I’ve traveled widely across many hotels, and I’ve always had the desire to imagine the hotel room of the future, the hotel room of tomorrow, one that’s based around sustainable development. I think that the more we restore nature and its codes to a hotel, the greater the sense of well-being we can deliver to clients, and the more a client will be satisfied by his experience in a hotel. Our goal was to place as many natural products in this room and to showcase nature, whether this meant the wood the finishing on the floor, or the bathroom. This room is called ORIGINE because I wanted to emphasize the origin of a room. The origin of a room, the function of a room is, above all, to enjoy a good night’s sleep. A client comes to a hotel to sleep. It is important for the client to feel that he can take control of the room. Why? Because in nature, we make our own bed, and we enjoy feeling like we’re back at home, so we adjust the space around us. We propose this in general in ORIGINE because the furnishings are adjustable. Flexibility is an important element, especially in the connectivity part of the room; with the help of a tablet or other device, like one’s smartphone, a client must be able to personally adjust the room in terms of lighting or temperature using a simple system. We should never forget that from the moment the client arrives in a hotel room within a few hours , he must able to learn how to do all this very quickly. During my time as a blogger, namely on the site www.laurentdelporte.com on ‘Decoding Luxury Hotels,’ I’ve been able to meet a great number of suppliers and partners, and I’ve seen many innovations taking place in the hotel sector. Ultimately, when I began planning this room in partnership with AW2, the architecture agency responsible for working on the conception of this room, it turned out to be quite easy seeking out suppliers and offering them a way to participate so that we could feature innovations such as the wake-up light system or the gradual sleep light system. It is a priority for this room in order to emphasize its values and concretely feature the room’s potential. Our aim was to show that it is possible today to design a room dedicated to sustainable development at 360 degrees.