– Oh, it is detached. Okay. Oh, wow. It’s absolutely superb. I’m just gonna eat that all in one bite. (upbeat music) Good morning, everyone, it’s Mark Wiens with migrationology.com in Hong Kong. This is our last day of the trip, our final day in Hong Kong. This evening, we fly back
to Bangkok back home, and so today, this morning,
I thought it would be a fantastic idea to take a little trip to the Aberdeen fish market,
which is on the opposite side of Hong Kong Island from the city, and go there to eat seafood. I just could not resist the opportunity to go one more food adventure on this round-the-world trip for food. The bus station should
be just up ahead now. (mellow music) – [both] Thank you. – This is bus 69X, I
think it’s an express bus, and it’s more like a- It’s more of a minibus, and we should be at the
Aberdeen fish market very soon. (mumbles) What was that?
– over air. – Over air. Driving underneath the mountain. Thank you. That literally only took exactly
seven minutes to get here, and just like that, we
drove under a tunnel under the mountain, and we
are on the opposite side of Hong Kong Island. Aberdeen fish market is one of the main fish
markets in Hong Kong. This is where a lot of
the seafood comes in, and a lot of the seafood here then is distributed around Hong Kong, but I’m glad to be here. We’re gonna try to go to the
canteen, the restaurant first before it gets too busy. We’re here pretty early right now, and then after that, hopefully
walk around the fish market a little bit. Navigating our way through
the road of trucks. These are all ice or fridge trucks that are distributing
seafood around Hong Kong. We walked around the fish
market for a little bit. A little bit confused, it’s really wet, and they are just carting around, just tanks full of fresh
seafood, and fish, and lobsters, and crabs, and lots of shrimp, and I was a little bit confused. I’m not sure which one
is the actual restaurant. I’m not sure if there’s
more than one restaurant, or if there’s only one restaurant, but we’ve stepped in here. They said this one is the canteen, and this is a seafood restaurant, which is literally right in the middle. It’s an indoor restaurant, but it’s right in the
middle of the fish market. Just outside, there
are lots of fish tanks, and there’s an aquarium of seafood, and right next to the ocean. The boats are docking right out there. They do have just a limited English menu, but this set, it looks almost exactly like what I wanted to eat anyway. For two, 598 Hong Kong
Dollars include steamed fish, scallops, abalone, crab. Seasonal vegetables, actually
this might be perfect. I think we might just got
for this set right here. The first dish that has come out is the salt and pepper fried abalone. (laughs) I’m so excited to eat this, and you can see that
beautiful abalone shell, and then they have taken it out, and maybe it’s lightly battered,
and then deep-fried it. As tempted as I am to eat
the entire thing in one bite, I think it would be best
since there are only- since I’m only having one
of them, to eat half of it, and then we can see what’s inside. It’s very similar to a scallop. It’s like meaty and a little bit chewy. You can really taste the
black pepper on it too. I’m not really sure what are
all those little crispy bits, but maybe it’s like caramelized, really, really crispy garlic. I’m not totally sure, but this is a lovely fresh abalone. Oh, abalone. You are wonderful. Thank you. I think most of the main
dishes have just arrived. This food looks spectacular. The two main dishes are a
steamed fish, and a fried crab, both of which smell and look incredible. I’m gonna begin with the fish, and I’m not totally sure
what type of fish it was. At first, I thought- take a look the eye. First I thought it was a grouper, but now it’s looks kind
of like a circular fish, and a grouper is more of a- but the skin looks like a grouper, unless it’s butterfly cut. I don’t think so. One more dish arrived as I was about to take
a bite off the fish. I had forgotten about the scallops. How could I forget about the scallops? Back to my bite of fish, and I’m gonna reach in
for this piece here. Look at all the shredded
green onions in here, and I love that soy sauce, steamed sauce. It looks incredible with
that swirl of fish oils. Okay. Wow. All that fish just melts in your mouth. It’s like silky smooth,
and just dissolves. This fish is so good. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
take a little bit more of it to experience more, and
get some of that juice, and put it onto my rice. Set this right on top of my mountain- my cup shape of rice, which
