Hey YouTube,
it’s f*cking Nana Mongeau. I’m f*cked up on blood thinners. *kiss* And my grandkids are
coming to visit! Hi, Nana! My boys! Oh God, Nana, you’re naked again! Come on give me a hug! This is gonna be an
amazing thumbnail! No, oh God. Hello everybody, my name is Barkiplier. Woof woof. Now I’m gonna cry… Can we tell the difference
between cheese and expired milk? Let’s talk about that! Also, I like feet. Stab! *sound of impaled knife* Je-Jeffree… *sound imitation of a bus* *sound imitation of opening
the door of the bus* Wait… Wait! Hold the bus, hold the bus! Hey! Give me your purse! *woman gasps* *sound imitation
of a gun firing* *now machine gun* *disgusts* Who are you? *creepy voice* Once upon a time,
I made sketches to– I’m… I’m sorry, I can’t understand
anything you’re saying… *clears throat* Sorry. *normal voice* Once upon a time,
I made sketches too! Uhm… nah, it doesn’t really
have the same effect without the voice. *creepy voice* Once upon a time,
I made sketches too! Yeah, it’s — that’s a little better! Yo, do you guys have NyQuil™? Yeah. But, you’re gonna need
to get through her. I f*cking dare you! Now, Gordon Ramsay in 2005
you opened up a restaurant– *sighs* I’m sorry, I’m sorry,
I can’t handle this f*cking hat. It’s so silly. – Yeah, they’re pretty intense.
– God, it’s so stupid! – But not everybody can handle him.
– Oh my god. *grunts* Are you ready for the next hat, Gordon? I guess so. Yeah, fine! *soft voice* Fine. *sighs* – Good Christ! This hat is so silly–
– Gordon Ramsay, you are – known for working car across the world
– God! *grunts* on several different continents– – Can’t f*cking handle this f*cking silly hat!
– Among the two of the platforms… – Can’t f*cking handle this f*cking silly hat!
– Making yourself several hit shows– Get me the f*ck out of here! F*ck! MAN: Oh, hey, look at that pond! LELE POND: No, I’m latina! Let’s charge it in the bottom. *iPhone charging sound* Charging! Wireless headphones. *soft voice* Just shove it in. Charging! Charging! *vibrator vibrates* Charging! It is just so disgusting how he
would use his fame, his money, and his power to charge these
items in such a disgusting way, when he knows that I clearly
have devices that need charging, and he does this just disgusting thing,
turning around, and charging something else. And that is just so disgusting to me. Curly Tony O’ Feet. Long Slender Feet. Flat Feet. Arched Feet. Those are mine. Stab! No, just do it. Oh, keep in going it’s alright. I’m gonna actually stab
him some more today. Stinky Feet. That’s mine too. Smelly Feet. Same thing. Floral Feet. Feets of Strength. My wig. There’s a whole website. – I’m on it a lot.
– Yeah. – WikiFeet packed up.
– Yeah. You’ve shown it to me. A few times. Yeah. I drew the nut. Dude, you look so stupid! There’s something special
about you wearing that hat being like, “Look at you!” – You have no idea.
– I do. I have a feeling I
know how silly I look. SHAYNE: I don’t think you
know how silly you look.