Hearton Hotel Shinsaibashi Nagahoridori I almost got them mixed up And took us to the wrong one Just like I did in Kyoto before But I remembered just in time Right, let’s take a look around Here’s the entrance There’s a full length mirror here By the door there’s a bit of space to hang up your clothes There’s this… Deodorant Power Some Febreeze There’s a stand for the suitcases A shoe horn And these, I believe… Are slippers for the bathroom It says they’re free for guests’ use Please feel free to take them with you Now it’s quite common in Japan To have slippers for the bathroom And slippers to just wear indoors So I guess these are the ones to wear in the room Plenty of slippers This seems quite spacious compared to the hotel we were staying in, in Fukuoka Which was an APA hotel It’s still not very big But it seems like we’ve got a bit more room So I think we’ll be able to open up the suitcases And put them in the corridor here Here’s the main room We’ve got a nice glittery zebra print cushion Can you see the sparkle on that? Over here’s a little ledge To put your stuff on in the night And there’s a USB charger Which is great That’s really handy Especially if you only have one or two plug converters And you’ve got lots of things to charge It’s always a problem for me Charging all the cameras As the well as the phones and everything This is the air conditioning I believe And it’s decorated pretty nicely I like the roman blinds by the window Demonstration! Oh no! My moment! You ruined it! Is that kind of zebra print as well? Kind of Lime zebra is the theme This is a brand new hotel It only opened last month That’s March 2018 So it still smells really new in here When we booked it on Expedia It was still just an artist’s impression So we were hoping it’d open in time! But we’re all good So there’s a big TV A bit of a counter here I guess this is a remote control for the air conditioning Got a phone, a kettle More plug sockets Another mirror And down here… A fridge to keep your drinks cool And in here Some cups Down in the reception downstairs They had free tea They had green tea, They also had apple tea and peach tea That’s be nice to try And they were free They said, just help yourselves There’s a hair dryer We’ve got some nice lime green chairs Phil’s playing his Switch Look at you with your Dreamcast t-shirt Playing your Switch Games! The view out the window We can see a nice view of this office block Next to the hotel And see who’s going to the toilet So you can’t really see much out there Let’s have a look at the bathroom So here’s the bathroom It’s actually pretty stylish In a lot of other hotels we’ve stayed in They’ve been sort of beige Tiny bathrooms This is actually fairly spacious For a Japanese hotel room The bath is a Japanese bath Which is a bit shorter Than you’d be used to in the UK or USA There’s the shower up there What have we got? Shampoo, conditioner and body wash Here’s the free bathroom stuff We’ve got hair brushes Razors Toothbrushes And a body towel Ooh, and of course: Here’s the fancy Japanese toilet buttons These ones have English translations But these ones are the mystery buttons What do you think that one does? I’ve always been too scared to play with these Maybe I should give them a go When else are you going to get the chance?! This is actually a little larger than average For a Japanese hotel room A lot of them that we’ve stayed in Have been like this But they’ve cut off here Where the end of the bed would be I think it’s a proper double bed Which they’re not always Sometimes they’re a bit smaller than a normal double bed We’ve stayed in a few that are a bit bigger But a lot of them are smaller than this Our first time we came here We stayed in Shiodome Shiodome We turned up at the hotel And it was massive And we said “Why do people complain that hotel rooms are small?” This is really big And we did look at that one again But the price was about 3 times as much So we must have just got it on special offer Pretty much every other hotel we’ve stayed in In Tokyo or anywhere else (in Japan) Is pretty small So that’s our room We’re going out in a minute So I’ll show you the outside And what the street looks like outside It’s pretty close to Shinsaibashi Subway Station It took us about 10 minutes to walk just now Although it seemed like longer than that Because we were carrying the suitcases up a lot of stairs It’s important, if you come to Japan Don’t bring too much with you It’s a lot easier if you travel light Then you don’t have to carry too much stuff around Look this is something fun Our room has a doorbell I’ve never seen that in a hotel before Here’s what the corridor looks like And this carpet Is still feeling really plush And new *Someone’s coming!* Here’s the lifts They’ve got doors on two sides *Japanese* There’s 13 floors We’re staying on floor 10 Here’s the front of the hotel The name’s in katakana there But the Hearton Hotel logo’s on the sign So you can tell what it is There’s a nice little front garden And it’s really tall! It’s on quite a busy road Well I wasn’t expecting that!! It’s got to be… Back to the Future! “You’ve got to come back with me!” “Where?” Hello! He really was frying actual leaves It is an actual maple leaf? Yeah! Today we’re in Osaka And we’re exploring Denden Town! We didn’t see the famous Glico sign I can’t believe we didn’t see it?! Apparently it’s right there Ah it’s behind us!