I haven’t even started yet. Steamed fish is one of
my absolute favorite ways to eat fish, and fish happens to be
one of my favorite foods, and that is incredibly fresh. It is an incredibly good fish. I love how they have prepared it. Not too salty, but just really
focusing on the freshness of that fish. I’m gonna follow that with a bite of- I think this is Bok Choy, and there are mushrooms in here. There are pieces of
ginger, and also garlic. Really nice with the ginger. I’m gonna take a piece of the ginger, and then also a clove of garlic, which has been fried and withered. Oh yeah. Oh, ginger. Ginger is a wonderful thing. Since the scallops have just
arrived fresh from the kitchen, I’m gonna take this opportunity
to eat it immediately. It’s topped with mung bean noodles. I’m guessing that’s garlic. There are green onions on here, and I’m not sure exactly
how the scallop is. I think it’s still attached. It’s down there below,
so maybe I’ll pick it up and slurp the noodles first, and then eat the scallop. I want to make sure to get lots of garlic. Oh, yes. It’s a really strong garlic flavor, but at the same time it’s not
like a burning garlic flavor. And again, it’s not too salty, but just so delicately flavorful. Here’s the scallop. Oh, it is detached. Okay. Oh, wow. It’s absolutely superb. I’m just gonna eat that all in one bite. That is sensational. That scallop is so tender. It’s so sweet. I need to drink the rest of this. That scallop was ridiculous. I love how it’s prepared. Very similar tasting
to the fish, actually, but just the beauty of that scallop, the freshness, the sweetness of it. It was so tender. That brings us to the final
dish, which is the crab, which has been- I think it’s been stir-fried
with lots of ginger and green onions, and this is the top shell here. There are some claws below here. Maybe I’ll just begin
with this guy right here, and yeah, I’m just going right
into this crab drumstick. Again, I can taste the ginger,
embedded into that crab meat. It’s like flaky crab. It’s naturally sweet again. There’s some raw there too. I better slurp that up. Me, try to break this guy in half to reveal the rest of that crab. Maybe, reach in with my chopsticks here. Look at that. Look at the stringiness of that crab. That crab is so sweet, and so stringy. It’s wonderful. Let me get some more of this fish. This fish is just insanely good. I’m still not sure what
type of fish it is. Could it be a flounder, possibly? Add a bit more and… That was a memorable seafood meal. Every dish was so good, and I have now come to my
final trophy possession of the meal. The last crab claw, and this is gonna be- Yeah, everything is gone. It is a sad but joyful moment. Also, this meal, it was just the absolute,
perfect amount for Ying and I. Let’s see if- Let me see if I can peel
this in a pretty manner. Ying, I might need your help. Look at that last beauty. (laughs) Stunning. This crab is so sweet. All right. We still have dessert, I
think, on that set menu. I actually completely forgot about it. I was so engulfed within that seafood. I’m not a desserts guy, but
since this dessert was included in our set meal, we got it. Wow. It’s quite a structure. This is some kind of toast,
but they are in cubes, and then it’s drizzled- Maybe, they’re deep-fried. It looks coated in some kind of, maybe an egg batter or
something, and then fried it. There are just literally
like little cubes of butter, which are just slowly melting, and swirling within the condensed milk. Wow. I’m gonna go for this piece
right down here on the bottom. (laughs) It almost look like cubes of tofu. I’m pretty sure it’s bread though. Let me take this piece. Wow, and there’s even
butter on the inside here. It’s just dripping as I- I better eat it right now. Wow. That is pretty good. It’s french toast, I think. It’s pieces of bread, or cubes of bread that have been dumped, or soaked in egg, and then fried. I think the sweetness is mostly just coming
from that condensed milk, but it is just oozing with butter. That is for sure. There might even be some
peanut butter in here. I’m getting a little bit of nuttiness. I liked that better that I
thought I was gonna like it. Following that with hot Chinese tea. That’s good. If you like french toast, I think this might be the
ultimate french toast. It is actually incredibly good, and so buttery. Ying and I just finished
with seafood meal. What I really loved so much is that they cooked things just
perfectly, not everything- Nothing was too salty, and
it really, really focused and highlighted on the
freshness of that seafood. The steamed fish in particular
was probably my favorite, but actually everything was
