What is going on, everybody? You guys recommended this for a great live performance of One Direction. “FourFiveSeconds” in the Live Lounge. This is great because I’ve heard this song before. I’m familiar with it. That way, I’m not coming into this not knowing the song and not knowing how the original sounds. Honestly, I’m not even that big of a fan of the original. But, hopefully, One Direction gives, like, a good rendition of it here. Actually, I see “Night Changes (Acoustic).”
That is interesting to me. They have—oh—”Torn.”
That is, like, one of my childhood songs. I might have to listen to that next.
Like… Oh, that’s killing me. I kind of want to do that right now. But, you know what, “FourFiveSeconds,” I said, I’m gonna do it. Let’s do this. Check it out, man. One. One is so dramatic.
Live instruments—dope. Hey. I can see he’s feeling it on his face. Hey. Yo. Harry and Liam both seem like they’re feeling it. I love— Ha. The violins, they’re here.
Yes, live strings always gets me worked up. Hey. Yo, Harry. Louis? Louis? Lewis? Shit. I forget which one it is now. What is Ha—? Harry back there. That was hilarious. Yeah. This performance is nice.
I think they’re really helped out by the strings. I said I don’t like the song very much, and then I find myself singing along to it. It’s just… It’s one of those songs that’s very easy to sing to. I gotta say here. Both Liam and Harry, it seemed like they were feeling it the most. I could see their passion coming through.
Their parts were my favorites Louie or Louis? I— I feel like I say it wrong every time no matter what I say it. It’s like the USB plug. It’s like you always, like, feel
like you’re plugging it in the right way. But it’s always the wrong no matter what you guess. Like, you always flip it. Like, “Ugh, last time I did this, but no.”
It’s always wrong no matter what. Everybody tells me, every video, ’cause I always get it wrong. Like, “Oh, you’re an idiot.” It’s not Louie. It’s Louis. Or it’s not Louis. It’s Louie. And I— I always, like, “Okay. Now, I know.”
And then I forget. I’m terrible with names. For now. I’m just gonna call him L. Dawg. What’s up, L. Dawg? I don’t know.
Right now, I just really want to go watch “Torn.” I’m probably gonna go watch that. No, I’m not, because next I have to do a music video.
So even if I record that right now, I’m not gonna be able to drop it for, like, several weeks. So I’m gonna hold off on that.
And then I’m gonna do that next. “Torn” is, like I said, it’s one of my childhood songs. It’s one of my favorite songs from the ’90s.
So I gotta listen to that.
I want to hear what they do with the cover. But I gotta get to another music video. So let me know what you want to see, in terms of music videos. Let’s do this. Let’s do a music video. And then we’ll do the “Torn” cover, and then another music video. And then, like, a live.
Like a concert performance video So yeah. Let me know in the comments section any of those things. The next music videos you want to see. And then also the— Any good, like, concert, live footage. So yeah. That’s gonna be it for this video, guys. If you enjoyed it, hit the like button, subscribe,
and I will see you guys in the next one.