good, including the scallop, and that crab. Coming out here to the
Aberdeen fish market was well worth it for that seafood meal, and if you love seafood, it’s just a great place
to visit in Hong Kong, and that’s actually gonna be
our final meal in Hong Kong. We are gonna take the
bus back to our hotel, pack up, and it’s about
time to go to the airport this afternoon. (mellow music) (sensor beeps) We’re on the double-decker bus. We should be back to
Causeway Bay very shortly. See you later, Hong Kong,
and this amazing view. (sensor beeps) Hope it doesn’t leave. We ran to buy tickets, and it
costs 170 Hong Kong Dollars for two of us, and then got
immediately on the train. I think the train should
leave in a couple minutes, and we are on our way to the airport. That took about 25 minutes on the train. We made it to the airport, and we are flying out of terminal two. Terminal two in Hong Kong is amazing. It’s huge, and we just got all checked in. We are flying with Thai
Airways back home to Bangkok. (mellow music) It’s been a total of 39 days
since Ying and I set off from Bangkok on this
round-the-world trip for food with Star Alliance. Now you know how fast my hair grows. If you go back to day one,
you’ll see short my hair was. But anyway, I don’t know if
I have ever done so much, and traveled so much, and eaten so much in a span of 39 days
as I did on this trip. (mellow music) This is our final flight, our
final business-class flight on this trip, and it happens to be on
our hometown airline. – [Crowd] (speaking in foreign language) – Welcome champagne. – This thing is really good. – What is that? – Anchan Manaw. – Oh, butterfly pea and lime juice. Butterfly pea juice. Yeah, it is really good. Tastes like (mumbles). (speaks in foreign language) We took off about 15 minutes ago, and this is gonna be
two-hour-and-20-minute flight, and it is time for dinner now. This is the first course, which is salmon and some kind of salad on the side here. I have had a lot of salmon on this trip, and I don’t mind eating it
every opportunity that I have. Oh, yes, that is the fork-tender salmon. It’s some capers on the side there. Really, really smokey. I think that’s dough on top. – [Attendant] (speaks in foreign language) – For the main course, they had a couple of different options, but I chose the only thing,
which is the real Thai dish on the menu, and that is pad ka-prao, which is… I think this time it’s minced chicken, stir-fried with holy basil with rice, and then also came with a classic Thai deep-fried egg on the side. Let me fist crack into that egg. You got to love the
crispy edges on the egg. So crispy, that you got
to really work at it to break it off. Look at the crispiness
of that egg, with rice. Grab some of the pad ka-prao. Basil. All right. How I’ve missed Thai-style
deep-fried eggs. It’s a little bit on the sweet side, and then just little pieces of chicken with chilies in there,
and also the holy basil. That concludes this brief dinner on this Thai Airways flight. (mellow music) – [PA] (speaking in foreign language) – Feels good to be home,
but that was honestly a food trip of a lifetime. I don’t know, in a span of 39 days, if I have ever eaten
such a diverse spectrum of cuisine in my life. We just made it back home. Ying is about to see… (laughs) – [Ying] (speaks in foreign language) – [Mark] We’re back, Sheep. – (speaks in foreign language) – [Mark] (laughs) – [Ying] (speaks in foreign language) – Yeah, gets fatter every time we see him. Before I wrap up today’s video, and then wrap up this entire series, a couple of things. Number one, I wanted to thank
each and every one of you for watching this entire series, and also many of you contributed in giving me restaurant recommendations in each of the destinations
that we visited, so I want to say a big thank you to you, and also thank you to
Myriad for sponsoring much of the accommodation
that Ying and I stayed at throughout this trip. And finally, a major thank
you to Star Alliance, who made this entire trip possible, and it was a real honor to be invited, and to have this opportunity to take part in a round-the-world
trip with Star Alliance. And then lastly, this video, and if you haven’t seen
the entire video series from this round-the-world trip for food, I have included all of them in a playlist, all in consecutive order. Again, the link is in the
description box below, so you can watch through the entire series of these videos, and I think that is a complete
wrap on this video series. It has been so much fun. I have learned so much. Thank you all for watching, and I will see you on the next video. Good night from Bangkok. (mellow music)